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I have practiced yoga for some time, my four kids sometimes join in with me but I have never really found a super yoga book for kids. Yogarilla is wonderful! Bright colorful cards, 55 of them of them fully illustrated front and back. You can find Yogarilla at Super Duper Publications, which I highly recommend you doing.

There is nothing I don’t like about Yogarilla it’s an all around win here is my take-

You have 55 cards, front and back illustrating a certain pose with OTis. On one side you have the playful OTis posing with the name of the pose. On the other side is the entire break down of the pose, directions to move into it, a challenging variety and some activities you may want to add into the pose. There’s also some facts and game like things to do with your children as you go through the deck.


Teaching kids to exercise is important, but it should also be very fun and enjoyable. Yogarilla was all this and more. Cards come in a metal tin case with handle so you or the kids can tote it around and have easy storage while you aren’t using them. The cards itself are large, awesome for little kid hands. My soon to be four year old had a blast placing the cards down and going through the poses. While some are tricky to do, most are all easy for the kids to move into you can easily help them and there are directions to help you do so if needed.


I set up a sequence for my kids so they could stand right beside me as I did yoga myself , it kept them busy intrigued and engaged enough they were willing to try more the next day. While they are having fun they are also working on their balance, coordination and fine tuning their motor skills .


There are also some partner yoga moves which are very helpful if you have a couple kids on your hands. I will be using this daily with all my kids after school to use as a cool down and connect with them. I highly recommend Yogarilla, as a Mother of four and one who is using yoga for recovery it’s by far one of the most amazing things you’ll ever learn. Get right down with the kids and go through the flash cards you’ll be amazed at what you can do and how great you will feel!

Check out Super Duper Publications to find Yogarilla and other amazing products for kids of all ages.

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