Starting Your Holiday Shopping? Check Out These Fun Items

If you, like me, like to get a head start on the holiday shopping, you will love these cute and fun toys. Your children (grandchildren, nieces or nephews, etc) will have a ball with these long after the festivities are done.

kids charm bracelet

Do you know a little girl who loves crafts? How about jewelry? She would enjoy Charm U®. Designed for kids aged five and up, they can create and then wear these cute toys that double as jewelry. There are more then 70 charms currently available, including fun foods, pets, princess, travel, sports, and more. These are very cute, and very trendy at the moment as well.  There are starer sets that come with the Charm U Bracelet and Eight Charms– everything a girl could need to begin her designing and creativity. This comes with a charm bracelet and eight different charms,as the name suggests- but you also get a “surprise charm” in a fun mini backpack, stickers, and more.  (about $12.99) If you ant to add some charm, there are additional charm packs with four charms or blind bags that each have two collectible charms. Looking for a little more? Try the Charm U Display & Playsets for about $19.99.

fighting robotsMy 9 year old son loves Big Robots, these were one of his “must have” toys this year, and it’s easy to see why. The 8” fighting robots are responsive and easy to set up. You use handheld controllers to “fight” (think motion controlled nun-chucks), moving your hands to move the robots.  They are easy to control, and fun- even for dad. They work best on a flat, smooth surface- floors are best, you don’t want them to fall off a table.  Also cool are the“damage tracking” LEDs that let you see the devastation you inflict. About $59.99 each, or $119.99 for a 2 Pack- and you are going to want the 2 pack, they are nowhere near as much fun alone.
travel stuffed toys
When you are ready to go to bed or snuggle up by the fire, grab your FlipaZoo. The coolest thing about FlipaZoo is that they are not only two animals in one toy, but also that it is two items in one. Not only a toy, it doubles at a pillow, something this traveling mom loves. They are so cute and the plush is very soft (and they are smooshy-cuddly, even if that’s not a real word).   There are 12 transforming characters available, just flip them from one to another. Safe for all ages, $19.99 on the website. When you buy, you get a free “Little Flipzee” mini FlipaZoo as a bonus.
Do you know Kate & Mim-Mim? If your kids are fans of this fairly new TV show, they will love the new toys available. One of the most fun is the Kate & Mim-Mim Magic Twirl  Mim-Mim, a large (and oh so soft) stuffed purple bunny from Mimiloo. Mim-Mim also likes to chat- he says 10 phrases from the show. You can turn off the sound if you are so inclined or for bedtime, if you’d like to.  About $19.99. If you want to complete your set, there is the Kate & Mim-Mim Adventures with Kate Doll. Standing at 8.5”, she comes dressed in in her adventure outfit and ready have some holiday fun with Mim-Mim.  About $12.99.
powerpuff girls toys
If you have a little helper on your hands, you can give them a playset that will encourage them to act on those instincts. They can help save the world- or at least Townsville- from any evil doers that would threaten it. (It’s also a good size for many standard size action figures, so “friends” can join in.)  The Deluxe Flip To Action Playset comes with 2″ Bubbles and Professor Utonium (other figures and playsets  sold separately) and with an easy flip, transforms from The Powerpuff Girls’ bedroom to their superhero lab. Who wouldn’t love that commute? The set looks just like the rooms on the TV show, and the “accessories” like dressers and backpacks, flip with the rooms and stay attached (no pieces to lose!) Available for about $24.99 at most major retailers, safe for kids 5 and up.