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Christmas at Sea World

Shamu- Christmas at Sea World

Hello from Little Man and Shamu! Sea World is his favorite theme park in Orlando, and the one he most looks forward to. We were undeterred by the cold, and quite excited that we were able to see the costumed Shamu to pose with for photos. We have never had that opportunity before.

Sea World has so much to see and do- from rides to water park (though not today!) and a wide array of shows, you and your family should not miss this attraction the next time you are in the Orlando area. This time, the weather was not super cooperative, so we didn’t do any water rides (they were off, in fact). I am thinking that it may be me- the last few times we went to FL, there were hurricanes, so perhaps I am a harbinger of “fun weather”, LOL. This time, is was very cold (below 60 each day, and down into the 30’s) for the area, and there were even tornado warnings πŸ™‚ Wahoo!

Sea World ShowThat didn’t stop the day from being a whole lot of fun, however. My son LOVES the shows, all of them. We saw Blue Horizons for the first time, which we all enjoyed. The theme was a little (a lot) out there, but it didn’t really matter. It was full of action, stunts (by people and animals), flying birds of several varieties, and aerial performances. There were colorful costumes, banners, flags, and people dressed as tropical birds as well, all adding to the spectacle.

“Join a young girl named Marina as she discovers the secrets of the sea and sky in a mesmerizing blue world of adventure and wonder. This unique, theatrical spectacular features dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats. Let Blue Horizons take you on a journey usually reserved for dreams.”

Make sure you arrive early- we were late-ish to this one, and ended up with not-so-great seats. I advise at least 30-40 minutes early for each show. One person can stay and claim the seats, that was usually my job πŸ™‚ If you want to get wet, find seats in the “splash zone”- and bring a poncho to cover your purse πŸ™‚

pic2There were lots of shows as you walked about, as well. Longshormen- or elves- who were not able to wrap a gift, toy soldiers in a band and elves who flipped and bounced about on very cool “shoes”, and of course, Shamu and family!

Shamu One World showOne Ocean is the all new killer whale show that will inspire you to make a difference in the community and world- a theme you will notice throughout the park. You will see it again and again, from the amazing domed 3D Turtle Trek theater (created to illustrate the plight of animals in the wild and create the desire to save the species and their environment) to the dining practices (no straws allowed- it is bad for the animals!), Sea World wants to light a fire in the bellies of all “Everyday Heroes” to help out, clean up, and waste less to help sea creatures and animals. My son talks about Turtle Trek and the shows he saw often- I know it impacted him. It’s nice to see that a big place like Sea World tries to teach and preserve as well as entertain.

For Christmas, Sea World offers a ton of holiday shows. On special nights from November through December, and even some into January, you and your family can see fun holiday shows and winter wonderlands such as Waterfront Snow Flurries or Winter Wonderland on Ice. And if you buy online, you can Save $10.

This is by far and away my son’s favorite theme park in Florida. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with next- Sea World is always fresh and fun, with an eye on the future and conservation. What’s not to love?



  1. I have always wanted to go to Sea World. Forget Disney World, or Disney Land, SEA World is my dream destination! That is just so amazing!!

  2. Little miss kate says

    Looks like you had a great time despite the weather! Can’t wait until my boys are old enough to enjoy a trip to sea world

  3. We love to visit SeaWorld at Christmas time, but we just didn’t make it there this year. Great action whale shot πŸ™‚

  4. Sea World is one place I really want to take my family.

  5. I love Sea World..You son looks like he is having a great time..Love the picture. Do you live in FL? I would love too one day my mom, sister and brother lives in Orlando FL.

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