National Mezcal Day- and a recipe #honestoliveoil #capatriti  #oliveoil  

Did you know that October 21 is National Mezcal Day? That’s right, every year. Little did we know!  This is a great recipe using OLIVE OIL of all things! @capatritioliveoil is a EVOO with a full body and amazing taste, and the mezcal is an artisanal brand created by renowned Mexican actor and producer Luis Gerardo Méndez. Amazing together.

mezcal drink recipe

1.5 oz Mezcal Ojo de Tigre
8-10 Mint Leaves
1 oz Simple Syrup
2 Dashes Lemon Bitters
3 Drops Olive Oil
Method: Place all ingredients except olive oil in a shaker with plenty of ice and give it a good shake. Serve in a cold coupe glass and use a fine strainer to catch stray pieces of leaves. Finish with 3 drops of olive oil on top and decorate with a mint leaf.