4 Tips to Improve the Style and Comfort of Your Wardrobe

No matter who you are or what your preferred style is, you can always look your best. Improving your wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to follow a whole new fashion trend, or wear something that you don’t feel comfortable in just because it’s considered stylish. 

Maybe it’s for a summer makeover, or maybe it’s just so that you can feel better about your clothes. But in any case, here are some tips that will help you to improve your wardrobe so that you can look and feel like your most stylish self.

white dress and jeans

Wardrobe Essentials

Everything needs a solid foundation, and your wardrobe is no exception. A solid foundation has a twofold meaning. First, your wardrobe should consist of a few pieces that go well with everything. A white t-shirt is a great option. 

These pieces can make up an outfit in their own right, or they can add contrast or a base to your unique style. You can wear them throughout the year with different items of clothing and you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll effortlessly achieve a stylish look. Even better, you don’t have to splash out on loads of different garments, because your foundation wardrobe essentials can be used again and again. 

Flattering Underwear

Another aspect of having a good foundation for your outfit is more literal. Your underwear plays a surprisingly important role in creating your silhouette and helping you to feel more comfortable. 

For example, a pair of cute white panties are a great staple. Unlike darker underwear, they can’t be seen through light-colored skirts or pants. They can also be comfortable and, if you get the right pair, you won’t get much of a panty line. Some types of underwear can even be slimming. 

As well as panties, you should wear a bra that fits properly and comfortably. This both looks and feels far better than an ill-fitting bra. 


Your accessories turn an okay outfit into something truly unique and that stands out. By adding a cardigan, a scarf, some killer shoes, a bag, and a few signature pieces of jewelry, you can completely change your look. 

This is another way to get more out of your favorite clothes. A summer dress that you’d wear during the day can transform into a more glamorous outfit that’s perfect for a date night. All it takes is the right accessories and a little imagination.

Find accessories that speak to your personality and your taste, so that your look is something identifiable. 

Clothes that Fit

While it seems obvious, clothes that fit properly are clothes that look and feel so much better. There’s a difference between deliberately baggy or tight clothes and clothes that are simply too large or too small. 

This is something that many people find when they gain or lose weight. They either continue to wear or even buy clothes that are the wrong size, which is less flattering and more uncomfortable. Wear clothes that suit your current shape.

Haute Couture Event

Haute Couture is a pretty much misused phrase that actually has very certain rules for qualification. When translated, couture is French word for “sewing” or “dressmaking,” while haute means “high” or “elegant.” These are garments created as one-off pieces for a particular client. To qualify as an official Haute Couture house, members must design made-to-order clothes for special private clients, with more than just one fitting, using a workshop (atelier) that employs at least fifteen full-time staff. They, too, must have twenty full-time technical workers in one of their ateliers. Also, all Haute Couture houses must show a collection of no less than fifty must-be original designs; both day and evening garments — to the public every season, in the months of January and July.

Haute Couture enters a new era, with a governing body: the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) — that’s altered up its style to fill the gap between heritage and contemporary design. You may definitely create your own style with Haute Couture.

What exactly is the purpose of Haute Couture?

Ever since the emergence of ready-to-wear clothes or fashion at the start of the 20th century, Haute Couture’s relevance had been sort of declining. The grueling guidelines and labour-intensive practices (today, one Giambattista Valli couture gown can take about 240 hours and 6,000 metres of fabric to create — which is A LOT) depict it inconveniences to anyone outside of the target audience. Guided by the FHCM, Haute Couture has evolved to be an Instagrammable showcase of artisans and creative grandeur, an ode to what can be achieved by the industry’s premier designers and craftsmen, its creations giving a trickle-down effect of inspiration on ready-to-wear and fast-fashion collections.

“Haute couture is a spearhead in terms of creation, a fantastic laboratory for research, both in terms of craftsmanship and design innovation,” explains Toledano. “Haute couture is a land of free expression for designers, as well as an image builder for brands.”

Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri added: “Creatively, FHCM is an incredible support because it is capable of coordinating a very rich and diversified body without getting involved in the vision of each house. I began working with FHCM while I was creative director at Valentino, although I wasn’t in such close contact as I am now. Since being at Dior, I’m frequently in touch with FHCM and the collaboration has been fundamental in my understanding of how French fashion works and performs, what its cultural and political appeal is and how they are brought forward.”

What are the rules of Couture?

