6 Major Dress Trends in the Indian Fashion Industry

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Nowadays, there are many Indian designers from upcoming ones to the celebrated ones. All of them aim to design new and fresh models of Indian dresses for each season. The style is based on the ethnic pieces that are available that are enhanced in to new styles, patterns and designs to form a new fusion look. Also, embroidery and embellishments are experimented in new ways. That create the most current and beautiful Indian dresses that trend for different seasons. This intricate and exquisite attires are popular not only in India but also around other parts of the world. This trending pieces are not limited to a certain age group but are ideal for the Indian girls and women. Below are some of the major dress trend that you can find in the Indian fashion industry.


Patchwork high-low Anarkali 


This is a designer Anarkali that is fit for the bride and also for a guest at the wedding. It is a stunning piece that has large flowers stitched on the bodice part of the dress. Plus, they can go all the way to the shoulder straps as you prefer them. The patchwork sets it apart and you can go further and wear a high low Anarkali with it. This is an elegant piece but ensure that you do not overdo the flower patches on the dress. To show off both the Anarkali design and the flowers as well for both of them to set the dress apart. Pair with a matching pant style salwar. The right color for this Anarkali piece is a dark shade to showcase the flowers that are in a bright color like beige and off white.


Printed Lehenga style saree 


The ever-changing fashion in the Indian industry has brought about the fusion mix that is evident in the current Indian dresses. For instance, the saree and the Lehenga are converted to be one piece and you can wear it in print, embroidered or other designs and patterns that you love. It is a modern outfit where you get a complete garment of a saree from a Lehenga that is accentuated with the dupatta. Choose a Lehenga choli set in print with a colored dupatta to drape it into a saree. The transformation is a beautiful Lehenga style saree that is trending currently. As for the prints, large bold prints are best either floral or abstract.

The kurta style trend 

The kurta is a versatile piece that is trending among girls and women. For instance, a popular piece is the straight cut kurta that is a simple design among most salwar suits. This kurta look can easily be achieved with any kind of material and is suitable for any event. Either as an office wear Kurtis or even for traditional events. It has some intricate work in most pieces and its style is ever-present whether it is in silk or cotton. Another kurta style trend that is a favorite among the women in the long woven net kurta. The woven net is what adds to its charm and it’s the reason why women love this kurta piece. It is a stunning piece for a night party or evening functions. There are other kurta style pieces and designers are working to get more of them in different designer pieces.

The trendy suits 

There are many types of Indian suits from georgette suits, crepe suits and others that have different types of embellishments. The georgette suits are made of great fabric that is commonly used in a lot of Indian garments. A suit in this material is a long Indian dress that comes out as a dazzling piece. It has embroidery that gives it that stunning finish. It is best adorned for special occasions like festivals and weddings. Another popular suit is the cool crepe designer suit. When worn with a bold contrasting jacket it stands out elegantly among other outfits. Other traditional suits like a long Indian dress accessorized with bells is an interesting look that is catching on. When worn as simple kurta it changes the dress into a beautiful ensemble.

Anarkali with a twist

The traditional Anarkali has not been left out among other major trends. There is the layered Anarkali suit whereby it is an Indian dress but the bottom half is not the same piece. The bottom can be a matching skirt or a three-layered piece with a beautiful border of gold or silver. This layered Anarkali is best for the special occasion due to its rich look. The petal cut Anarkali is a perfect head-turner of the Anarkali with a twist. The petal cuts on the upper part of the suit make the outfit look stylish. Wear this Anarkali piece with no dupatta for it is a style statement the way it is.


The salwar suit

There are many types of salwar suits that are common among Indian women. However, the pant style salwar set and the floor-length salwar suit are always trending. The pant style salwar suit is a favorite piece for the youth since it is a modern design. Choose one in georgette material with delicate embroidery to give it that dazzling finish. Another one with great options is the floor-length salwar suit. This fashionable piece has the length of the kameez at floor-length as the lehengas. Hence you can style with many options for the salwar to wear to your latest occasion.

To sum up, there are many dress trends in the Indian fashion industry. Plus, more are being created by designers. These outfits are the best for girls and women as well for they are the most current models. The varieties are from all the different attires of Indian outfits and a mix of some contemporary pieces. Try some of them in different colors and designs to see the ones that suit you best to attend different ceremonies and festivals. As the Indian dresses are taking a more modern trend it is vital to have one or two of these pieces in your trending collection.

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