Top Style Picks For Summer

With BBQs, sunlight, and sunny days, summer is already here and in full swing. It’s wonderful, and the sun and warmth call for various fashions. In comparison to what we had anticipated the previous two years, our summers have been a little bit more constrained and monotonous. The time has come for a jam-packed summer entertainment schedule that includes a tonne of BBQs and parties. It also means that we can upgrade our wardrobes and have new, wonderful clothes to wear and flaunt or give our own unique tastes a fresh makeover. Here are a few key items to include in your summer wardrobe.

summer dress styles

It’s time to get new swimsuits

It’s quite soothing to know that you may look forward to travelling and discovering the world again. Imagine for a moment that you are sipping a drink while lounging on a beach. Therefore, you may want to purchase new swimwear. You might need to have your size adjusted or desire a new style. There are many possibilities, so it could be difficult to find something that works for you. Choose a one-piece or a bikini with high waisted bottoms if you want to feel comfortable while still being more covered up.

Take a light jacket with you for the evenings

Although you won’t need a coat in the summer, you’ll likely be wearing a lovely dress or a short-sleeved shirt if you walk outside on a sunny day. As night falls, a casual top is required; a dress or T-shirt won’t do, so consider purchasing a summer jacket. Something chic, lean, and airy. Blazers, bomber jackets, or perhaps denim jackets are other potential choices. You can decide which looks the best if you arrange your attire for the day in advance. As an alternative, you may get a jacket in a color that compliments everything.

Add some sparkle to your appearance

You should consider your accessories in addition to your clothing. When it comes to jewelry, quality is more crucial than quantity. Your skin may become damaged by cheap jewelry, which may also break, tarnish, or turn green. It is far preferable to save money and buy a few essential goods that are both high-quality and versatile. You are still free to make a slightly more extravagant and daring decision. All that’s left to do is choose the piece that most accurately reflects your personality and sense of style. It might be a diamond, a crucifix pendant, a pair of tiny gold hoops, or other glitzy jewelry if you choose.

The short suit is back in fashion

You can dress it up and wear it out in the evening with shoes and ruffle sleeve tops, or you can simply style it with a simple Breton top. Although this is a new trend, it’s also a classic, and you’ll get so much wear out of it all summer.

Floral Statement Dress 

If you have a full schedule of classy summer activities, choose a bold flowery dress. A flowery piece is the dress for you if you’re looking for something incredibly spectacular to buy for the spring/summer party season or you have an upcoming wedding.

The Classic Denim Dress 

One of the standout items for this spring/summer is without a doubt the denim dress. You can discover ones with flared skirts and ruffled sleeves, which can make them incredibly simple to wear. It is simple to dress up or down, such as by wearing the dress with a pair of summer-appropriate, softer green knee-high boots. 

Having said that, styling your denim dress for the upcoming season won’t be difficult either. In the winter, this would blend well with black boots and you could layer a roll-neck underneath to get a lot of wear out of it.

The Statement Blouse 

It’s a classic for good reason since a statement blouse is practically foolproof. A new blouse is the quickest way to add some summer flair to your closet. Although it is reasonably priced and available on the high street, it just seems really unique. 

Your old wardrobe will be simply updated by your new top. It’s wonderful when you can buy a gorgeous new statement top, throw it on with your trusty jeans, and give them new life.

The Tailored Wide-leg Pant 

Wide-leg tailored trousers from this season can be a good alternative to your go-to pair of jeans right now because they feel so new and fresh. In terms of your tailoring, this season is all about adopting a longer length. An excellent alternative to all the jeans and cords we always wear is an extra-long, wide-leg trouser, which is a major trend for the current season.

5 Winter Essentials Worth Adding to Your Cart

It is best practice to update your wardrobe before the season actually arrives. You don’t want to be caught out in a snowstorm in a thin summer dress. Summer colours aren’t appropriate for winter either. Autumn clothes might come in the right colours but they lack that added winter warmth. Hush Style has the latest fashions to keep up with the changing seasons. 


