2022 Summit About Using Yoga to Overcome Trauma and Find Peace

Global Wellness Experts Come Together for Virtual IDY 2022 Summit About Using Yoga to Overcome Trauma and Find Peace

Hosted by Souljourn Yoga Foundation,
All Proceeds Donated to Yoga United for Ukraine, an organization helping children and adolescents with cancer affected by war

fundraiser for ukraine

WHAT: This International Day of Yoga, join Souljourn Yoga Foundation, the World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows (WAFUNIF), and global yoga and wellness change-makers for a virtual summit featuring a 30-minute meditation and yoga practice followed by an expert-led panel discussion and Q&A about yoga as a vehicle for cultivating peace – within ourselves and in the world around us – all while giving back to the children of Ukraine. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Yoga United for Ukraine.

Presented by Souljourn Yoga Foundation and World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows

WHEN: Tuesday, June 21st, 2022, 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 5pm GMT

FORMAT: 30-minute virtual yoga and meditation practice led by Jordan Ashley, Founder of Souljourn Yoga Foundation, followed by an expert-led panel discussion and Q&A



Liliana Bucur Cress: President of WAFUNIF (Moderator)

Jordan Ashley: Founder of Souljourn Yoga Foundation

Leigh Leibel: Yoga Therapist, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Columbia University Irving Medical Center; Sponsor of Yoga United for Ukraine

Marsha D. Banks-Harold: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator and Director, PIES Holistic Yoga Therapy Training Program, IAYT Board of Directors

Christine Moghadam: Founder of Corc Yoga

Ashley Deleon: Founder of Ashley DeLeon Pilates

Sarah Naomi Jones: Befriending the Body Program Coordinator, The Center for Trauma and Resilience

TOPICS: Panelists will discuss the challenging times we are living in and how yoga can help us:

  • Impact change within ourselves and the world

  • Find relief from trauma and fear

  • Improve our physical and mental health

  • Experience more joy, happiness, and peace

  • Cultivate a more spiritual community

EVENT INFO: To participate, please sign up here (Eventbrite invitation)

COST: $18

All proceeds will be donated to Yoga United for Ukraine, an organization helping children and adolescents with cancer affected by war.

For a media promo code, or to schedule an interview, please email media@stephaniewolfpr.com

Souljourn Yoga:

Souljourn Yoga Foundation is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit that raises awareness and funds for young women’s education around the world by using yoga as an inclusive vehicle for change. Inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service, and ‘sojourn’ which captures the essence of being in a place for a time, we collaborate with local community-based projects and international nonprofits. We endeavor to support sustainable educational pathways for women across the world and believe that all women deserve equal access to education and their own space to breathe, connect, and grow.


World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows is the sole United Nations alumni association and the official United Nations Peace Messenger. All WAFUNIF’s activities, including seminars and special reports, are devoted solely to United Nations matters and are implemented in close cooperation with agencies and organizations of the UN system. WAFUNIF promotes the vital role of the UN in educating and training for development and peace, particularly among young people.

Yoga United for Ukraine 

Yoga United for Ukraine is a grassroots fundraiser created on behalf of Ukrainian children and adolescents with cancer whose life-saving treatment has been disrupted by war. This campaign is organized by a team of oncology yoga therapists and yoga teachers in US, Canada, UK, Australia, and India who are long-time colleagues and members of the international Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) Yoga Special Interest Group (Yoga SIG). The mission of Yoga United for Ukraine is simple: to help alleviate suffering. This is the essence of Yoga – to practice selfless acts of kindness without expectation of return, coming from a place of love (Sanskrit: Seva).

Practicing Mindfulness When Traveling

Traveling to new places is a great way to come into contact with different cultures and a way to take a break from the busy lives we are living. However, traveling is also a very stressful activity. There is always a bus to catch or a new place to visit that was not on the initial itinerary. 

Let’s not get into the stress caused by whether or not the baggage that you have packed meets the standards imposed by the airline that you are using. If you need help finding a scale, take a close look at this guide at https://opticsandlab.com/best-spring-scale/.

A way to deal with the stress is by practicing what many call mindful traveling. Today, people often speak about mindfulness. The internet is filled with trendy yoga apps and there are a myriad of retreats that are recommended all over the net. This is mainly why most of us might perceive mindfulness as nothing else than a fad. Yet, there is much more to this concept that you should consider. 


What is mindfulness?

Many describe mindfulness as a way of life. To master it, you have to spend years and years practicing it. Still, its core is pretty simple to grasp, even as a novice. Mindfulness means being present and highly conscious of all that is going on around us.

