Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

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If you are like me, and most people, you are sitting behind a desk all day. Obviously, one of the most difficult places to exercise can by at your desk at work. Sure, there are small things you can do to keep moving. Frequent breaks, go for a walk, desk side exercise and my personal favorite copy machine yoga.  (kidding- they might institutionalize you if you tried that.)  But there is a new breakthrough in seating, called active sitting.

Active sitting is when your body has to do micro-balancing maneuvers in order to keep balance on the chair. This doesn’t mean tip your chair to the brink and keep it there all day, there are special chairs especially made to do this. One such example is the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. This chair takes the familiar Balance Ball classically used in exercise programs, and sits it on a stable stand with wheels on it. This makes the ball the perfect height to sit on easily and do your daily desk work while still getting a work out. It might not seem like much, but after an hour or so you will notice some odd muscles that you didn’t know existed worked out in one of the easiest ways possible. Some notes to keep in mind are do not try to sit all day on this chair the first day, build up on your time on the chair so you don’t have a lot of strain and that “ow” feeling” the next day. The chair is also brightly colored and has a ball on it so kids will probably gravitate to it. This isn’t a problem unless they take the ball off and start to throw it. Just a point to be aware of. Personally I love the chair, sitting still too long drives me nuts even if I am busy with work. This chair helps keep my body busy while I am keeping my mind busy.


Some benefits of active sitting include:

• Improved posture

• Increased circulation and blood flow

• More calories burned

• Builds strong core muscles and a healthy back

• Improved spinal alignment

• Reduction in tension in the back

• Engaged abdominal and lumbar muscles promote

Pelvis and spine flexibility

• Opens chest and airwaves for improved breathing

The Balance Ball chair is available in 2 colors Wasabi Green and Ocean Blue. This retail for $89.98 and are available now from Gaiam and


  1. jenny temcio at dapperhouse says

    We were talking about these the other day at work. I agree that they are perfect for kids to help them focus as I have seen it work in schools. Maybe time to get myself one too!


    I have bad posture – always trying to remember to sit straight up! I’ve seen something like this before and wondered if it would be good for me. Your son seems to like it!!

  3. What a cool product! I have terrible posture especially sitting at the computer a lot. I would love one of these.. and I know some people who would really appreciate this as a gift. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That’s cool! I love that its stable! I might consider that for my office.

  5. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    I hadn’t seen anything like this before with the actual chair attached. I love the balance ball at the gym–what a neat concept. Thanks for sharing this. Merry Christmas!

  6. Looks like an interesting chair. I do need something to help with my posture, so good to know this chair can help.

  7. very cool
    looks like the little guy likes it too

  8. i love this- am going to buy one right now. i could really use it

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