The autumn boots are fine for protecting your feet from the rain and falling leaves but they lack the lining of a good pair of winter boots. Numb feet aren’t just uncomfortable. They affect your balance. It is bad enough navigating icy pavements without numb feet. Autumn, winter and spring are different seasons requiring different boots. Let’s hope you don’t need any in summer unless you live in the countryside. Autumn and winter boots may look similar but they’re designed for different seasons. Autumn still experiences some warm days and boots reflect this. Show your feet you love them and buy boots for winter. 

Wool Tights

Skirts aren’t off limits just because it is winter. In late autumn, you noticed your legs were cold in your favourite skirts. Wool tights should be added to every winter shopping basket. They’re thicker and warmer than autumn and spring tights in 100 denier. That means they’re very thick and opaque but your legs will be warm. Save the sheer tights for early autumn and late spring. Black 100 denier tights can be paired with numerous winter appropriate skirts or worn under a pair of ripped jeans


Sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym. If you are prone to being cold, you’ll want layers. A sweatshirt easily fits over your office clothes and under your coat. Perfect for standing at the bus stop on a winter morning or storing in your car. They don’t suffer from loose threads the same way knitwear does, so can easily be taken off and causally thrown into a bag or desk drawer until it is needed again. It is also more comfortable for lounging around the house than a cardigan. 


One scarf is never enough when it comes to winter. They need to be washed or dry cleaned after use, something a lot of people forget. Scarves should be matched to what you’re wearing beneath your coat. Most of us go all winter wearing the same coat. We don’t spend all winter in the same clothes. Our scarves should reflect this. 

Larger Bag

Whether you prefer handbags, shoulder bags or crossbody bags, not only should it be upgraded every season, the size should reflect the season. In winter, you carry gloves, scarves, hats and umbrellas. You need somewhere to put everything. It is tempting to use pockets but gloves fall out of these as well as create an unsightly bulge. Gloves should be stored in a handbag. You don’t carry them around in other seasons. Winter bags need a bit of extra space. 

Be warm and stylish this winter. 

A Guide to Living Like a Celebrity in 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to live like a celebrity? Maybe as your favourite singer or actor? Well look no further, in this guide we’ll look at ideas you could implement to do just that. 

Even if it’s just for a short time, everyone can live like a celebrity by following these helpful hints and tips. 

Book a Luxury Holiday

Why not try a destination you wouldn’t usually go for? You don’t have to spend big to get a luxury holiday. Take a cruise, for example; you can find some fantastic deals on luxury cruises. Holidays with Celebrity Cruises offers exceptional culinary experiences, top destinations and the world at your service. 

If that doesn’t give you the celebrity experience then nothing will. Imagine it; you’re on a lavish ship being ferried to some of the world’s most exclusive destinations while being treated like royalty. That would definitely be classed as living the high life! 

Drive Luxury… on a budget!

You’d be surprised at what luxury car deals are out there. You don’t need to be a millionaire to drive a car that oozes style. After all, new doesn’t always mean better, and this is especially true when it comes to cars.  

You can even get a luxury car on finance, where you pay a set monthly price. You could bring home a BMW or Jaguar that sits on your driveway or curbside! Do the calculations and see if you can stretch your budget, as nothing makes a statement like a swanky car – new or used!

Mix-up your Style

This one is pretty simple. Have a look at your wardrobe and then compare it to some of the clothes your favourite celebrity wears. Can you take any tips off them? 

Go unique. Go outrageous. And you don’t have to blow your budget on designer clothes to do this. Check charity shops or places like TK Maxx. You’ll find a treasure trove of brilliant items on sale that could mix-up your style. Charity shops often offer some great vintage pieces that will make a statement. 

According to Elite Daily, 80 percent of fashion is wearing something outrageous and just saying, “This? Oh, this is fashion.” So why not do just that? All the celebrities are doing it, why can’t you? 