In other words, instead of worrying about the risks of having your reservation canceled or missing your next flight, you should simply live in the present moment. So, whenever you feel like you are overwhelmed by all the stress of traveling, you should just take a deep breath and enjoy whatever comes next.


How is mindfulness useful when traveling?

Once you stop worrying too much, you get to truly appreciate the places that you are visiting. Consequently, you become a more engaged traveler that gets to truly enjoy his/her destination. This way, traveling will stop feeling like a simple form of escapism and it will transform into a way to engage.

One issue that we have to deal with when looking at traveling as simply a form of escapism is the fact that we only seem to focus on what comes next. Traveling, therefore, becomes a form of running around in the search of what comes next. 

By being mindful, you get to connect better not just with the place that you are visiting, but also with the people that you meet on your way. This way, you also get to know the culture of the place better, and you can learn new lessons. 

Besides, numerous studies have shown that mindfulness is also effective when it comes to reducing stress and, thus, you will feel more relaxed and the trips that you take will feel more rewarding. 


Tips to apply when traveling

Diana Winston, the director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA has put forward the acronym STOP that people can use whenever they want to practice mindfulness. S is for stop, T stands for taking a breath, O means observe, as in actively think about both your outer and inner experiences, while P stands for what she resumes as “proceed with more mindfulness.”

So, instead of always being in a rush, trying to get to a new tourist attraction, you should slow down and open up to the experience that you are enjoying. For instance, instead of eating in a hurry, you should take a break and actually enjoy your meals by really savoring the meal and analyzing its texture and taste.

Another tip is to put down your phone. Whenever visiting a new place, we always feel the need to document our trip by taking thousands of photos and sharing them on social media. However, spending too much time with our phones in our hands, browsing through the comments that we get is not at all relaxing or rewarding.

This does not mean that you should not take photos of your trip. After all, we all want a memento that can remind us of the good times that we’ve had. Still, a couple of photos are enough and you should not waste your time living online. 


Jumpstart your Fitness with Online Yoga

We live in a world that is obsessed with working out and diet culture. Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded by images of diet pills, workout gear, weight loss shakes, and more. If you are not already totally consumed by the diet and exercise craze, it can be an intimidating thing to fall into. This is particularly true when it comes to working out. Going to the gym, and especially to fitness classes, can be scary and intimidating and can leave you feeling embarrassed about your body and fitness. Cut out the fear associated with public fitness by getting back into shape with Glo yoga online. 


What is Glo?

Glo is basically the answer to your fitness prayers. It is a great way to get back into the shape in the comfort your own home, or really anywhere you want to access it. Glo is an online yoga website that has thousands of workouts at the tip of your fingertips. These workout programs focus on holistic wellness and can help you to look and feel your best without having to brave a sweaty gym or a communal workout mat. 


How does Glo work?

Glo starts with an honest fitness assessment where you analyze your skill level for yoga. Are you a brand new beginner? Are you an absolute yoga God or Goddess? The lucky part is that Glo has classes for both of these skill levels, as well as everything in between. With Glo, you will find a workout that is perfect for you, that pushes you to your next level, and that leaves you feeling more confident in your skin than ever before. 


Your Glo journey will start with a 15-day free trial. This trial will give you access to the website so that you can see just how easy it is to pick an instructor and workout that is right for you. After the trial, when you become a member, you will be able to teach thousands of workout with different difficulties and objectives. No matter what you’re looking for, Glo has something for you. 


How can online yoga benefit me?

Glo is great for your heart, your spirit, and your mind. With constant distractions that come with living in the technical age that we are in, it can be hard to unwind and find your peace. With Glo, you will be able to take a step back, to center, and to focus on what really matters. Stress management is one of the absolute musts when it comes to self-care and success. With Glo, you will be able to manage your stress and keeps your thoughts filtered and streamlined. Not only will you see physical results, but you will also feel and perform better when you incorporate online yoga into your every-day routine. 


What if I don’t like Glo?

If you start the program and then decide that Glo isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or obligations. We want to find the workout that is right for you, and you will not be punished from changing your mind or taking a break. 

Online yoga is a great way to get the body and mind you’ve always wanted, without facing the intimidation and scrutiny of the gym. To learn more about Glo yoga and to start your journey, visit our website today. 

Great Gifts for an Active Mom

This time of year, I’m always seeing lists about the best gifts for mom. See, I’m even making one. But the truth is, not all moms are alike, and you know best your mom’s personality. A “makeup and jewelry” kind of mom? Flowers, chocolate? Maybe she wants to sleep in and get a massage. (Hint, that’s pretty much everyone, all the time.) Some of that stuff can be sort of a “cop-out”, just going through the motions. Your mom did (and likely still does) a lot for you- make her feel special on days meant to celebrate her. (Dads, if you have very young kids, you are in charge here. Do something besides that macaroni necklace they made in school, yeah?)