Much word roams around the strict rules and regulations required of Haute Couture houses by the FHCM. Legally protected in 1945, ‘Haute couture’ is also a label that can only be awarded by a commission appointed by the Ministry of Industry. Again, for it to be eligible for Haute Couture status, all participating members must create made-to-order garments in an atelier of at least fifteen full-time staff, as well as twenty full-time technical workers in one of their ateliers. Those are the rules. Guest members are invited each season. Now if a brand wishes to become an eligible member, that brand must be invited four times in a row.

You can assume of couture as the highest of elegant fashion, dawned by internationally renowned brands like Christian Dior and Chanel. In January and July each year, they all present painstakingly elaborate and extremely expensive designs to a handpicked audience of editors, buyers and clients. Surely, there’s no better place in the world to present off these creations than on the red carpet or on major award programs.

5 Winter Essentials Worth Adding to Your Cart

It is best practice to update your wardrobe before the season actually arrives. You don’t want to be caught out in a snowstorm in a thin summer dress. Summer colours aren’t appropriate for winter either. Autumn clothes might come in the right colours but they lack that added winter warmth. Hush Style has the latest fashions to keep up with the changing seasons. 


The autumn boots are fine for protecting your feet from the rain and falling leaves but they lack the lining of a good pair of winter boots. Numb feet aren’t just uncomfortable. They affect your balance. It is bad enough navigating icy pavements without numb feet. Autumn, winter and spring are different seasons requiring different boots. Let’s hope you don’t need any in summer unless you live in the countryside. Autumn and winter boots may look similar but they’re designed for different seasons. Autumn still experiences some warm days and boots reflect this. Show your feet you love them and buy boots for winter. 

Wool Tights

Skirts aren’t off limits just because it is winter. In late autumn, you noticed your legs were cold in your favourite skirts. Wool tights should be added to every winter shopping basket. They’re thicker and warmer than autumn and spring tights in 100 denier. That means they’re very thick and opaque but your legs will be warm. Save the sheer tights for early autumn and late spring. Black 100 denier tights can be paired with numerous winter appropriate skirts or worn under a pair of ripped jeans


Sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym. If you are prone to being cold, you’ll want layers. A sweatshirt easily fits over your office clothes and under your coat. Perfect for standing at the bus stop on a winter morning or storing in your car. They don’t suffer from loose threads the same way knitwear does, so can easily be taken off and causally thrown into a bag or desk drawer until it is needed again. It is also more comfortable for lounging around the house than a cardigan. 


One scarf is never enough when it comes to winter. They need to be washed or dry cleaned after use, something a lot of people forget. Scarves should be matched to what you’re wearing beneath your coat. Most of us go all winter wearing the same coat. We don’t spend all winter in the same clothes. Our scarves should reflect this. 

Larger Bag

Whether you prefer handbags, shoulder bags or crossbody bags, not only should it be upgraded every season, the size should reflect the season. In winter, you carry gloves, scarves, hats and umbrellas. You need somewhere to put everything. It is tempting to use pockets but gloves fall out of these as well as create an unsightly bulge. Gloves should be stored in a handbag. You don’t carry them around in other seasons. Winter bags need a bit of extra space. 

Be warm and stylish this winter. 

How to buy the right school shoes for your child?

One rule that you should always remember, and adhere to, especially when purchasing school shoes for your child, is never to buy shoes online.

This is a bold statement but, once you understand the process of buying shoes for a child you’ll realize why you have to be in a reputable school shoe wholesaler to feel the shoes and try them on. Of course, it’s also important that your child is with you!

Check The Code First

If you’re buying school shoes then it’s important to check the dress code before you do anything else. There’s a big difference between schools regarding what they deem as acceptable school shoes.

Alongside determining the correct color, you may also find that your child needs more than one pair of shoes!


Once you know what the school expects you can look at the various styles that fit into that category. Although a chunky shoe that looks like a school shoe is going to fit the description provided by the school, it’s not going to be the best shoe for your child. Heavy shoes are likely to hinder the normal development of your child’s foot.

In fact, foot development is essential to ensure balance and strength later in life, the best option for a child is actually to go barefoot, but that’s not usually an option. Instead, you should choose a style that’s as light as possible and as flexible as possible. This gives the foot freedom to move and grow naturally. 


The next step is to get the size right. This means measuring your child’s foot which is easy n the store using a foot measurer. Be sure to measure both feet as it is normal for them to be slightly different sizes. Don’t forget that a shoe that is slightly too large gives growing room, but a shoe that is larger than needed will also hamper growth and increase the risk of tripping.

It’s best to have approximately half an inch between the top of the big toe and the inside edge of the shoe. That allows your child to wiggle their toes but not the rest of their foot.

Arch Support

Most children have normal arches and will benefit from arch support in their shoes. This is a slightly raised bit in the shoe that corresponds to the arch on their foot. Support prevents strain on the foot and helps to ensure balance and posture are maintained.