Look Polished for Less

Never be afraid to go high-street to get your clothes and makeup. You can grab some great high-street makeup and beauty products for very reasonable prices these days. And they do just as good of a job as the expensive brands. So, you can always look great for less. 

Appearing clean and polished is an inexpensive way to look classy! Hold your head up high and be proud of the way you look, like your favourite celebrity does. 

And Lastly

Be confident! Dress in your new style, take some selfies of your getaway and post them to social media. If you want that celebrity experience, then go outside your comfort zone. It’s your life, live it. 

Dressing like Meghan Markle

When she was the star of the hit show Suits, Meghan Markle’s beauty and style were often the topics of conversation in many articles. After Markle became the fiancée and then bride of one of royalty’s most eligible bachelors, the public fascination with her evolving style became even more impassioned.


Elegant and put together with a bit more flirty flare than Kate Middleton, Meghan’s style was as approachable as it was enviable. As she transitioned from Hollywood starlet to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s style changed as well. While she was always stylish and beautiful, Meghan’s style became more muted and elegant when she started to be publicly seen with Prince Harry. Her jewelry became more understated and simple (though much more costly), her cleavage-baring dresses were stashed away for good, as were the bodycon dresses she wore to show off her stunning figure.


In their place, Meghan began to wear timeless dresses in solid tones—with navy being a particular favorite for 2018. Knee-length, boat neck, and crew neck dresses are some of Meghan’s favorites, which is why it’s no surprise that she chose an open boat neckline for her first wedding dress.


Described as “timeless, minimal elegance,” Meghan’s debut dress was a silk, quarter-length sleeve, A-line wedding dress without any lace or visible embellishments. This dress launched a thousand copies around the world as brides scrambled to replicate that elegant, simple beauty. Meghan’s dress was all about paying homage to the woman wearing it and not using Meghan as a mannequin for the dress. It elevated her natural beauty instead of distracting from it.


Meghan’s reception dress was more casual but still elegant. This dress was only briefly seen as Harry and Meghan were whisked away in a vintage convertible. The white halter neck gown was another simple, chic number that showed a bit more skin with Meghan’s shoulders and back being bare. This dress was kept more private for their equally private reception.


If you want to channel some of Meghan Markle’s stunning personal style, your first step is to know exactly what your size is and to invest in a tailor. Meghan’s clothing is always perfectly cut to her frame, which suggests to us that the newly minted duchess makes extensive use of a tailor.


Using a tailor doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, but it can take a piece of clothing from passable to perfect. Meghan’s clothing is always slim-fitting, but never tight, since that can look cheap. Buy clothing for the biggest part of your body and then have it tailored down to fit the rest of you. Or you can just shop in an online store, like JJ’s House, which offers customization option for wedding dresses to ensure the fitness.


You’ll also want to invest in clothing with good fabrics. Meghan is never seen in clingy, filmy clothing since it can be less flattering and can be unreliable when being photographed. Cotton, tweeds, wools, and other longer wearing, high-quality material will last longer and lay better. For inspiration, look not only to pictures of Meghan but also to photos of other timeless style icons, like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.

5 Stylish Outfits for a Night out in a New Town

When you plan for a vacation or a city break in a new town, all travel specialists tell you to travel light and pack comfortable clothes, as you will have plenty of sightseeing and walking to do. However, visiting a new town also means checking out the nightlife scene. Whether you want to go out to dinner in an interesting restaurant, attend a show, have some drinks in a funky place with your friends, or go to a high-class event, you should be prepared. Put your sneakers and comfortable T-shirt aside tonight, as we will offer you five stylish outfit ideas you can try for a splendid night out in a new town!

Beautiful fashionable woman standing on the city street. Sepia.

1. The Timeless Black Dress with a Twist

The little black dress goes everywhere and matches any occasion you can think of. You can style it down for a night of bar hopping with friends by wearing a simple denim jacket and some boots. On the contrary, if you want to style it up and give it a fancy, glamorous flair, pair it with a fancy jacket or scarf, a statement pendant necklace and some stylish sunglasses.

