7 Tips For Fashionistas Who Want To Wear Shorts This Winter

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When you think summer fashion, you probably have shorts on top of your wish list. These garments have a cool and comfortable vibe that makes them just apt for the sweltering months of the year. Obviously, most of the fashionistas end up packing away their shorts when the winter sets in. But is there a way you can wear your favorite garment even when it is freezing cold? Yes, there is! This is a great thing is for women who want to flaunt their shorts during winter as well. Here are some style tips to help.

Wear a pair of tights underneath

The biggest problem with wearing shorts in winter is that your legs are uncovered and you may feel very cold. But this should not stop you from making a style statement with the garment that you love the most. Just wear a pair of warm tights underneath and rock the winter look like a style diva. In fact, a pair of leather shorts worn with black tights beneath makes a great outfit for a night out in the winter season.

Step up your style with boots

Another way to accessorize your shorts and make them winter-ready is by teaming them up with a pair of high boots. Try knee-length boots made in leather or suede if you want to feel warm and look stylish. What’s more, you can wear warm woolen socks inside and beat the chill in the air. The best part is that your socks will not be visible at all and neither will interfere with your fashionable and chic look.

Pair with a long coat

Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to pair your shorts with a stylish long coat? You can pick one in tweed or wool and slip it over a tee and your favorite pair of shorts. The ensemble can be worn day and night to give you all the comfort you need and add to your style quotient as well. Besides a classic long black coat, you can also try playing with colors such as red, pink and green with the piece you choose for layering.

Flaunt the denim look

If you are a true denim lover, you need not pack away your denim shorts for the season. In fact, this often happens with women who want to wear denim all year round. They get confined just to jeans during the colder months. You can still step out in stylish denim short shorts that you love so much. Wear it over black stockings and team with a simple pullover in a vibrant color that adds an element to your winter look. If you love the denim-on-denim trend, add your favorite denim jacket to create an ensemble to die for!

Opt for the right fabric

While it is a good idea to repurpose your summer shorts for the fashionable winter look, you can opt for ones made in warm fabric. There are plenty of styles in tweed and wool shorts that are specifically crafted for the winter months. You can look around online or in stores and probably find some great stuff. Layer the warm shorts with leggings to keep yourself extra warm, particularly during the chilly evenings.

Go with long length

Another good idea for wearing shorts in winter is by picking long length pieces instead of just sticking to the short shorts in your summer wardrobe. Like the ones made in warm fabric specifically for winters, you may also find long shorts for the season. Opt for the longer style that you can carry even without additional warm layers underneath. Long length shorts make a great option for winter day wear as you can easily bear the winds but you will surely have to layer them in the evening.

Don’t just overdo the layering

When it comes to wearing shorts during winter, the best advice is not to overdo. If you are willing to experiment with the winter look, be ready to test your endurance. You may be able to bear the cold weather more easily than you think. Wearing too many pieces of thermals beneath the shorts may actually defeat the very purpose of wearing them in winter. Rather, just try to start with minimal layering and see how it works for you.

Wearing shorts in winter is easier than you think, provided that you are willing to experiment with your look. So just don’t pack away your summer favorites this season as you can still rock the winter look with them!

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