Treating Yourself to a New Summer Wardrobe

pink bikini

Summer has arrived and many of us are turning to our wardrobes in despair. We simply don’t have the things we need to wear out and about in the hotter weather or on our next vacations or getaways. But don’t worry. There are plenty of summer essentials out there to choose from and, thanks to online shopping, it’s easier than ever to browse the different options and find the best deals. Competitive pricing means that you’ll be able to find everything you need without having to splurge a fortune – especially if you make the most of sales and discount codes. But what items might you want to take a look at and try out? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.


Perhaps one of the most worn pieces of summer clothing – especially if you’re going to be heading away on a beach holiday or to an all inclusive with a pool – is swimwear. Summer is a great time to get in the water and cool off. Whether that’s for a long swim in the sea, heading into some wild swimming destinations or hitting your local swimming pool. But what kind of swimwear should you try out? The truth is – it entirely depends on you and what you feel comfortable in. A swimming costume is a great option that provides more coverage but is still water suitable. A bikini allows for more tanning potential, as it has more skin on show. You could try a tankini which is a middle ground between the swimming costume and the bikini. Alternatively, if you are following religious requirements or want to cover up more, there are costumes that completely cover your skin, such as more modest swimwear or burkinis. Try a few options out. There’s a whole world of colors, prints, fabrics and more, so you will be able to find something that suits you down to a tee.

Summer Hats

Summer hats are ideal for holidays or time spent outdoors in your local area. Check social media and you’ll see countless people donning large sunhats while sat on a sun lounger or at a beach. Sunhats are great in that they protect your scalp from sun exposure, reducing your chances of experiencing a sunburnt scalp, which is important for your health and wellbeing, as well as your general comfort. If your hat has a peak or a wide brim, it can also provide sun protection to your face, covering you in shade. Again, the world is your oyster when it comes to sun hats. You can try a bucket hat, a floppy straw hat, a cap, a golf cap and more.


Sunglasses are another summer essential to start browsing. Sunglasses, like sun hats, offer more than just an accessory to your ensemble. Instead, they actually protect your eyes from bright or harsh light. If your sunglasses have UV protection, they’ll protect your sensitive eyes from UV exposure too. Different glasses suit different people. Factors that determine whether a pair of glasses will suit you include their frame shape, their frame size, the thickness of the rim, the arms, the color of the frame, the color of the lenses and more. Whether you prefer cat eye, large and round, Ray Ban style or anything else, it’s a good idea to actually head in store to try these purchases on. This will help you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, you can always try on in store and then browse online retailers to find cheaper deals if the store price is out of budget.

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are a great way to keep cool while you’re out. They tend to be floaty and crafted from lightweight fabrics. Whether that’s a mini, a maxi or anything in between, you’ll be able to find what works best for you. Bright prints, more neutral tones, knitted, cotton… the list goes on. Browse unique retailers like Paisley Grace Boutique for something that will stand out from the crowd and that you’re unlikely to see anyone else wearing.

Sandals and Sliders

Of course, you’re going to need some summer footwear. Sandals, sliders… these options will keep your feet out in the open air, allowing breathability and helping you to cool down. Popular brands include Crocs, Birkenstocks and more.

Hopefully, some of the information above will help you to find the right items to fill your summer wardrobe. Shop savvy and you’ll find what you need in next to no time.

Top Style Picks For Summer

With BBQs, sunlight, and sunny days, summer is already here and in full swing. It’s wonderful, and the sun and warmth call for various fashions. In comparison to what we had anticipated the previous two years, our summers have been a little bit more constrained and monotonous. The time has come for a jam-packed summer entertainment schedule that includes a tonne of BBQs and parties. It also means that we can upgrade our wardrobes and have new, wonderful clothes to wear and flaunt or give our own unique tastes a fresh makeover. Here are a few key items to include in your summer wardrobe.

summer dress styles

It’s time to get new swimsuits

It’s quite soothing to know that you may look forward to travelling and discovering the world again. Imagine for a moment that you are sipping a drink while lounging on a beach. Therefore, you may want to purchase new swimwear. You might need to have your size adjusted or desire a new style. There are many possibilities, so it could be difficult to find something that works for you. Choose a one-piece or a bikini with high waisted bottoms if you want to feel comfortable while still being more covered up.