As an active mom myself, and one that wears pretty much zero makeup or fussy things like that, I wouldn’t personally love a bottle of perfume or nail polish. I also try to be as eco-friendly as possible, and my family knows that’s important to me. I’m guessing to a lot of other moms out there as well.

Since many “idea” lists focus on candy and makeup, we here at Parents@Play thought there should be one with other options out there. This list is for the active mom, eco friendly mom, who is a little less traditional, but pretty cool in her own rights.

Sand Cloud, an environmentally aware company that donates %10 of it’s profits to #SaveTheFishes (help protect and preserve marine life) offers a wide array of items that are sustainable, adorable, and environmentally friendly. From super useful items mom will love like reusable glass bottles with beautiful and fun designs on them to metal straws that you can take anywhere (avoid those unnecessary plastic ones that end up in the nostrils of poor sea turtles and washed up on beaches), soft towels with lovely artwork, or organic tees and tanks, there is something your earth conscious mom will love.  These items are not only beautiful, but useful. In addition, a percentage from each purchase is given to a charity- I can’t think of a mother that wouldn’t be pleased that Mother Earth is also gifted on this special day.  Visit https://www.sandcloud.com to see their collections, and pick out a perfect gift for the moms in your life.

reusable bottle

Yoga lover? Me too, we hit the mat almost daily, it is one of the best ways to center yourself and have a few minutes of peace. It’s fantastic for both mind and body, and if you haven’t yet tried it out, there’s always today. The hype is there for a reason. It’s good stuff. Slightly Buddha is a yoga company for yoga lovers, by yoga lovers. The items on the site are simple, pretty, and express the ideas of living a zen lifestyle. They make, as they describe them, “well made, cute clothes” that offer value to the customer. As the owner describes the collection, “Slightly Buddha is a manifestation of my love for yoga, art and clothes.”  The clothing is soft and comfortable. Pay attention to sizing, as I find that they don’t run typically. Some say that they run large, so you will get the “heads up”, so to speak. Others don’t mention, but you can tell that they run slim. Joggers, for example, are less loose then any others I’ve had, and fit more like leggings, which you can see in the photos. They are perfect for a yoga class, however, so that may be why the design is different. The tanks are also a slim fit, but are a nice feel. Pay attention to the photos and the reviews, they are honest and helpful.  Visit https://www.slightlybuddha.com to see what strikes you- your mom will love the graceful designs that are easy to mix and match, and go from the studio to the couch to errand running and beyond.

yoga gear

Title Nine has everything the active woman needs, from running gear to swimwear to undergarments and more. Dresses that move with you, skirts that shake the rain off, leggings that actually stay in place. I can’t say enough good things about the company, which is run by amazing women for women, so they know what women want and need. It may be unseemly to talk about getting mom a bra for Mother’s Day, so maybe choose an awesome dress or sweater, and give her a gift card so she can choose her own, because these will be the only ones she will want from then on. I recently tried out the Roadster Convertible Underwire Bra and the Cuz She Say’s So Underwire Bra and I have to say, I’m in love. The :Roadster” in particular has become my “go to”- if it’s clean, I’m wearing it. Comfortable and keeping everything where it needs to be, even during vigorous workouts, this is the one to beat in my opinion. The “Cuz She Said So” was also comfortable and preformed well, but it was hard to compare to the “Roadster”.  The company is so passionate about their bras, they even have a program to help get them to girls in underprivileged communities. They know it’s hard to preform your best when you are being hindered- and that’s pretty cool. They do a lot of good work in the community. They even use “real life” models, who have regular jobs and live “regular” lives, no retouching the already impossible to achieve looks of supermodels here, and I love that. This company is all about celebrating women, and any mom would love that. Visit https://www.titlenine.com and see what mom would appreciate.


Looking for something pretty? Mountain Khakis puts a modern spin on classics, and the clothing is built to last. This company builds tough clothing that’s still pretty and soft to wear. You can find classic styles mom loves, which are durable and have the highest quality craftsmanship. A brand you can rely on not to fall apart on you. Not only that, but they are a company that cares, being Fair Trade Certified, members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and are organic and biodegradable, using only products and production methods that are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. You can be tough and rugged and still look beautiful at the same time- all this while being environmentally responsible. Great gift options, take a look at https://www.mountainkhakis.com to see what strikes your fancy.

