Double Dragon Neon for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Review by Ian.

Are you ready for some 80’s nostalgia? Bring yourself back to the days of dropping quarter after quarter into the arcades. Now kids arcades were dark rooms where people would go to play video games together in a public setting on arcade machines. These places were full of loud music and electronic sounds, flashing lights, and kids running around. For a kid with a pocket full of quarters, there was no better place to spend an afternoon.

In order to truly appreciate Double Dragon Neon, one needs to understand Double Dragon.
The first Double Dragon was released in 1987 and was a great side scrolling beat’em up game. You played the part of Billy or Jimmy Lee on their quest to save Marian, their common love interest. The music memorable and the game play now classic.

Neon takes the underlying concepts of the arcade Double Dragon and undated them with new graphics and soundtracks, while keeping the same feel of the original. The game play is the same, punch, kick, throw repeat. But now there are more special moves which make things a bit more interesting.

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