Take a light jacket with you for the evenings

Although you won’t need a coat in the summer, you’ll likely be wearing a lovely dress or a short-sleeved shirt if you walk outside on a sunny day. As night falls, a casual top is required; a dress or T-shirt won’t do, so consider purchasing a summer jacket. Something chic, lean, and airy. Blazers, bomber jackets, or perhaps denim jackets are other potential choices. You can decide which looks the best if you arrange your attire for the day in advance. As an alternative, you may get a jacket in a color that compliments everything.

Add some sparkle to your appearance

You should consider your accessories in addition to your clothing. When it comes to jewelry, quality is more crucial than quantity. Your skin may become damaged by cheap jewelry, which may also break, tarnish, or turn green. It is far preferable to save money and buy a few essential goods that are both high-quality and versatile. You are still free to make a slightly more extravagant and daring decision. All that’s left to do is choose the piece that most accurately reflects your personality and sense of style. It might be a diamond, a crucifix pendant, a pair of tiny gold hoops, or other glitzy jewelry if you choose.

The short suit is back in fashion

You can dress it up and wear it out in the evening with shoes and ruffle sleeve tops, or you can simply style it with a simple Breton top. Although this is a new trend, it’s also a classic, and you’ll get so much wear out of it all summer.

Floral Statement Dress 

If you have a full schedule of classy summer activities, choose a bold flowery dress. A flowery piece is the dress for you if you’re looking for something incredibly spectacular to buy for the spring/summer party season or you have an upcoming wedding.

The Classic Denim Dress 

One of the standout items for this spring/summer is without a doubt the denim dress. You can discover ones with flared skirts and ruffled sleeves, which can make them incredibly simple to wear. It is simple to dress up or down, such as by wearing the dress with a pair of summer-appropriate, softer green knee-high boots. 

Having said that, styling your denim dress for the upcoming season won’t be difficult either. In the winter, this would blend well with black boots and you could layer a roll-neck underneath to get a lot of wear out of it.

The Statement Blouse 

It’s a classic for good reason since a statement blouse is practically foolproof. A new blouse is the quickest way to add some summer flair to your closet. Although it is reasonably priced and available on the high street, it just seems really unique. 

Your old wardrobe will be simply updated by your new top. It’s wonderful when you can buy a gorgeous new statement top, throw it on with your trusty jeans, and give them new life.

The Tailored Wide-leg Pant 

Wide-leg tailored trousers from this season can be a good alternative to your go-to pair of jeans right now because they feel so new and fresh. In terms of your tailoring, this season is all about adopting a longer length. An excellent alternative to all the jeans and cords we always wear is an extra-long, wide-leg trouser, which is a major trend for the current season.

4 Tips to Improve the Style and Comfort of Your Wardrobe

No matter who you are or what your preferred style is, you can always look your best. Improving your wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to follow a whole new fashion trend, or wear something that you don’t feel comfortable in just because it’s considered stylish. 

Maybe it’s for a summer makeover, or maybe it’s just so that you can feel better about your clothes. But in any case, here are some tips that will help you to improve your wardrobe so that you can look and feel like your most stylish self.

white dress and jeans

Wardrobe Essentials

Everything needs a solid foundation, and your wardrobe is no exception. A solid foundation has a twofold meaning. First, your wardrobe should consist of a few pieces that go well with everything. A white t-shirt is a great option. 

These pieces can make up an outfit in their own right, or they can add contrast or a base to your unique style. You can wear them throughout the year with different items of clothing and you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll effortlessly achieve a stylish look. Even better, you don’t have to splash out on loads of different garments, because your foundation wardrobe essentials can be used again and again. 

Flattering Underwear

Another aspect of having a good foundation for your outfit is more literal. Your underwear plays a surprisingly important role in creating your silhouette and helping you to feel more comfortable. 

For example, a pair of cute white panties are a great staple. Unlike darker underwear, they can’t be seen through light-colored skirts or pants. They can also be comfortable and, if you get the right pair, you won’t get much of a panty line. Some types of underwear can even be slimming. 

