AstroSmart Canine Cognitive Smart Chews by Astro Biosciences

Dogs are important members of the family. We raise them, we put up with their chewing anything and everything during the puppy stage, and we treat them like one of the family. In turn, they provide us with years of loyal companionship and unconditional love.

So what can we do when our beloved furry best friends begin showing signs of aging or slowing down? This process can be heartbreaking to watch, as they lose the endless energy of their youth and begin to slowly deteriorate, both physically and cognitively. Just like we would for any other family member, we do everything in our power to help them through this stage. We feed them high-quality food, purchase joint supplements, and do anything else we think may provide some relief or help them feel like themselves again. While this helps take care of their hips, joints, and hearts – what can we do for their brains?

AstroSmart Canine Cognitive Smart Chews, the world’s first soft chew supplement with ingredients clinically shown to improve brain function, cognitive focus, and mental performance. It’s an easy to chew, great tasting product that dogs love. They are 100% safe and can give your dog back the energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness of their youth. They have been shown to curb destructive behavior, reduce anxiety and stress, and help dogs maintain a calm and relaxed disposition.

About  AstroSmart Canine Cognitive Smart Chews:

  • Proprietary brain-boosting formula promotes energy, enthusiasm and playfulness as your pet ages
  • Active ingredients like omega 3’s, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, resveratrol and phosphatidylserine reduce oxidative stress, increase essential neurotransmitters, and reduce inflammation
  • Vet recommended, science-based, and clinically tested, this superior supplement showed improved brain function, increased cognitive focus, and improved mental performance in dogs of varying breeds, sizes and ages in a clinical trial

My Thoughts:

I have two dogs, both of which are like big, fluffy babies. They loved the AstroSmart chews and gobbled them up like treats every day, making it a completely hassle-free process. They both showed significant improvements when taking the chews. They were more alert and energetic and seemed to have a reduction in signs of anxiety and stress. These chews are great for every dog – young or old, big or small. Whether you’re looking to enhance your dog’s mental performance, improve their energy levels, or simply maintain their physical and mental health, these chews are a great nutritional supplement for your furbabies.


If you are interested in giving these chews a try and seeing what kind of difference they can make in your dog’s quality of life, click here.