A Soft, Cuddly Bunny To Love

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What child doesn’t love a soft toy?  My son loves stuffed animals, they are one of his favorite toys.  One of the latest stuffed toys he has gotten is Baby Bo, the stuffed bunny from Ragtales.  The perfect size for little hands, he is soft and snuggly, with no buttons or eyes that will come loose and choke a child.  His eyes are sewn on, and he is adorable in every way.  Delivered in his own box, he is presented like a gift and will delight the child that gets to open him.

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“Just like the larger version of Bo our new Baby Bo Rabbit is just as lovable and will delight any child for many years to come. Baby Bo is made in the same gorgeous fur, has a weighted torso and comes with an embroidered identification patch on the sole of the paw. Baby Bo comes in a beautiful presentation box.” (Via Ragtales)
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Looking for something adorable to give your love this Valentine’s Day?  My son and I both adore stuffed animals, and so do many women and kids- so you know that these will be a hit for many on your list.  Try as I might, I still love a sweet stuffed animal.  I don’t get many for myself anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or wouldn’t love one as a gift now and again  🙂

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Aurora World, Inc. (www.auroragift.com) has more than 140 products for Valentine’s Day catalog. Highlights of Aurora’s Valentine’s Day catalog include fresh characters and exciting variations of popular lines and licenses including Pink Promise Elephant, YooHoo & Friends™, Butterball Bear, Sad Sam & Honey® and a 2,400 piece, special edition Raggedy Ann® named “Sweet Dove.”

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Pink Promise: The lovable elephant is fashioned with super soft-tipped, two tone fabric and has playful heart prints in its oversized ears. Pink Promise is available in four huggable sizes (10.5”, 12”, 14”; 22”, SRP: $20, $24, $33 and $72 respectively).  My son loves his sweet pachyderm, who is super soft and snugly.  It’s uber plush fur and floppy ears are cuddly and fun to play with or take to bed at night (or pass out on the couch with while watching a movie on a snow day, LOL). Also, it can go “on parade” with the pink elephants of Dumbo, which of course did not escape my son’s mind  🙂



YooHoo & Friends™: Luvee™, an endangered chimpanzee, joins Aurora’s best selling plush line (more than 23 million sold) as a three-color assortment. Luvee hugs a slightly askew heart, each with a different message including “Love U”, “Be Mine” and “XOXO!” Each makes a “smooch” sound when squeezed (5”, SRP: $9).  They make a “kissing” sound when you hug their bellies, and have adorable expressions and large eyes.  YooHoo are a lot of fun to collect as well, and come in a wide assortment of creatures and colors.  These are great for a collector or way to start your collection, and are very affordable.  My son loves this line, and has since he was very young.
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Adorable Aurora Stuffed Toys

Disclosure: The below was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

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Looking for soft and snugly?  If you are like my son, winter (ok, all times of the year) mean cuddling up with a soft, fluffy stuffed animal.  Or 12.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that makes him happier then a new stuffed animal.  If I save it until the end of the day, he will even willingly go to bed.  It was one of the only things he asked Santa for this year- Stuffed animals, action figures, and Skylanders.

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Some adorable stuffies come from Aurora.  They have some of his favorites, including the popular “YooHoos” (many of which make funny sounds, speak, or sing when their stomach is pressed) and the new Miyoni, which are available in several sizes.  The have such sweet faces, very expressive- even the smallest ones.
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Hot Toys for Christmas


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Getting ready for Christmas? It can be hard to wade through all the noise to find the best Christmas items.  Now that “Black Friday” is over, we can focus on what’s fantastic for the season vs how much can be saved at 3am.  A few of my current favorites are;

North Pole Communicator Microphone- This is super cute and fun for kids, and lets them “talk” with Santa every night before bedtime. Beginning  December 1, get the family together daily and dial up the North Pole to have “real” back-and-forth conversations with the “big man”, elves, and more.  The communicator is quite a lot of fun, will amuse adults as well, really psychs kids up and gets them excited, and and is a great way to get the family involved in a nightly activity.

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Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments are a tradition for many, and giving a treasured ornament (or building a collection for your children) is something that so many people enjoy doing.   Keepsake Ornaments has a variety of ornaments that commemorate milestones and nurture memories, as well as scenes from your favorites movies, TV shows, or cartoon characters. Our favorite this year is “Lions and Tigers and Bears”, a Wizard of Oz ornament that moves and talks.  All the characters move and speak lines from this scene in the movie.  There is an amazing variety of Keepsake Ornaments, so finding the perfect gift for your child or loved one is easy.

The new interactive storybook “Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight” is adorable and will make bonding over reading with you kids fun for both of you.  Santa responds with questions or choices as you read key words and phrases. how your child answers will shape this story, which can change each time you read it.  There are more then 30 responses from Santa, which makes the possibilities for the storyline pretty diverse.
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