As well as panties, you should wear a bra that fits properly and comfortably. This both looks and feels far better than an ill-fitting bra. 


Your accessories turn an okay outfit into something truly unique and that stands out. By adding a cardigan, a scarf, some killer shoes, a bag, and a few signature pieces of jewelry, you can completely change your look. 

This is another way to get more out of your favorite clothes. A summer dress that you’d wear during the day can transform into a more glamorous outfit that’s perfect for a date night. All it takes is the right accessories and a little imagination.

Find accessories that speak to your personality and your taste, so that your look is something identifiable. 

Clothes that Fit

While it seems obvious, clothes that fit properly are clothes that look and feel so much better. There’s a difference between deliberately baggy or tight clothes and clothes that are simply too large or too small. 

This is something that many people find when they gain or lose weight. They either continue to wear or even buy clothes that are the wrong size, which is less flattering and more uncomfortable. Wear clothes that suit your current shape.

7 Makeover Tips For This Summer

With summer coming up in a few months, it’s the perfect time to update your look and give yourself a well-deserved makeover. It’s time to switch up your usual routine, especially if you are tired of wearing the same clothes, doing the same hairstyles, and wearing the same makeup. 

Makeovers are still very popular. Research shows that women alone spend over $200,000 on makeovers. So, do you feel like your appearance is lacking some excitement? You are at the right place! There are so many beauty trends to inspire you to try new looks and ideas. Check out these seven beauty-enhancing tips to give yourself a total makeover this summer and make your life more exciting. 


  • Update your wardrobe

Everyone has different and unique tastes and preferences when choosing styles. Despite these differences, almost everyone believes that your clothes should reflect your personality and should also fit you well. Clothes that fit well will instantly upgrade your entire look, even without accessories.

But before you head out to the clothes store, you need to run stock of your current wardrobe to help you understand what you want or need to get rid of. Are your college clothes still taking up a chunk of closet space? Do you keep old clothes for sentimental reasons? Do you have clothes that you bought to keep up with trends but can no longer stand the sight of? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to change your wardrobe.

Once you’ve cleared your closet, ensure that you set a budget for the list of items you would need. Most fashion experts would advise that you steer clear from trends and stick to basics, which you can pair with statement pieces. If you have a more adventurous taste, you can try mixing and matching fun patterns and colors. You’ll turn heads with your bold fashion choices this summer. 

  • Give your hair a new color

If you’ve wanted to give your hair a new color, this is the best time to go for it! Whether it is different shades of brown, pink, blue, or black, you can rock it. Changing your color isn’t difficult, and with proper instructions, you can do it right at home. 

If you feel particularly daring, you can also bleach your hair for the summer. Bleach blonde hair will always remain a classic and chic look even with little to no styling. It’s a very delicate and time-consuming process, especially if you choose to do it yourself. Your hair care routine would have to change also because caring for bleached hair is much different from caring for your normal hair. Therefore, you must research the best products to help you care for bleached hair at home.

Upping your hair game isn’t all about changing its color. You can also go for a shorter hairstyle if you’ve been rocking long hair for a long time. If you’ve had straight hair for a while, you can have it curled and well-layered. There are several styles that you can check out. Sometimes, it can even be as simple as changing your hair parting. A side or center parting can change your look completely. 

  • Show your skin some love

Summer is the best time to show some skin, and you want yours to be flawless and shiny. The secret to perfect skin is to follow a routine. If you’ve not done so, it’s time to pay attention and show your skin some love by treating it better. Your skincare kit should have a cleanser, exfoliating products, and moisturizers that you use regularly. Ensure that you find the best products that best fit your skin type and address your skin issues. If you have any concerns, consider visiting a dermatologist. 

Getting the perfect skin takes a lot of time, so don’t try to rush it. If you are looking for a quick makeover, you can try using face masks to give your skin a fine glow. You can wear those that specifically target different skin conditions for better results. You can also boost your skin by changing your diet and including collagen powder in your smoothies and drinks. Collagen helps strengthen your skin and improves its elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Get in shape

Summer is the perfect time for vacations, barbecues, and hanging out with friends and family. While those months can be fun, it isn’t easy to keep fit. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do without restricting yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve not reached your summer body goals. Instead, ensure that you stay hydrated, as water is a great way to speed up your metabolism and helps you feel full. You must also exercise regularly, at least three times a week, and make time for your body to recover. 