The best shoes are actually stitched together not glued. While glue can create a better feel inside the shoe, stitches will hold for longer, making the shoe more durable.

It’s also important to consider the materials the shoe is made from, natural is best and some breathability is essential if your child has their foot in the shoe all day. 

Buy At The Right Time

You can’t buy shoes in advance as feet grow at different rates. You must wait until your child needs shoes and purchase them then, it’s best done a week or two before the new school term starts, allowing the feet time to wear the shoes in.

6 Major Dress Trends in the Indian Fashion Industry

Nowadays, there are many Indian designers from upcoming ones to the celebrated ones. All of them aim to design new and fresh models of Indian dresses for each season. The style is based on the ethnic pieces that are available that are enhanced in to new styles, patterns and designs to form a new fusion look. Also, embroidery and embellishments are experimented in new ways. That create the most current and beautiful Indian dresses that trend for different seasons. This intricate and exquisite attires are popular not only in India but also around other parts of the world. This trending pieces are not limited to a certain age group but are ideal for the Indian girls and women. Below are some of the major dress trend that you can find in the Indian fashion industry.


Patchwork high-low Anarkali 


This is a designer Anarkali that is fit for the bride and also for a guest at the wedding. It is a stunning piece that has large flowers stitched on the bodice part of the dress. Plus, they can go all the way to the shoulder straps as you prefer them. The patchwork sets it apart and you can go further and wear a high low Anarkali with it. This is an elegant piece but ensure that you do not overdo the flower patches on the dress. To show off both the Anarkali design and the flowers as well for both of them to set the dress apart. Pair with a matching pant style salwar. The right color for this Anarkali piece is a dark shade to showcase the flowers that are in a bright color like beige and off white.


Printed Lehenga style saree 


The ever-changing fashion in the Indian industry has brought about the fusion mix that is evident in the current Indian dresses. For instance, the saree and the Lehenga are converted to be one piece and you can wear it in print, embroidered or other designs and patterns that you love. It is a modern outfit where you get a complete garment of a saree from a Lehenga that is accentuated with the dupatta. Choose a Lehenga choli set in print with a colored dupatta to drape it into a saree. The transformation is a beautiful Lehenga style saree that is trending currently. As for the prints, large bold prints are best either floral or abstract.

The kurta style trend 

The kurta is a versatile piece that is trending among girls and women. For instance, a popular piece is the straight cut kurta that is a simple design among most salwar suits. This kurta look can easily be achieved with any kind of material and is suitable for any event. Either as an office wear Kurtis or even for traditional events. It has some intricate work in most pieces and its style is ever-present whether it is in silk or cotton. Another kurta style trend that is a favorite among the women in the long woven net kurta. The woven net is what adds to its charm and it’s the reason why women love this kurta piece. It is a stunning piece for a night party or evening functions. There are other kurta style pieces and designers are working to get more of them in different designer pieces.

The trendy suits 

There are many types of Indian suits from georgette suits, crepe suits and others that have different types of embellishments. The georgette suits are made of great fabric that is commonly used in a lot of Indian garments. A suit in this material is a long Indian dress that comes out as a dazzling piece. It has embroidery that gives it that stunning finish. It is best adorned for special occasions like festivals and weddings. Another popular suit is the cool crepe designer suit. When worn with a bold contrasting jacket it stands out elegantly among other outfits. Other traditional suits like a long Indian dress accessorized with bells is an interesting look that is catching on. When worn as simple kurta it changes the dress into a beautiful ensemble.

Anarkali with a twist

The traditional Anarkali has not been left out among other major trends. There is the layered Anarkali suit whereby it is an Indian dress but the bottom half is not the same piece. The bottom can be a matching skirt or a three-layered piece with a beautiful border of gold or silver. This layered Anarkali is best for the special occasion due to its rich look. The petal cut Anarkali is a perfect head-turner of the Anarkali with a twist. The petal cuts on the upper part of the suit make the outfit look stylish. Wear this Anarkali piece with no dupatta for it is a style statement the way it is.


The salwar suit

There are many types of salwar suits that are common among Indian women. However, the pant style salwar set and the floor-length salwar suit are always trending. The pant style salwar suit is a favorite piece for the youth since it is a modern design. Choose one in georgette material with delicate embroidery to give it that dazzling finish. Another one with great options is the floor-length salwar suit. This fashionable piece has the length of the kameez at floor-length as the lehengas. Hence you can style with many options for the salwar to wear to your latest occasion.

