Colorful Travel Toys

Summer is here, and we know what that means- time to get your travel on.  We also know that means many a chorus of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m BORED!” from the minions in the backseat.  So before you begin your next trip, be prepared!  Parents rejoice- you don’t just have to shove a tablet or video on for hours at a time- your kids can be creative and stimulate their fun and original ideas while on the road.  (It wont’ kill them to unplug once in a while, we promise!)

pic2The Scribble and Doodle On the Go is perfect for car or plane rides- even for keeping kids busy in restaurants while they wait for their food.  The hard cover book has 50 activity pages to color and play on and 2 pages of stickers (every kid’s delight).  The “On the Go” book pertains to travel and travel activities, but you can also get “Girly Swirly”, “My First Scribble” and other options.  They don’t come with crayons, so bring some with you. All are available for $11 each on

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Color a Cutie backpack is perfect for travel- you can not only store your kid’s toys and games in it (and it’s small enough that they can carry it about themselves) but also it will give them something to do while you get from here to there.  A fun project AND a useful travel pack- what’s not to love.  It comes with 5 permanent markers so kids can design their pack any way they like, and it stays that way.  Yes, bring a smock so they don’t ruin their clothes. Also available in Color a Backpack- Pirate.  $28 at
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Top Take Along Toys for Kids

When traveling with children, it is important to make them feel comfortable, and bring along fun and familiar objects- while of course keeping packing space to a minimum. These easy-to-take-along products make on-the-go naps and bedtime as easy as they can get.

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CuddleUppets are part blanket, part puppet, and a lot of fun for children. They measure “39 x “28, which is about the size of a child’s blanket, and come in 6 styles (with new ones on the way). Soft, with paws on each corner and a large, stuffed head, children can use the mouth and front paws to put on a puppet show. If mom or dad has one as well, time can fly by on plane and car trips while engaging in imaginative play together, then can be used to tuck little ones in at night with a plush and snugly buddy. Retail Price $19.99 for more information

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Zoobies come in several varieties, with my personal favorites for travel being Blanket Pets and Slumber Pets. Blanket Pets are stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows all in one. With many animals to choose from, children can pick what suits them and play in the car, plane, hotel, or grandma’s house [Read more…]

Peppa Pig- New Toys and Books Available!

My son loves Peppa Pig, the adorable cartoon originally created in the UK. Last year, the award-winning, animated series for pre-k kids jumped across the pond, much to the to delight of U.S. kids. Your children can tune in on Nick Jr.

The main character is a pig named Peppa, who likes to get into all sorts of things. The show follows the daily routines of Peppa, her brother George, as well as Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig. The episodes tend to feature everyday, relater activities like attending playgroup and being with friends, going to the playground, swimming, visiting with grandparents, playing in mud puddles and doing all sorts of fun stuff.

Little Man was super excited when his Peppa Pig toys got here- he asked me if we could “call England to say thank you”, LOL. They arrived just moments before we were on our way out the door for a weekend trip to CT, so guess who came with us? You got that right….Peppa Pig, in stuffed version, is really cute. She is soft and fuzzy, and snorts! (Don’t worry- she has an on/off button for sleep time, no waking up to pig noises!)
We love the “Muddy Puddles” DVD. It has tons of Peppa-sodes, ready to keep your little fan entertained on rainy or sicky days. My son also loved the Peppa Pig Christmas book, which also had coloring pages on the back of the color. Sweet for the car ride! A double-occupier.
The Peek n’ Surprise Playhouse was another hit- it is played with everyday. It came with 2 piggies, and you can get extra characters [Read more…]