The Wot Wots- Cute Plush Toy Review #GiftGuide

package waiting to surprise Little Man

The Wot Wots are taking the country by storm. Or rather they should be- The Wot Wots are cute little aliens who explore and discover with a sense of good and love, while also being creative and forgiving, being curious about their surroundings and constantly learning and having fun. All around wonderful role models- and funny for kiddos.

There are 2 Wot Wots- Dotty Wot, the pilot of the ship who is patient and supportive, and Spotty Wot, who is impulsive and enthusiastic, but considerate and artistic. He is the ships mechanic. The ship itself is a steam powered space ship, which is interesting as well. The Wot Wots’ main mode of transportation are their hover chairs, which float around and get them as close as possible to all kinds of animals. The Wot Wot’s ship once landed in a zoo where they explore and learn.

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