As much as possible, ensure that you eat fresh and wholesome meals. Include healthy foods like nuts, avocado, whole greens, and lean protein. Try to limit how much you consume packaged foods. Most importantly, love your body as it is. You must learn to appreciate and respect your body and recognize what it does for you daily. When you have a positive mindset, you will feel more confident in your body, and it will inspire you to exercise and eat well because you appreciate your body and want to take care of it. 

  • Take care of your eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. So, if they look puffy and have dark circles, it can reflect on your personality and appearance. Dark circles under your eyes can give you a tired look and hide the beauty in your eyes. Fortunately, there are tons of home treatments and remedies to help you get rid of those dark circles. 

You can apply a cold compress or ice melts to reduce puffiness and repeat when your compress becomes warm. It also helps to get extra hours of sleep. Fatigue and sleep deprivation are common causes of dark circles and eye puffiness. Cold tea bags are also great treatment options. Because tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, it stimulates blood circulation and reduces the amount of fluid under your skin. Finally, you can also conceal your dark circles with makeup. Concealers and color correctors can be used to hide any blemishes temporarily. 

Your eyebrow style can also change your look completely. You can book eyebrow grooming sessions with a professional beautician and try your hands at some trendy eyebrow treatments. If you have thin brows, microblading and threading are the best options. If you have bushy and thick brows, you will need to have them tweaked to enhance their appearance, so keep this in mind. 

  • Try some new makeup tricks

A quick way to change your look is to switch up your makeup and experiment with fun ideas and styles. You can experiment with fun eyeshadow colors, try new lash extensions or pick a bold lipstick color. You can also practice your highlighting and contouring skills. There are tons of makeup tips and ideas worth checking out, and you can have a fun time experimenting with fun looks and ideas. 

If you are looking to change your appearance, a summer makeover might be perfect. From your clothes and beauty regimen to your diet and fitness routine, there are many things to change. This summer, these tips should keep you looking healthier, newer, and fresher, so keep this in mind.

Resort Wear for Women: A Guide to Getaway Style

When you hear the phrase ‘resort wear’, what springs to mind? Is it bathers, sunglasses, and a big straw hat? Is it a linen kimono and a hair towel wrap? Whilst neither of these interpretations are wrong per se, ‘resort wear’ does refer to the specific style of clothes you would wear day-to-day around a resort. And, as fun as bikinis can be—and as comfortable as kimonos are—you’re not going to wear these for the entirety of your trip, now, are you?

beach ready

Though there are four tiers of resort wear formality, all garments will circle back to a common theme: a theme of lightness (manifested in their lightweight material—done so for ease of packing) that pairs well with a mellow seaside setting. The getaway style is the best compromise between outdoorsy and aesthetic that you’re gonna get.

So, on which garments should you spend that precious suitcase space? Well, there is a knack to packing, and it involves a little strategy. Plan your outfits in advance and choose clothes fit for multiple dress codes, and you’ll have an economically curated suitcase. This will free you of excess baggage, such as the ‘just in case’ clothes, and arm you with the power of the multi-purpose garment. But, to return to the point at hand, here is a list of suitcase staples you should bring to a resort.


Dresses of any kind would go great at a resort, but we’re giving a special shout-out to dresses of the maxi variety. Maxis are our favorites because they a) form an elongated silhouette that looks flattering on any woman, and b) provide optimal sun coverage. Yep, maxi skirts will keep the legs covered, meaning you could skimp on your usual sunscreen routine. So, not only will their long, flowing aesthetic match the mood of a seaside breeze, but they will double as sunscreen-saving, SunSmart solutions.

white dress

Midi in the middle: whether you choose something sunny-coloured, floral, or neutral, you can’t go wrong with a maxi or a midi dress. Dress them up or down to fit any dress code. Images: Alamour The Label

The other great thing about dresses? They can fit across most (if not all) of the resort dress codes—provided they’re neutral enough. For example, you can’t go wrong with a long, white dress. If you’re headed to the beach, wear it with a straw hat and a pair of thongs. If you have an event in the evening, swap the hat and thongs for a clutch, some simple gold earrings, and some wedges or heels. Just like that, you’ve changed up the look, and it barely cost you any suitcase space!


