What To Consider When Acquiring A Home Safe

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No one wants to return home to find all of their most prized possessions missing. Sadly, this is a reality faced by victims of the 2.5 million burglaries that happen in America each year, 66% of which are home break-ins. You can also lose your possessions to a fire, flood, earthquake, or other unexpected events. Fortunately, investing in a quality home safe is one of the best things you can do to safeguard your possessions from thefts and other perils. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding what safe will be best for you. Here’s what to think about before purchasing a home safe. 

  • Cost

Your budget will ultimately decide what kind of safe you can purchase, so it is prudent to keep costs in mind. Additional costs when buying safes can quickly add up, so you must set a price point before shopping. A standard model is unlikely to break the bank, but prepare to encounter upgrades like additional bolting and better steel quality. You may also want to pay slightly more for a safe with interior shelving. Additionally, some companies may offer warranties on their products, and you may need to pay to install this critical home security system.

  • Preferred lock type

Home safes typically have two lock options: digital and dial. Each has its unique pros and cons, so it is prudent to consider which option best suits your needs before purchasing. Dial locks are similar to what you will find on school lockers. You open these locks by rotating the dial right and left until you input your unique combination. Many safety-conscious homeowners regard this type of safe lock as the most reliable because it is not susceptible to electronic outages or failure. However, if you are locked out, you will need the help of a mobile locksmith to change the combination. Conversely, digital locks are the kind you will find on hotel safes. You open a digital lock by inputting a pin into a keypad. These locks are easier to open than their combination counterparts, allowing quicker access to your belongings. Still, you will need a locksmith’s help if you forget your password.

  •  Items to be stored

Many experts agree that you must take stock of your most prized possessions before deciding which type of safe to buy. These possessions are what you would be most upset to lose, assuming all your belongings are stolen, lost, or destroyed. Items that are quite difficult to replace, like birth records, passports, and legal paperwork like wills or deeds to your property, are classic examples of such possessions. Wall safes are best for keeping these possessions since they cannot support much weight. Also, it is best to acquire a floor safe if you are seeking to store external hard drives, expensive jewelry pieces, or precious metals. Finally, the 2021 National Firearms Survey indicates that 32% of Americans say they own a firearm. If you constitute this demographic, consider purchasing a dedicated weapon safe to store your guns. These specialty weapons safes are better suited for gun storage than the standard wall and floor safes.

Help Your Kids Have A Fun, Safe, And Hassle-Free Experience In The Airport And On The Plane

Tips For Having An Enjoyable Airport and Flight Experience With The Kids

  • Let your children help pack their own bags so they can pick out a couple of things that they really want for entertainment. It might be a book, an electronic device, or even one of the many travel games that are available.

travel with kids

  • When you get to the airport, let the children be responsible for their own bag or small backpack containing their chosen goodies. The smaller the child, the smaller the pack, but everyone carries their own. If the children are carrying their own stuff, they get to feel grown-up and it’s less for you to carry. You will be more hands-free to direct them safely onto trains, escalators, etc.
  • Security – Herding children through security isn’t as hard as it might seem. If you have more than one adult to help manage them, then it’s no problem at all; you just send the children through one at a time to the other adult who has gone through first. It’s another story if you are the only adult traveling with more than one child, but you can do it. Send the children through first so they don’t follow too closely behind you and you are forced to do the whole walk-through dance again. Older children should be able to put their own carry-on through the x-ray. Remind them that they are in charge of their own bags. Above all, explain to the children how the security check works before you get there and remind them again while you are standing in the line. Knowing what to expect will make it go much smoother.

travel with kids

  • Pre-Board and In-Flight Entertainment – As with a road trip, this is time spent as a family unit and should be welcomed and cherished because it allows time together and the opportunity to play loads of family games like traditional I-Spy, the wonderful Alphabet Game, and “I went to the shop yesterday.” You can also make up new games, which is a game in itself!
  • Ground Transportation – Bring a stroller and gate check it. We recommend an inexpensive umbrella-type stroller for use in airports with toddlers. Toddlers tend to get really tired with all the walking that is often required. They may want to walk anyway, in which case you can use the stroller to hold your carry-on bags. It’s easy to fold up and bring through security. Of course, [Read more…]