To sum up, there are many dress trends in the Indian fashion industry. Plus, more are being created by designers. These outfits are the best for girls and women as well for they are the most current models. The varieties are from all the different attires of Indian outfits and a mix of some contemporary pieces. Try some of them in different colors and designs to see the ones that suit you best to attend different ceremonies and festivals. As the Indian dresses are taking a more modern trend it is vital to have one or two of these pieces in your trending collection.

Fall-Winter Style Guide: Pants Every Woman Must Own

Have you recently been crushing over those trending black leather pants and want to include it in your wardrobe? But then, you’re even eyeing on the checked straight trousers that you saw online the other day.

It’s okay, don’t feel guilty because you can never have too many pants and to be honest, there is no such thing as that.

Now that you’re obsessing over upgrading your wardrobe with smarter pieces, we suggest that you include all or at least a few of these pant styles. You can trust them for a great look anytime and they will definitely help you rock the day. So, stop by, have a look, and shop these cozy yet amazing styles.

Get work-ready with your warm wool trousers 

So, it’s that time of the season again. Trade your chinos, coloured cotton trousers, and flared pants for warm wool trousers. Wide-leg or loose-fit, checkered or striped, choose any of these for your work and pair them with your regular blazers, blouses, and work boots/shoes. Not only can you pull off this look while at work, but it works amazingly well when the weekend hits. Slip into them and you are ready for an essential meetup. 

Leather pants, perfect for your date night

Well, holiday dressing was never this easy.

Skip that repeated dress blunder and instead invest in good quality leather pants which you can team up different blouses on different occasions. They are just perfect as they add a lot of glam and fab to any simple outfit. Besides, add ankle-length boots to your look and you are ready to rock any day or party. Besides, you surely will make a lot of heads turn on your date night.

Velvet trousers to slay at night

Why not put your chic face on with velvet trousers this winter? These are perfect for the night owls who love to party and can’t get enough of the fabric. Make sure you choose a bit relaxed fit and avoid skinny styles as it is more about embracing the laid back ensemble. Pair it with a chic sweater or blouse and you are all set to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. You can add an additional layer of a statement coat or jacket to keep yourself warm. 

Track pants for a ‘not-so-sporty’ vibe

Do you ever wonder how you can flaunt your style with a pair of athleisure posh trackies? 

Choose your navy or black track pants and club them with a shirt, chic sweater and heels. And, you are already smartened up for your office. However, for other informal engagements, simply add trainers and you’re done.

A pair of jeggings to the rescue

Ditch your skinny denim for the comfy jeggings when you want to just chill or are on the move. Bank upon them anytime and you will never be dissatisfied. They look a lot more attractive than those baggy sweatpants and are extremely comfortable. So, make your errands effortlessly chic with a pair of trendy jeggings. Pair them with your best sneakers and add an additional layer which can be a suitable option for your holiday mornings. 

Final Word

Now that you’re aware of the winter pants which are doing the rounds this season, make sure to add these to your wardrobe. These will not only keep you warm and cozy throughout but also are the perfect way to slay any outfit. 

Meanwhile, all security providers and law enforcement professionals can be rest assured as you can easily carry or conceal (if you wish to) your Safariland holsters on all of the aforementioned styles. After all, what’s better than ‘work and slay’. Happy shopping! 

7 Tips For Fashionistas Who Want To Wear Shorts This Winter

When you think summer fashion, you probably have shorts on top of your wish list. These garments have a cool and comfortable vibe that makes them just apt for the sweltering months of the year. Obviously, most of the fashionistas end up packing away their shorts when the winter sets in. But is there a way you can wear your favorite garment even when it is freezing cold? Yes, there is! This is a great thing is for women who want to flaunt their shorts during winter as well. Here are some style tips to help.

Wear a pair of tights underneath

The biggest problem with wearing shorts in winter is that your legs are uncovered and you may feel very cold. But this should not stop you from making a style statement with the garment that you love the most. Just wear a pair of warm tights underneath and rock the winter look like a style diva. In fact, a pair of leather shorts worn with black tights beneath makes a great outfit for a night out in the winter season.

Step up your style with boots

Another way to accessorize your shorts and make them winter-ready is by teaming them up with a pair of high boots. Try knee-length boots made in leather or suede if you want to feel warm and look stylish. What’s more, you can wear warm woolen socks inside and beat the chill in the air. The best part is that your socks will not be visible at all and neither will interfere with your fashionable and chic look.

Pair with a long coat

Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to pair your shorts with a stylish long coat? You can pick one in tweed or wool and slip it over a tee and your favorite pair of shorts. The ensemble can be worn day and night to give you all the comfort you need and add to your style quotient as well. Besides a classic long black coat, you can also try playing with colors such as red, pink and green with the piece you choose for layering.

