Lazy Lizards Yoga Products For Kids

As many of you know, I am a yoga fan.  I practice regularly, and have had my son and even my grandmother do yoga (at their level) with me.  My son is, like many kids, wiggly and impatient, and yoga is great for redirecting that energy.


Lazy Lizards created a kid sized yoga mat with 12 poses printed on the mat along with a DVD to go along.  Kids can easily follow along with the DVD or just use their mat.  Their is also a space where kids can personalize their mat to make it their own- my son was completely horrified by the thought of drawing on his mat, but I think some kids would like to.  My boy can be a little finicky, like his mother.

They have 4 colors of  eco friendly, kid sized yoga mats, with poses printed directly on the mat, as well as the Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD.  Introducing yoga at a young age can encourage a healthy lifestyle early. Kids love doing yoga, and it is great for them. Yoga comes naturally to children, they love to use their imaginations to move their bodies in creative ways. Have your child try yoga, and watch him or her grow from the inside, out.  It is great for you to do together as well- something you both can do.  It’s nice to have healthy activities you both can enjoy.
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Gifts from Aurore Yoga

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

12-24-14 cannon 013

With the end of the year around the corner, its time to start thinking about living more healthy in the coming year. One of the best ways to do this is with an exercise program. Personally, we enjoy yoga workout programs which can be done either at home, at a gym, or some towns even have yoga workout days at the community center once a week or so.

Whatever your particular comfort level is, yoga is a fun way to exercise which is meant for every level of health and at every age (my son and grandmother both do yoga with me) and can be done by a broad category of people. The only necessity is a yoga mat- well, not a necessity, but it sure helps. There are quite a few accessories which could make your adventures in yoga much more fun.

Today we are looking at a few Aurore yoga products which are the perfect accompanies to that new yoga mat. Namely, the new soy meditation candles and yoga mat sak.
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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Disclosure- the below was provided to me in order to complete this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.

12-24-14 cannon 012

If you are like me, and most people, you are sitting behind a desk all day. Obviously, one of the most difficult places to exercise can by at your desk at work. Sure, there are small things you can do to keep moving. Frequent breaks, go for a walk, desk side exercise and my personal favorite copy machine yoga.  (kidding- they might institutionalize you if you tried that.)  But there is a new breakthrough in seating, called active sitting.

Active sitting is when your body has to do micro-balancing maneuvers in order to keep balance on the chair. This doesn’t mean tip your chair to the brink and keep it there all day, there are special chairs especially made to do this. One such example is the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. This chair takes the familiar Balance Ball classically used in exercise programs, and sits it on a stable stand with wheels on it. This makes the ball the perfect height to sit on easily and do your daily desk work while still getting a work out. It might not seem like much, but after an hour or so you will notice some odd muscles that you didn’t know existed worked out in one of the easiest ways possible. Some notes to keep in mind are do not try to sit all day on this chair the first day, build up on your time on the chair so you don’t have a lot of strain and that “ow” feeling” the next day. The chair is also brightly colored and has a ball on it so kids will probably gravitate to it. This isn’t a problem unless they take the ball off and start to throw it. Just a point to be aware of. Personally I love the chair, sitting still too long drives me nuts even if I am busy with work. This chair helps keep my body busy while I am keeping my mind busy.
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Beautiful Baltic Amber Jewelry

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

amber necklace

I love to wear fun jewelry- I don’t wear tons of it, but when I do, I like what I DO choose to wear to be something a little different.  Something a little special and that will stand out a bit.

It’s nice to have a little something to make your outfits pop, something that makes you feel special and pretty. There is a great online shop called Spark of Amber ( They sell beautiful, hand-crafted Baltic Amber jewelry for all ages.

Baltic Amber jewelry is very unique, and something not found everywhere. Spark of Amber obtains all their Baltic Amber beads directly from Lithuania, where the finest Amber is found.  When I was younger, I spent some time in Lithuania, and they are indeed very proud of their amber, and it is some of the best in the world. I have some really fond memories of my time there, which makes me like this necklace even more.  But I digress.
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New amiibo From Nintendo

Disclosure- we received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are out own and honest.  My son is a Nintendo Kid Reviewer.

12-21-14 cannon product 015

Brand new and just in time for the holiday season are Nintendo’s new amiibo (Wii U compatible). The best part about these video game figurines is that you don’t need to buy a portal or system upgrade to use them- just the figurines.  This cuts the cost and makes them more accessible to everyone. Buy only the ones you want, customize them in the games, and interact the way you want to.  This is new experience for Nintendo fans in the game play and toys coming to life area, joining the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity.  These amiibo characters are ONLY Nintendo, and they interact with Wii U games and across multiple games (like the relatively new Super Smash Brothers).  The figures retail for about $15 each, and you can collect many of your favorite characters now.
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Win Betty Crocker Gift Basket

If you are ready to get your holiday baking on, you know you need some Betty Crocker.  We love to bake, and we create some great memories together while cooking in the kitchen as well.

pic4The Betty Crocker crew has created a basket filled with baking goodies. The basket (image attached) includes:

  • Kitchen tablet stand
  • Betty Crocker™ Mixing Spoon
  • Betty Crocker™ Oven Mitt
  • “Get Your Betty On” Apron
  • Gingerbread Cookie Cutter
  • Betty Crocker™ Sugar Cookie Mix
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Holiday Gift Ideas from Best Buy

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This holiday season, there are lots of options out there. To make those who are special to you feel that way, try to think about what they like, or maybe they have “hinted” about what they would like.  It is the season of giving, and the best way to get a truly heartfelt thank you? The perfect gift has to be found.  Today, we are looking at a few choice items which can be found at Best Buy.

With Expert Service and Unbeatable Price, these top gifts are on my husband’s list this holiday, and here’s why they should be on yours:  First up is the new Xbox One by Microsoft.  Xbox One is the place for games.

pic7What is Xbox One?

Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. With the best exclusive titles (Halo, Sunset Overdrive), the biggest blockbusters (Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty) the hottest sports franchises (Madden 15, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15) and top family titles (Fantasia: Music Evolved, Just Dance 15, Skylanders) Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level.

In addition to being a great gaming console, Xbox one connects consumers unlike any other device.  Xbox One enables access to the latest TV shows and movies through your favorite apps.  With Xbox One all of your media is at your fingertips when you want it.
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Build a Bear for the Holidays

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

superman teddy bearSuperman Bear is now available at Build A Bear.  It is approximately 18 inches tall, just perfect for carrying around (which is exactly what my son loves to do). He loves him not only because he is a fan of all things superhero, but also because SuperBear (or Superman Bear) is easy to bring with him.  There are several other “supers” available as well, like Spiderman and Batman Bears.

build a bearAs with all Build A Bear plush, Superman Bear is well put together, and as snuggly and soft as you want him to be. He is one of the Special Edition plush at Build A Bear. Your child can also build the other “super” bears and include their own costumes- as well as include your special personal love and care as you build them. Also available at Build A Bear are all the accessories you’d expect your pink buddy to have, like a surf board and even a grass skirt and lei if you really miss the summertime, ha.  You can also have any bear or animal of your choice shipped to someone you love- choose the character, then choose the outfit and accessories, and send away!  It will come in this cute little box, all wrapped up for them.
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