How to buy the right school shoes for your child?

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One rule that you should always remember, and adhere to, especially when purchasing school shoes for your child, is never to buy shoes online.

This is a bold statement but, once you understand the process of buying shoes for a child you’ll realize why you have to be in a reputable school shoe wholesaler to feel the shoes and try them on. Of course, it’s also important that your child is with you!

Check The Code First

If you’re buying school shoes then it’s important to check the dress code before you do anything else. There’s a big difference between schools regarding what they deem as acceptable school shoes.

Alongside determining the correct color, you may also find that your child needs more than one pair of shoes!


Once you know what the school expects you can look at the various styles that fit into that category. Although a chunky shoe that looks like a school shoe is going to fit the description provided by the school, it’s not going to be the best shoe for your child. Heavy shoes are likely to hinder the normal development of your child’s foot.

In fact, foot development is essential to ensure balance and strength later in life, the best option for a child is actually to go barefoot, but that’s not usually an option. Instead, you should choose a style that’s as light as possible and as flexible as possible. This gives the foot freedom to move and grow naturally. 


The next step is to get the size right. This means measuring your child’s foot which is easy n the store using a foot measurer. Be sure to measure both feet as it is normal for them to be slightly different sizes. Don’t forget that a shoe that is slightly too large gives growing room, but a shoe that is larger than needed will also hamper growth and increase the risk of tripping.

It’s best to have approximately half an inch between the top of the big toe and the inside edge of the shoe. That allows your child to wiggle their toes but not the rest of their foot.

Arch Support

Most children have normal arches and will benefit from arch support in their shoes. This is a slightly raised bit in the shoe that corresponds to the arch on their foot. Support prevents strain on the foot and helps to ensure balance and posture are maintained.


The best shoes are actually stitched together not glued. While glue can create a better feel inside the shoe, stitches will hold for longer, making the shoe more durable.

It’s also important to consider the materials the shoe is made from, natural is best and some breathability is essential if your child has their foot in the shoe all day. 

Buy At The Right Time

You can’t buy shoes in advance as feet grow at different rates. You must wait until your child needs shoes and purchase them then, it’s best done a week or two before the new school term starts, allowing the feet time to wear the shoes in.

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