If you’re headed to a resort, it’s hard to go wrong with open-toed shoes. Ditch the sneakers and embrace summer footwear! There are so many different kinds of sandals you can bring along, from casual styles to sandals more elevated. Whether you want to plateau with a flat pair of slides or bring block heels for evening events—or for any occasion, really—sandals are a resort must. A good compromise between laid-back and formal: wedges, especially ones made from rope or rattan. These play into the beach theme and give a laid-back, boho touch to your outfit.


Beach cover-ups

If you’re needing to cut down on suitcase space, beach cover-ups will cover any ‘clothing gaps’. Not only are cover-ups lightweight and convenient, but they also look great. Think of them as stylish ‘dressing gowns’ for the beach that can cover up a wardrobe malfunction—or a pair of bathers. If you’re wanting to avoid beach change rooms—and, look, we wouldn’t blame you for that—beach cover-ups are a great way to go straight from sand to sea. Simply pull off your cover-up, lather on the sunscreen (if you haven’t already), and hit the waves!

Jumpsuits and/or rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are like closed dresses. They’re yet another space-saving suitcase staple that travels light. For resort wear, we would recommend rompers or jumpsuits in tropical or botanical prints. For 2022 in particular, a wide-legged, billowy-sleeved jumpsuit would win all the style points—or all the Instagram likes, if you’re posing for a #sunsetselfie. Jumpsuits and rompers are ideal for resorts and fit the resort-casual and resort evening wear dress codes.

That’s about it

Of course, there are other articles of clothing you can bring. Accessories, for example, are a must if you’ve been invited to an elegant-casual event, or an event requiring formal resort attire. In cases like these, you may want to bring along some heels. On the other end of the spectrum, you may just want to kick back in shorts and a tee, and that is A-okay by us. From thongs to heels—T-shirts to maxi skirts—wear what makes you comfy. Just remember to choose your garments with care, be mindful of your trip itinerary, and take note of staples to lighten the suitcase load. We hope you’ve found these styling tips and packing hacks to be helpful!

Adorable Holiday Clothing with #CastawayNantucket @CastawayACK

Do you love to wear festive clothing? If you follow me on any social media channel at all, then you know I do. I really, really do. It’s madness, according to my teenagers- but I love it. We recently discovered Castaway Nantucket, which has not only fun holiday items (think Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, etc) but also great year round items. Summer or shore dreaming with lobster prints, margaritas or wine- so many things to choose from. And super cute- tiny little embroidered prints, nothing too big or flashy.

holiday prints

Did you know that more than 52% of Americans put off their holiday shopping to the last minute? With all the delays expected this year, you should consider jumping on it, even if you typically fall into that category. As you start to shop for those on your list, or you are picking out your own holiday ensemble, look no further than Castaway Nantucket.
Castaway Nantucket features hundreds of styles for men and women, and even has matching (and adorable) styles for families. From seersucker to madras, to gingham and plaid, Castaway Nantucket offers beautifully crafted, elevated styles for every member of the family.
holiday clothing
Fashion is a personal choice, but there are some outfit staples that we can all agree look good on everyone- and make great gifts. For a classic, fresh look for men, women and kids, look no further than Castaway Nantucket for you and every fashion lover on your list. (And how cute would a Holiday card be this year in these? Everyone in matching gear that they actually liked!)
cute pants
About Castaway Nantucket 
For four generations, the Bridier family has run the Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket. Brothers Matt and Andrew worked countless summers, vacations, and weekends at Murray’s honing their skills and learning the haberdasher trade, going on to start Castaway Nantucket in 2005. Castaway Nantucket features truly-preserved American style for men and women buoyed by tradition, quality, and the ideals of life by the sea. Castaway Nantucket features hundreds of men’s and ladies fashion staples and accessories to complete a refined look for any style.

Ways To Rock The Two Piece Dresses Trend Your Spring Style

hot dress

We are falling in love with the latest two piece dresses trend. It is one of those favorite trends that never gets boring. Two piece dresses are available in endless options and various combinations. Meaning there’s a great scope of looking stylish and chic all year long. The best part about two piece dresses is that you can either wear them in pairs or mix and match the pieces to have a chic look. We have listed down some amazing ways to slay any two piece look. 

