Build a Bear for the Holidays

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

superman teddy bearSuperman Bear is now available at Build A Bear.  It is approximately 18 inches tall, just perfect for carrying around (which is exactly what my son loves to do). He loves him not only because he is a fan of all things superhero, but also because SuperBear (or Superman Bear) is easy to bring with him.  There are several other “supers” available as well, like Spiderman and Batman Bears.

build a bearAs with all Build A Bear plush, Superman Bear is well put together, and as snuggly and soft as you want him to be. He is one of the Special Edition plush at Build A Bear. Your child can also build the other “super” bears and include their own costumes- as well as include your special personal love and care as you build them. Also available at Build A Bear are all the accessories you’d expect your pink buddy to have, like a surf board and even a grass skirt and lei if you really miss the summertime, ha.  You can also have any bear or animal of your choice shipped to someone you love- choose the character, then choose the outfit and accessories, and send away!  It will come in this cute little box, all wrapped up for them.
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Build a Bear Pop Up in Times Square

There is a new Build a Bear Pop-Up store in Times Square, NYC just in time for the holiday season.  My son had a great time picking out and stuffing new friends, and taking them through the workshop dressing them, “giving them a bath”, brushing them, dressing them, and naming them- of course making them his own.

20141028_095732This is one of my son’s favorite places, Build a Bear.  He loves going, and even on his way out the door, all he can talk about is the next time we can go back, and who he wants to make and take home next.

While we were at the brand new Build a Bear, my son was able to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony

20141028_101234Hug Bearamy, the Build a Bear mascot


and stuff his own Michelangelo Ninja Turtle and dress him up, as well as dress his Olaf!  Both are available now at most Build a Bear locations and online.20141028_101427

He also stuffed a teddy for charity- these bears are being donated by Build a Bear to kids in need of a little bit of teddy bear love right in New York City.  The first 200 guests to the new Build-A-Bear Workshop store are invited to make a special stuffed animal for free to donate to the 92nd Street Y, which promotes individual and family development and participation in civic life. The 92nd Street Y will distribute the stuffed animals to local children in need of a teddy bear hug.
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Build a Bear Holiday Fun

I recently took my son out for a day in New York City.  Being only a few miles away, we go into the city often, but there is something special about the holiday season in the city.

I wanted to bring my son to see all the “traditional” holiday sights in the city- Macy’s window displays, the tree in Rockefeller center, ice skating in Central Park, and of course the highlight of the day would be F.A.O Schwarz, toy store extraordinaire.

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He was small last time he saw the Macy’s windows, so he had a great time endlessly walking from one to the next and delighted to see what was inside each one.  We also went upstairs to “Santaland”, where he not only visited, but also looked at the “extra” window display from “Miracle on 34th Street” the classic holiday movie.  We had just watched it the night before, so he really enjoyed it and loved telling me which part came from where in the movie, and telling me about the scenes.  (Since of course, I didn’t watch it with him or anything like that.)

macys NYC

He loved seeing all the lights, displays, and of course the giant tree that NYC has to show off during this festive season.  He has not been to FAO during Christmas time ever, so this was a surprise for him and he was thrilled.  The store was bustling, quite crowded, and full of shoppers and tourists alike.  As a six year old, being in the most famous toy store in the world at Christmastime was almost too much to bear, and he bounced around from one area of the superstore to the next before deciding he wanted to go to the new Build a Bear Workshop now in the store.
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Spongebob and Patrick at Build A Bear


Who am I?

I live next to a pineapple.

My house is under a rock.

I’m pink and laugh a lot.

It’s Patrick!


Patrick from the kid’s show Spongebob Squarepants is now available at Build A Bear.  He is big, pink, goofy  and cuddly just like Patrick in the show.  Patrick is approximately 18 inches tall just perfect for carrying around which is exactly what Little Man loves to do.  Little Man loves him not only because he is a fan of  Spongebob but also because Patrick is easy to bring with him.  When you have both Sponebob and Patrick together they are even height appropriate with Patrick being a bit taller then Spongebob.  I like how Build A Bear didn’t release just Spongebob but also have his best friend in the whole wide ocean, Patrick.
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The New Mint Build A Bear

build a bear

Build-A-Bear workshop is making quite a splash recently with their new store front roll out and their constant stream of cute new plush to make. Today we are looking at one of the newest bears, Mint.


Mint is a Girls Scout Thin Mint Bear. She is a rich brown chocolate color with mint green highlights, like the inner ear, paws and snout. Her feet also sport the Girl Scout Trefoil one one side and the Thin Mints Cookie on the other. This is an officially licensed Girl Scout product as well, so she is very well done.

As with all Build A Bear plush, the real fun starts with the accessories. Also available [Read more…]