Flaunt the denim look

If you are a true denim lover, you need not pack away your denim shorts for the season. In fact, this often happens with women who want to wear denim all year round. They get confined just to jeans during the colder months. You can still step out in stylish denim short shorts that you love so much. Wear it over black stockings and team with a simple pullover in a vibrant color that adds an element to your winter look. If you love the denim-on-denim trend, add your favorite denim jacket to create an ensemble to die for!

Opt for the right fabric

While it is a good idea to repurpose your summer shorts for the fashionable winter look, you can opt for ones made in warm fabric. There are plenty of styles in tweed and wool shorts that are specifically crafted for the winter months. You can look around online or in stores and probably find some great stuff. Layer the warm shorts with leggings to keep yourself extra warm, particularly during the chilly evenings.

Go with long length

Another good idea for wearing shorts in winter is by picking long length pieces instead of just sticking to the short shorts in your summer wardrobe. Like the ones made in warm fabric specifically for winters, you may also find long shorts for the season. Opt for the longer style that you can carry even without additional warm layers underneath. Long length shorts make a great option for winter day wear as you can easily bear the winds but you will surely have to layer them in the evening.

Don’t just overdo the layering

When it comes to wearing shorts during winter, the best advice is not to overdo. If you are willing to experiment with the winter look, be ready to test your endurance. You may be able to bear the cold weather more easily than you think. Wearing too many pieces of thermals beneath the shorts may actually defeat the very purpose of wearing them in winter. Rather, just try to start with minimal layering and see how it works for you.

Wearing shorts in winter is easier than you think, provided that you are willing to experiment with your look. So just don’t pack away your summer favorites this season as you can still rock the winter look with them!

Fun Summer Finds for Active Women

As active parents, we are excited that warm weather has finally decided to visit us (and here’s hoping it stops raining for a few minutes so we can stay outdoors to enjoy it!)

Now that Spring has spring and Summer is on the way, here are a few of our favorites for moms on the go.

Sand Cloud, an environmentally aware company that donates %10 of it’s profits to #SaveTheFishes (help protect and preserve marine life) offers a wide array of items that are sustainable, adorable, and environmentally friendly. From super useful items mom will love like reusable glass bottles with beautiful and fun designs on them to metal straws that you can take anywhere (avoid those unnecessary plastic ones), soft towels with lovely artwork, to organic tees and tanks and more. Visit https://www.sandcloud.com to see what strikes your fancy.

yoga gear

Yoga lover? Me too, we hit the mat almost daily, it is one of the best ways to center yourself and have a few minutes of peace. Slightly Buddha is a yoga company for yoga lovers, by yoga lovers. The items on the site are simple, pretty, and express the ideas of living a zen lifestyle. They make, as they describe them, “well made, cute clothes” that offer value to the customer. As the owner describes the collection, “Slightly Buddha is a manifestation of my love for yoga, art and clothes.”  The clothing is soft and comfortable, and perfect for hitting a class or running errands. Pay attention to the photos and the reviews, they are honest and helpful when choosing a size.  Visit https://www.slightlybuddha.com and check out the graceful designs that are easy to mix and match.

Title Nine has everything the active woman needs, from running gear to swimwear to undergarments and more. Dresses that move with you, skirts that shake the rain off, leggings that actually stay in place. I can’t say enough good things about the company, which is run by amazing women for women, so they know what women want and need. I recently tried out the Roadster Convertible Underwire Bra and the Cuz She Say’s So Underwire Bra and I have to say, I’m in love. The “Roadster” in particular has become my “go to”- if it’s clean, I’m wearing it. Comfortable and keeping everything where it needs to be, even during vigorous workouts, this is the one to beat in my opinion. The “Cuz She Said So” was also comfortable and preformed well, and kept it all together.  The company is so passionate about their bras, they even have a program to help get them to girls in underprivileged communities. They know it’s hard to preform your best when you are being hindered- and that’s pretty cool. Visit https://www.titlenine.com to find your perfect match.

Looking for something pretty? Mountain Khakis puts a modern spin on classics, and the clothing is built to last. This company builds tough clothing that’s still pretty and soft to wear. You can find classic styles mom loves, which are durable and have the highest quality craftsmanship. A brand you can rely on not to fall apart on you. Not only that, but they are a company that cares, being Fair Trade Certified, members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and are organic and biodegradable, using only products and production methods that are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. You can be tough and rugged and still look beautiful at the same time- all this while being environmentally responsible. Great gift options, take a look at https://www.mountainkhakis.com to see what strikes your fancy.