For a city-break-style boho, laidback look, throw a wavy soft poncho over it. For a more composed, demure, and killer look, get yourself a fitted jacket in a contrasting color and do not forget your heels or platforms. Some cities are a mix of classic and new, old grace and modern vibrations (like Florence, Budapest or London). For such cities, the little black dress with twists and touch-ups is the perfect outfit that mixes style with comfort.

A black dress in a medium length is your perfect travel companion whether you want to go to a show or spend your evening at an art gallery opening. Keep in mind that accessories are your best allies.

2. The Cute Retro Look with Pearls

Some cities and some occasions almost beg you to go for a retro-chic look with a glamorous flair and funky side to it. We are thinking about Paris, Rome, or Madrid even. You will not look out of place sporting the timeless polka dot dress in a vibrant color combination (red and white, yellow and black, blue and black, and so on). Retro fashion is trendier than ever these days so you can ride that wave by mixing some classics.

When it comes to stylish retro, you can go only one way: the path of pearls. Pearls received a fresh take and some interesting tunings as of late, becoming the go-to gems for all women with a deep sense of style.

You might feel reluctant in taking your precious pearl jewelry on a trip, but keep this in mind: the ideal pearl earrings are button earrings or drop earrings. In other words, they are small, discrete, and glamorous. You can carry them safely with you and wear them with your retro outfit at any party or event.

If you want to sport a full retro attire, you should also bring along your pearl necklace, your tiny fancy gloves, and a hairpin to style up your retro updo.

fashion studio photo of gorgeous young woman with blond curly hair wears elegant blouse and jeans,holding a big bag in hands

3. The Almighty Denim Jeans with Statement Pieces

If you are the practical type of girl who does not want to stuff her luggage with half her wardrobe just in case she needs something interesting to wear, you can always count on your jeans. Bring along your favorite dark blue pair, as they will get you out of any “what to wear” dilemma. You can keep jeans fancy yet casual by pairing them with a monochrome tank top (white works quite well), a pair of fancy oxfords, an oversized tote bag and a statement necklace.

When you wear jeans and statement jewelry, make sure you manage to balance the colors and the proportions. For a casual night out (for cinema, drinks, street food tasting, clubs, and parties), you can rely on your outfit to be comfortable, cute, and glamorous within some limits.

Some occasions, however, require a bit of styling up. You can wear your jeans with heels and look effortlessly stunning. Make sure you pump up the “volume” by adding some stacked bracelets to balance the statement necklace you already packed.

4. The Red-Based Outfit with Summer Written all Over it

Some urban environments have a style and a flair of their own. Summer resorts and beach cities all share a laidback attitude. Nothing speaks about the coolest summer vacation or city break of your life than some red clothes. A red slouchy silky top can take you to a fancy restaurant just as it can take you to a beach party. Your look will depend on what you pair with red.

For a casual look, pick a pair of short jeans, flat sandals, and colored accessories. For a more stylish look, you can go for a pair of white trousers, platform sandals, and an oversized pair of sunglasses, a hat, and stacked bracelets.

Nothing says summer fun better than red clothes and you should bring along some red tops or even a dress in your luggage.

5. The Classic Summer Dress with Denim

No matter where you go on vacation this year, a flowery summer dress is a must-have. You can pick a romantic long, slouchy summer dress for beach resorts or a mini flowery dress for urban environments. What you need to bring along is your denim jacket or vest. The flower-denim combination is a casual one, but it works with all possible occasions.

For a laidback night out, pick up your flowery dress, denim vest, and sneakers and go have fun in the city. If you want to party in a club or attend a show, make sure you have a pair of nude high heels or platforms, a dress, a fitted denim jacket, and some cool bracelets to go.

What are your favorite vacation/city-break outfits when you want to spend a cool night out in a different city? Do you have other suggestions for us?