Hottest Hair Accessories and Styles That Dominate the Summer

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Each change of season means a transformation in beauty routines and, for the most daring, On the look of hair! If you are willing to bet on a new style, we recommend that you take a look at our pick for the hottest hair accessories and styles for the summer of 2019 and try your favorite.

Let’s start with the choice of trendiest accessories that will rock so many hairstyles in these warm days.

The Hairpins Dominate

According to Scunci the prominent online hair accessory retailer the newly transformed look of trendy hairpins dominate today’s market. The hairpins, those pieces that are normally used to hold hairstyles while going unnoticed, take center stage and are fully visible on one or both sides of the face, and the clearer it looks the better.

Metallic, with bright finishes, printed textures, in golden color and even in the form of a clip are some of the options that complement the trends of 2019.

The Headbands Resurface

The headbands were buried many years ago, but today they become essential and come in different textures and colors, knotted or braided. It is so easy to find a perfect headband and that will be ideally suitable for any occasion and all you have to do is choose the right color and point out that beautiful face that you have.

The Ties Are the ‘Must’

The ties are the favorite of all that bring the accessories for the hair in 2019. Ribbons are the perfect reason to accompany the loose hair by knotting them on the head as a finishing braid or decorating a half pigtail in its maxed out version are just some of the options that this accessory brings.

‘Scrunchies’ Are Back

The hair bands are displaced by the ones used in the late ’80s as ‘scrunchies’. That rubber band of hair surrounded by cloth to give volume and decorate pigtails returns with great force, especially to accompany the super high pigtails that also arrived with a lot of noise.

The Surprise: Scarves

Another trend that comes from the time of Brigitte Bardot is that of wearing a silk scarf on the head knotted at the neck. Although it is predicted for the spring, international influencers have already been seen wearing their handkerchiefs on Instagram and becoming viral.

The Trendiest Hairstyles for the Summer of 2019:

1. Long and Wavy

This is how it needs to be for this summer, from the middle of the back all the way down. The preferred style is the waves in all its versions, whether classic, curly, effortless, in a loop, soft or grunge.

2. Apple Cider & Peanut Butter Shades

The trends indicate that blonde and copper shades, as a balayage, are the hottest thing of the moment! Most dyes are inspired by shades that, through lights and shadows, represent the yellowish colors.

3. Midi with Bangs

Since the beginning of 2019, we already knew that the fringe would triumph over the next few months, right? However, the pictures of celebrities seem to indicate that this summer we will see more than ever. The fringes of the curtain accompanied by a midi cut, are on fire!

4. French Bob in Chestnut

Another trend that has taken over the spring-summer season of 2019 is the effortless look of the French girls, especially in the hair. The result is a short bob, disheveled, with marred tips and chestnut tones, to prevent the hair from being mistreated by the heat of the season.

5. Straight and Point

It is one of the top alternatives for summer because the hair looks healthy, heavy and abundant. Being a simple cut, it is also possible to combine it with two other trends: the fantasy dyes and bangs.


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