Supplements- Yay or Nay?

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There is a discussion going on over the usefulness of supplements. Some swear by them, swallowing entire cups of vitamins and minerals with every meal, morning noon and night. Others think all you are doing is making expensive waste, or as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory put it, “What you’re buying here are the ingredients for very expensive urine.” Whatever your opinion of supplements is, without trying something first, an opinion is little more then a fairy tale.

Taking suplements on their own is not very helpful. The trick to supplements is supplementing (see? see how that works? LOL) you regular meals and dietary intake. Let’s say you are having a particularly stressful day and just want to sleep, but there is no way the sandman is visiting tonight with your mind running around in circles. So instead of taking a sedative or a sleep aide, why not try an herbal supplement. Melatonin does wonders as does Valerian. Plus in general herbal supplements are less habit forming and have less dangerous side-effects. If getting into supplements, do some research, a few simple searches and you could find the highest quality, most effective supplements for a great price.

In regard to the supplements themselves there are a lot of options out there. Gels, and tablets, quick melt and liquid supplements have become important for many who have a difficult time with all the rest. Gel tablets are liquids contained in a gelatin outside, which are easier to swallow then regular tablets, which are compressed pills. Quick melts are interesting new pills which melt quickly in your mouth and are very easy to take. But the easiest of all for many people are liquid supplements- fast acting, no swallowing pills and also sometimes they even taste good, LOL. Most mix well with fruit juices, but even the nasty tasting ones mix well with coffee or other bitter strong tasking drinks.


  1. I take a few supplements. I have no idea if they are doing anything for me, but I take them any way.

  2. I’m not a die hard on any one supplement but don’t think they hurt and if there is even just a tangible amount of benefit I say go for it. I take a liquid B from time to time and do think it helps when I’m feeling run down.

  3. I take Melatonin sometimes and it does work pretty well.

  4. It’s nice to know that the “nasty” ones can taste better if taken with coffee. I always take mine with water and the do NOT taste good.

    Bobbie Anne

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