Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver Video Game

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Hot Wheels are known for their small cars and big fun.  With creativity, any location can become a road and or track for your little ones.  So now instead of having tiny tire tracks on the TV, Hot Wheels has made World’s Best Driver, a video game.

kids video game

Family Video Game

The game starts out with selecting a team, each team specializes in a certain driving style, red is for tricks, green is for speed, blue is for drifting and yellow is for off roading.   The interesting aspect of this game is when hopping from team to team, there is a clear difference in vehicles which can be felt in their handling and speed as well as vehicle types.  Multiplayer takes a ‘hand off the controller’ type competition where each player takes turns, which can be frustrating to little ones, but to older players can teach them by example on ho to master the more difficult challenges.  Little Man’s favorite team to play was yellow, yet when watching Daddy play his favorite to watch was blue.  The bright colors and futuristic feel of the cars were quite appealing, but the drifting was a bit beyond his driving skill at this point in time.
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