Talking to Your Kids About Common and Fatal Mistakes That Teen Drivers Make

Learning to drive is a major milestone for teens, one of the first significant steps into maturity and adulthood. Driving gives a sense of freedom and independence, no longer being tied down to a particular neighborhood. The barrier of distance has been broken down; the endless possibilities of exploration now lay wide open. Of course, this freedom comes with heavy responsibilities. Some teens are sadly unable to handle these responsibilities at such a young age and fall into unsafe practices on the road, endangering both themselves and those around them. Be sure to talk to your kids about these driving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bringing up this subject is often difficult for parents. You may feel like your kids aren’t listening, view you as uncool, or fail to take the conversation seriously. In spite of all this, it is important to have this conversation. Try to avoid staging the situation [Read more…]