5 Daily Good Mood Rituals For Your Health and Happiness

nature walk

As many might be falling off the New Year’s resolution band wagon, life coach and author Dannie De Novo has a few tips to help people succeed year-round with daily rituals. Dannie, author of Get in a Good Mood & Stay There, says “Your good mood New Year’s resolution success will live and die by the habits you put into place to secure your desired goals. So, it stands to reason that the better the habit, the better the results you will see.”

But the idea of instilling new habits doesn’t usually sound like a fun thing to do. “That’s why I advocate for the adoption of rituals, which are nothing more than patterned behaviors but with a slightly more positive vibe,” Dannie continues. “When you adopt rituals, you train your brain to go through certain programing automatically. At that point, the behavior you desire is no longer ‘work’—you just do it.”


Ritual #1 Meditation

The more frequently you practice meditation, the more the effects sustain themselves throughout your day and throughout your life. Daily meditation practice equals daily sustained good mood.

You don’t have to devote more than a few minutes each day to meditation and you don’t have to be perfect in your practice. Keep it simple. Focus on your breath. Focus on a mantra or affirmation. Focus on the quiet. What your practice should be is meaningful for you. With meaning and connectedness, comes happiness.

Ritual #2 Gratitude

Gratitude is feeling or showing appreciation toward someone or something. A gratitude practice is a daily commitment to focusing your energy and thoughts on what you appreciate. There are few things you can do to build and maintain your happiness as important as exercising daily gratitude.

Gratitude shifts our thinking to the present moment. Gratitude allows us to celebrate what we have now and what we have accomplished. It also allows us to refocus our energy on our dreams and goals.

Ritual #3 Remind yourself of your why

If you don’t remind yourself each and every day why you made the decision to seek and hold on to your good mood, you won’t keep going after that goal.

Remind yourself often of why you made your decision. Take a piece of paper, write out your resolution in big letters at the top, and under your resolution list all the reasons why you are going to accomplish it. Make these statements positive. Place this paper in a visible area and make yourself read it and really reflect on the reasons why you started on this journey and why it is so important for you to continue.

Ritual #4 Be a dreamer

Your imagination is the gateway to your good mood and, ultimately, to your ideal life. You have the amazing ability to form the picture of any life you want and, by so imagining it, then living the life you desire. When your mood is dark and small, so is your world.

Carry with you the attitude of a dreamer. Never stop dreaming—even when things aren’t going your way. See yourself living life in a good mood and hold that picture in the forefront of your mind. You deserve to be happy.

Ritual #5 Something that makes you feel good

I love nature. When I am in and around it, I feel good mental, physically and spiritually. So, I make being outside for each day one of my rituals. I also think movement is important for my good mood. Daily exercise or some kind of movement helps keep everything in balance.

You should be incorporating rituals that make you feel complete and like a better version of yourself. Whether those rituals include journaling, reading, doing affirmations, spending time with pets, spending time with loved ones, or laughing, the idea is the same. Make these good mood activities daily practices that help contribute to an overall good mood.


About Dannie De Novo: Dannie is an author, attorney, coach, entrepreneur and podcast host who loves horses, traveling and learning. Her book Get in a Good Mood & Stay There launched in 2018. She spends her days finding ways to help those who aren’t experiencing the most fulfilling version of their lives. Her greatest job and joy is serving as mom to an amazing beacon of light and hope, her daughter, Carson. To learn move visit: www.DannieDeNovo.com

The 4th International Day of Yoga

Consulate General of India
The 4th International Day of Yoga
with FREE Yoga and Meditation Sessions
Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 11am
Governor’s Island
Consulate General of India presents The 4th International Day of Yoga on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 11am at Picnic Point on Governor’s Island.
The admission to the event is free for to participate, but advance registration is required:
Free ferry access to Governor’s Island at 10am.
Consulate General of India is back again with the celebration of the 4th International Day of Yoga on June 16, 2018, bringing together communities to enjoy the spirit of Yoga.
Fifteen minute yoga and meditation sessions will be led by such organizations as Hindu Temple of North America, Mallakhamb Federation USA, Isha Foundation, Sahaja Yoga and the Art of Living Foundation, and the event will conclude with a live performance.
The United Nations proclaimed June 21, as the International Day of Yoga at the initiative of the Government of India. Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit, means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and mind. Today it is practiced in various forms around the world and continues to grow in popularity. International Yoga Day aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Tips for a Fit and Healthy Summer

By Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA, Olympic runner & VP Worldwide Sports Performance & Fitness for Herbalife

Summer is just around the corner and summer body preparation should start now.  With proper planning, and an early start, you can avoid crash diets that do little for you waistline and even less for your mood. By focusing now on an exercise routine and a balanced nutrition program, you can get your body ready for summer and beyond.  Avoid the extreme crash diets and replace them with a sensible balanced diet and exercise to set yourself up for long-term success.