Rely on the prints

Printed two piece dresses are one of the versatile choices to wear this season. You can pull off the spring season in printed sets because they are classy and look like a spring dream. Wear a set together or combine the different pieces to achieve a surprising two piece cocktail dress look. Prints have never disappointed us, and they have been a versatile choice for a long time. If you are looking for a fresh and vibrant look, prints are for you. 

Highlight the curves

When two piece dresses started coming out in the fashion industry, we saw popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing them. The two piece body hugging dress was more of a sexy outfit suitable for clubbing attire. Two piece bandage dresses fit your body the right way and highlight the curves. Wear these dresses with high heels in summer or with thigh high boots in winter. This style is ideal for a two piece party dress. 

The Boho Way

As soon as we got introduced to two piece dresses, the boho look took it all over the marketplace. The boho prints are most commonly floral or ethnic. These prints give an extra trendy look if you pick off the shoulder detail! 

The length of the skirt is additionally an absolute necessity: it must be maxi to finish the entire boho look. Your most prominent partners are level shoes, regardless of whether they’re laced up, gladiators, or with ethnic subtleties, for example, mini pompoms. Or, on the other hand, consider Coachella and throw on some studded lower leg boots and chokers. In case you’re going to take a beachy look, prefer to add colorful sunglasses without much thinking and a cool hat. It will give you the right two piece wedding dress look for one of those extravagant, beachy weddings. 

Be sure of the two piece dresses for whatever occasion you attend. It only depends on the style you pick according to the event. The stores even have two piece prom dresses and two piece gowns suitable for your formal parties. Take out that fashionista inside you and run the world! 


5 Winter Essentials Worth Adding to Your Cart

It is best practice to update your wardrobe before the season actually arrives. You don’t want to be caught out in a snowstorm in a thin summer dress. Summer colours aren’t appropriate for winter either. Autumn clothes might come in the right colours but they lack that added winter warmth. Hush Style has the latest fashions to keep up with the changing seasons. 


The autumn boots are fine for protecting your feet from the rain and falling leaves but they lack the lining of a good pair of winter boots. Numb feet aren’t just uncomfortable. They affect your balance. It is bad enough navigating icy pavements without numb feet. Autumn, winter and spring are different seasons requiring different boots. Let’s hope you don’t need any in summer unless you live in the countryside. Autumn and winter boots may look similar but they’re designed for different seasons. Autumn still experiences some warm days and boots reflect this. Show your feet you love them and buy boots for winter. 

Wool Tights

Skirts aren’t off limits just because it is winter. In late autumn, you noticed your legs were cold in your favourite skirts. Wool tights should be added to every winter shopping basket. They’re thicker and warmer than autumn and spring tights in 100 denier. That means they’re very thick and opaque but your legs will be warm. Save the sheer tights for early autumn and late spring. Black 100 denier tights can be paired with numerous winter appropriate skirts or worn under a pair of ripped jeans


Sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym. If you are prone to being cold, you’ll want layers. A sweatshirt easily fits over your office clothes and under your coat. Perfect for standing at the bus stop on a winter morning or storing in your car. They don’t suffer from loose threads the same way knitwear does, so can easily be taken off and causally thrown into a bag or desk drawer until it is needed again. It is also more comfortable for lounging around the house than a cardigan. 


One scarf is never enough when it comes to winter. They need to be washed or dry cleaned after use, something a lot of people forget. Scarves should be matched to what you’re wearing beneath your coat. Most of us go all winter wearing the same coat. We don’t spend all winter in the same clothes. Our scarves should reflect this. 

Larger Bag

Whether you prefer handbags, shoulder bags or crossbody bags, not only should it be upgraded every season, the size should reflect the season. In winter, you carry gloves, scarves, hats and umbrellas. You need somewhere to put everything. It is tempting to use pockets but gloves fall out of these as well as create an unsightly bulge. Gloves should be stored in a handbag. You don’t carry them around in other seasons. Winter bags need a bit of extra space. 

Be warm and stylish this winter.