Resort Wear for Women: A Guide to Getaway Style

When you hear the phrase ‘resort wear’, what springs to mind? Is it bathers, sunglasses, and a big straw hat? Is it a linen kimono and a hair towel wrap? Whilst neither of these interpretations are wrong per se, ‘resort wear’ does refer to the specific style of clothes you would wear day-to-day around a resort. And, as fun as bikinis can be—and as comfortable as kimonos are—you’re not going to wear these for the entirety of your trip, now, are you?

beach ready

Though there are four tiers of resort wear formality, all garments will circle back to a common theme: a theme of lightness (manifested in their lightweight material—done so for ease of packing) that pairs well with a mellow seaside setting. The getaway style is the best compromise between outdoorsy and aesthetic that you’re gonna get.

So, on which garments should you spend that precious suitcase space? Well, there is a knack to packing, and it involves a little strategy. Plan your outfits in advance and choose clothes fit for multiple dress codes, and you’ll have an economically curated suitcase. This will free you of excess baggage, such as the ‘just in case’ clothes, and arm you with the power of the multi-purpose garment. But, to return to the point at hand, here is a list of suitcase staples you should bring to a resort.


Dresses of any kind would go great at a resort, but we’re giving a special shout-out to dresses of the maxi variety. Maxis are our favorites because they a) form an elongated silhouette that looks flattering on any woman, and b) provide optimal sun coverage. Yep, maxi skirts will keep the legs covered, meaning you could skimp on your usual sunscreen routine. So, not only will their long, flowing aesthetic match the mood of a seaside breeze, but they will double as sunscreen-saving, SunSmart solutions.

white dress

Midi in the middle: whether you choose something sunny-coloured, floral, or neutral, you can’t go wrong with a maxi or a midi dress. Dress them up or down to fit any dress code. Images: Alamour The Label

The other great thing about dresses? They can fit across most (if not all) of the resort dress codes—provided they’re neutral enough. For example, you can’t go wrong with a long, white dress. If you’re headed to the beach, wear it with a straw hat and a pair of thongs. If you have an event in the evening, swap the hat and thongs for a clutch, some simple gold earrings, and some wedges or heels. Just like that, you’ve changed up the look, and it barely cost you any suitcase space!


If you’re headed to a resort, it’s hard to go wrong with open-toed shoes. Ditch the sneakers and embrace summer footwear! There are so many different kinds of sandals you can bring along, from casual styles to sandals more elevated. Whether you want to plateau with a flat pair of slides or bring block heels for evening events—or for any occasion, really—sandals are a resort must. A good compromise between laid-back and formal: wedges, especially ones made from rope or rattan. These play into the beach theme and give a laid-back, boho touch to your outfit.


Beach cover-ups

If you’re needing to cut down on suitcase space, beach cover-ups will cover any ‘clothing gaps’. Not only are cover-ups lightweight and convenient, but they also look great. Think of them as stylish ‘dressing gowns’ for the beach that can cover up a wardrobe malfunction—or a pair of bathers. If you’re wanting to avoid beach change rooms—and, look, we wouldn’t blame you for that—beach cover-ups are a great way to go straight from sand to sea. Simply pull off your cover-up, lather on the sunscreen (if you haven’t already), and hit the waves!

Jumpsuits and/or rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers are like closed dresses. They’re yet another space-saving suitcase staple that travels light. For resort wear, we would recommend rompers or jumpsuits in tropical or botanical prints. For 2022 in particular, a wide-legged, billowy-sleeved jumpsuit would win all the style points—or all the Instagram likes, if you’re posing for a #sunsetselfie. Jumpsuits and rompers are ideal for resorts and fit the resort-casual and resort evening wear dress codes.

That’s about it

Of course, there are other articles of clothing you can bring. Accessories, for example, are a must if you’ve been invited to an elegant-casual event, or an event requiring formal resort attire. In cases like these, you may want to bring along some heels. On the other end of the spectrum, you may just want to kick back in shorts and a tee, and that is A-okay by us. From thongs to heels—T-shirts to maxi skirts—wear what makes you comfy. Just remember to choose your garments with care, be mindful of your trip itinerary, and take note of staples to lighten the suitcase load. We hope you’ve found these styling tips and packing hacks to be helpful!