Below are my top tips to getting fit for summer.


  • Commit to a Fit and Healthy Summer!  Think about increasing the types of activities that work for your lifestyle and that can easily be built into your day. Make it a point to read up on fitness news and information.
  • Perform Simple Stretches.  Ensure you’re moving your muscles and joints through their full range of motion each day.
  • Get Moving!  Increase your daily activity level by taking the stairs, parking in the furthest space from the store, gardening, dancing or playing with your children. If you become more active in your everyday life you’ll get fit faster.
  • Add Regular Walks to Your Day.  You can slowly increase your time until 30-minutes feels comfortable. Then, increase your intensity level by walking faster. Start including varied terrain such as hills, then progress to a jogging or running pace.
  • Perform Body Weight Resistance Exercises. Try simple squats, lunges, push-ups and then progress to using weights. Ideally, you need both resistance exercise and aerobic exercise to keep your body operating at its peak.
  • Engage in Aerobic Exercise.  Repetitive motion, such as running, swimming or cycling, is important for the cardiovascular system. It can also tone muscles. Incorporating a little of both aerobic and resistance training is best for your daily routine.
  • Eat More Mindfully.  Eating snacks that contain carbs and protein before a workout can provide you with energy, keep you focused and give your body what it needs to build muscle once the workout is over. Consistently pay attention to the foods you choose in order to properly fuel your body.
  • Keep Hydrated.  Consume at least two liters of water each day. It is even more important to drink water before, during and after exercise. Even low-intensity exercise requires you to be well-hydrated.

About Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA
Samantha Clayton is a former Olympic runner, personal trainer, and vice president of Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness at Herbalife, where she is responsible for all activities relating to exercise and fitness education for Herbalife Nutrition Independent distributors and employees. Before joining the corporate ranks, Samantha, a native of Liverpool, England, was a professional athlete. She represented Great Britain in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in both the 200m and the 4x100m relay events. Samantha is a personal trainer and group exercise coach through the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA) and International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

3 ways that yoga practice can change your life

There are many fitness activities to choose from that help you enhance your overall wellness. Some people choose to participate in crossfit, running, pure barre, or organized classes. Others choose to commit to taking a yoga class several times a week such as those featured on tantrayogathailand.com.

Because of the myth that yoga is not a calorie-inducing workout, many do not give it a try. The beauty in yoga is that you not only focus on working out your body, but also you mind and soul. Yoga provides an opportunity to connect with oneself in a way that no other fitness activity can provide. This article will explore ways in which adding yoga practice to your fitness routine can change your life.

Release stress and calms your mind.

There are different types of yoga. Power, or Bikram yoga is practiced in a heated studio and is often vigorous causing a lot of sweat and work of all the muscles in your body. It is tough, but also very rewarding. Restorative yoga is more relaxing and although you do not sweat profusely like you do in bikram, you are helping your muscles to restore and rejuvenate. No matter what type of yoga practice you try, you will notice a sense of stress relief and calmness of the mind. Yoga teachers guide you through practice while teaching you how to breath properly to relieve stress as well as get a deeper stretch in your pose.

Teaches you to “Let Go” of things you cannot control.

While you do work on your flexibility of your body in yoga, you also learn how to focus on yourself and not others around you. Focusing on yourself and on what you can control in your life and letting go of everything else is a key aspect of how yoga can change your life. Everyday stressors that weigh on your mind and cause internal turmoil will become minimal after you begin to practice yoga. There is a sense of acceptance and letting go that you will experience over time after making yoga a part of your lifestyle.

Mind/Body Connection.

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a yogi, is that you have a sense of connection with your mind and your body. You will learn how to practice breathing techniques at home that will help you calm down before sleeping as well as relax when you feel yourself becoming anxious over life’s many stressors. You will also learn how to identify when your body needs a break as well as how to care for yourself in healthier ways.
Yoga is life changing for many which is why it has become a very popular activity for men and women alike. Additionally, yoga classes are now even offered for children and families, elderly, and pregnant women. No longer is yoga only a fitness regime offered for adults. Because it is so empowering and a fitness activity that anyone can participate in regardless of body type or ability, it is now highly coveted by our society. Yoga provides an outlet to relieve stress, connect with your mind, body, and spirit, as well as release stress and calm your mind.