Begin A Magical Tradition Around Birthdays With Happy The Birthday Bird @Happy_TheBird

happy bird

Move over Tooth Fairy and that elf lying on some shelf. Happy The Birthday Bird ($39.99) has landed! Happy is here to create an annual tradition for the one 24-hour holiday that every kid celebrates no matter where they live, how they pray, or family income. Incredibly, the toy industry has not come up with a Happy Birthday-centric toy until mompreneur Monica Goodson walked around the American International Toy Fair earlier this year. She just knew she had something special to share with children everywhere.In fact, it was one of those ideas that retailers and parents say in retrospect, why didn’t I think of that? Jersey Shore shoppers in Ocean City, NJ are the first to see Happy The Birthday Bird at retailer Salty Treasurers. Online and in-store orders are “flying” off the shelves.

About The Creators

Happy The Birthday Bird is a plush toy and book set inspired by my son Mylen for his 8th birthday,” explains Goodson. “Happy’s story creates a family ritual and countdown to every child’s birthday. Start a week or so before their special day to make this birthday the most memorable one yet!”

Happy The Birthday Bird • Ages 3+ • $39.99

Kids love the magic of Happy flying back to TuYu each night leading up to their birthdays, carrying wishes and memories back and forth. This beautiful gift set contains all you need to build a new tradition and make birthdays even more memorable! The set includes: 15-inch plush bird wearing metallic sneakers and a backpack with clip; 4-inch plushie balloon; 36-page full-color beautifully illustrated hardcover book, includes six memory pages and one pocket for storing extra photos and cards. Best of all, Happy arrives in a sturdy reusable box with a handle for safe storage year after year.

Beyond the hold-in-your hand gift set, Happy The Birthday Bird features creative multimedia extensions, such as two original birthday songs and a dance, fun animations, digital versions of the memory pages and online downloads such as party invitations.

Here are our thoughts on Happy The Birthday Bird;

The Top 4 Bands To Hire For Your Birthday Party

If you are looking to raise the bar with your birthday celebration, you should consider hiring a band. And, if the band is great, you can bet your bottom dollar that your guests will have a wonderful time. However, you should be careful when hiring a particular band. You should be careful to only select a high-energy performer. A band that boasts a singer that has great vocals and performs great dance covers should be high on your list.

This article will highlight some of our favorite bands that are bound to put on a great show for your guests. Here are the top 4 bands to hire for your birthday party in Brisbane. The list isn’t in any particular order as it would be an injustice to place one over the other as they are all great. If you are looking to hire a band, Brisbane based Black Tie Group are worth checking out.


  • Band 369


Although Brisbane Band 369 is relatively new to the scene, the band doesn’t lack in the talent department. The band primarily focuses on playing tunes that are written by bands from New Zealand and the land down under. The band specifically excels at performing songs from the artists, Dragon, Australian Crawl, Hello Sailor, The Church, The Narcs, and The Mutton Birds.


  • Brisbane Band 708


Brisbane band 708 is unquestionably one of the best live music performing bands in Australia and they’ve been active on the music scene for more than 11 years! With over 11 years of experience, the band conducts itself professionally and the members always dress to impress. It also helps that the lead singer of the band is an internationally renowned musician. The band largely performs funky pop rock hits. The members of the band seek perfection, giving attention to detail to everything from sound to light production. So, if you are looking to up the ante, you should consider hiring the services of Brisbane Band 708.


  • Band 557


The 4-piece covers band, Band 557, is truly worth hiring. The band is extremely versatile and performs a variety of numbers from different genres including rock, blues, funk, dance, reggae, and pop hits. However, the members largely focus on funky and groovy numbers. The band never fails to impress and has been active in the music scene for over 3 decades.


  • Duo/Band 389


This band has been performing wonderful musical sets since their inception in 2012. The band particularly excels at performing at wedding receptions, club events, corporate and birthday parties. Since the band has a wealth of experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that the band has the ability to read the crowd and perform numbers that complement the mood of the event. What genres of music does the band perform? Well, the Duo/Band 389 is well capable of performing jazz numbers, easy listening tunes, dinner and dance songs.