Spongebob and Patrick at Build A Bear

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Who am I?

I live next to a pineapple.

My house is under a rock.

I’m pink and laugh a lot.

It’s Patrick!


Patrick from the kid’s show Spongebob Squarepants is now available at Build A Bear.  He is big, pink, goofy  and cuddly just like Patrick in the show.  Patrick is approximately 18 inches tall just perfect for carrying around which is exactly what Little Man loves to do.  Little Man loves him not only because he is a fan of  Spongebob but also because Patrick is easy to bring with him.  When you have both Sponebob and Patrick together they are even height appropriate with Patrick being a bit taller then Spongebob.  I like how Build A Bear didn’t release just Spongebob but also have his best friend in the whole wide ocean, Patrick.

build a bear spongebob toys

As with all Build A Bear plush Patrick is well put together and as snuggly and soft as you want him to be.  He is one of the Special Edition plush at Build A Bear.  Your child can also build Patrick and include their own personal love and care.  Also available at Build A Bear are all the accessories you’d expect your pink buddy to have, like a surf board and even a grass skirt and lei.

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