Healthy Hair Habits You Need to Know

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Nobody wants to have a bad hair day, ut we’ve all been there, more often than we would like to admit. From thin hair to frizzy hair, there is so much that can go wrong, but you can avoid the worst of it if you focus on making your hair as healthy as possible.

With that in mind, here are some healthy hair habits that you pretty much need to know:

Eat a healthy diet

A big part of what makes your hair, and your beard if you have one, healthy is what you choose to eat. Foods that contain a lot of protein, like fish, eggs, and tofu, are particularly good because protein is the main component of hair, but eating lots of avocados and berries that have tons of vitamins C and E in them will really help to strengthen your hair too.

Brush your hair before washing

If you take the time to detangle your hair before you wash it, it is less likely to break. Water makes hair weaker, so if you brush after washing, you are more likely to see it snap, which is exactly what you do not want to happen.

Add oil

Hair oils and serums that have been fortified with vitamins can help to nourish your hair from the outside and make it shiny and strong, as can oil-based beard products if you know a guy who might be interested. By applying an oil treatment at least once a week – argan and coconut are particularly good – you can expect to see sleeker hair in your immediate future.

Condition correctly

Conditioner can add moisture to your hair and improve its natural sleekness and shininess, but only if you do it right. Use an amount of conditioner no larger than nickel, apply it evenly throughout the length of your hair, leave for 90 seconds and rinse thoroughly for best results. If your hair is very dry, a leave-in conditioner might be more appropriate.

Cut down on heat styling 

You might love the sleekness that comes with straightening your hair or the bounce of heat-styled curls, but high temperatures can damage your hair, causing it to become dry, spilt, and occasionally even break off. Using her as little as possible is, therefore, a really good idea, but if you must, at least use a good heat protectant spray before you do so, oh and maybe wear a hat when you’re out in the hot sun too because that can have a similar effect.

Banish stress

Many people do not realize that your stress levels can affect how much your hair grows, but it can often cause your body to be stressed, which can make your scalp dry, which not only inhibits growth but can also lead to dandruff too, So do some yoga, meditate or find other ways of de-stressing regularly if you want your hair to be healthy.

Putting these healthy hair habits into action, will give you the beautiful, healthy mane you’ve always dreamed of, so what are you waiting for?

Laser Hair Removal: Hair Goes, Everything Else Stays


The following is a guest post. It reflects the author’s thoughts and experiences.


I’m not too proud to admit that I was a bit nervous about getting laser hair removal. I mean, even the title is a bit intimidating: hair, removed by a laser. I don’t know a whole lot about lasers, but I know they’re powerful. I know they’ve been used as weapons in a million movies and TV shows, so I feel like it’s OK to be nervous about using a laser to remove hair. I searched around southern California, looking for somewhere that had this service and made me feel right. That’s what brought me to Divante.

Why I Needed Laser Hair Removal

I think people, no matter what gender they are, know what it’s like to struggle to get rid of a hair they’re shaving. Whether it’s on your chin, legs or anywhere else, there are certain hairs that, for whatever reason, require tweezers, undivided concentration, and more. The problem becomes when you have hairs that there’s literally no way to get rid of. I’ve had plenty of those. These seemingly “invincible” hairs have been a pain for as long as I can remember having hairs. Trimming them, when it’s done, seems to make them only more resolute about growing in the same place. Divante, when I looked at them had, had a permanent hair removal solution that sounded fantastic to me.

Hair Anywhere

I have a certain part of my body that I don’t want hair in, and no matter what I do, it keeps coming back. What I loved about Divante (well, one of the things I loved about Divante) was the sheer number of options for hair removal. You can get them to remove hair in so many different parts of your body, some of which I legit didn’t know were capable of growing excess hair. What I really liked, on top of that, were the packages. If you only have problem hairs in a few areas, they can focus on those areas, so that you can make them look how you want.

Laser Precision

Lasers, whatever else you might think about them, are so precise. That was one of my initial fears of this hair removal: that the lasers were going to maybe eliminate the hair, but also take a bunch of skin and hair with them. What makes the lasers at Divante so great is that they focus just on one area. There’s no “mission creep,” they don’t suddenly start eliminating more hair than they should. That means you can pick exactly where you want hair to be removed.

Specificity and More

It was so cool how they got rid of only the hair I wanted to get rid of. I’d been picking at that, going in with tweezers, but really cutting nothing short except my patience. The people who operate these lasers for Divante must be real wizards because they did an out and out magical job. To see what they can do for you, call (818) 334-4737.

Hottest Hair Accessories and Styles That Dominate the Summer

Each change of season means a transformation in beauty routines and, for the most daring, On the look of hair! If you are willing to bet on a new style, we recommend that you take a look at our pick for the hottest hair accessories and styles for the summer of 2019 and try your favorite.

Let’s start with the choice of trendiest accessories that will rock so many hairstyles in these warm days.

The Hairpins Dominate

According to Scunci the prominent online hair accessory retailer the newly transformed look of trendy hairpins dominate today’s market. The hairpins, those pieces that are normally used to hold hairstyles while going unnoticed, take center stage and are fully visible on one or both sides of the face, and the clearer it looks the better.

Metallic, with bright finishes, printed textures, in golden color and even in the form of a clip are some of the options that complement the trends of 2019.

The Headbands Resurface

The headbands were buried many years ago, but today they become essential and come in different textures and colors, knotted or braided. It is so easy to find a perfect headband and that will be ideally suitable for any occasion and all you have to do is choose the right color and point out that beautiful face that you have.

The Ties Are the ‘Must’

The ties are the favorite of all that bring the accessories for the hair in 2019. Ribbons are the perfect reason to accompany the loose hair by knotting them on the head as a finishing braid or decorating a half pigtail in its maxed out version are just some of the options that this accessory brings.

‘Scrunchies’ Are Back

The hair bands are displaced by the ones used in the late ’80s as ‘scrunchies’. That rubber band of hair surrounded by cloth to give volume and decorate pigtails returns with great force, especially to accompany the super high pigtails that also arrived with a lot of noise.

The Surprise: Scarves

Another trend that comes from the time of Brigitte Bardot is that of wearing a silk scarf on the head knotted at the neck. Although it is predicted for the spring, international influencers have already been seen wearing their handkerchiefs on Instagram and becoming viral.

The Trendiest Hairstyles for the Summer of 2019:

1. Long and Wavy

This is how it needs to be for this summer, from the middle of the back all the way down. The preferred style is the waves in all its versions, whether classic, curly, effortless, in a loop, soft or grunge.

2. Apple Cider & Peanut Butter Shades

The trends indicate that blonde and copper shades, as a balayage, are the hottest thing of the moment! Most dyes are inspired by shades that, through lights and shadows, represent the yellowish colors.

3. Midi with Bangs

Since the beginning of 2019, we already knew that the fringe would triumph over the next few months, right? However, the pictures of celebrities seem to indicate that this summer we will see more than ever. The fringes of the curtain accompanied by a midi cut, are on fire!

4. French Bob in Chestnut

Another trend that has taken over the spring-summer season of 2019 is the effortless look of the French girls, especially in the hair. The result is a short bob, disheveled, with marred tips and chestnut tones, to prevent the hair from being mistreated by the heat of the season.

5. Straight and Point

It is one of the top alternatives for summer because the hair looks healthy, heavy and abundant. Being a simple cut, it is also possible to combine it with two other trends: the fantasy dyes and bangs.

Healthy Hair As You Travel- Top Tips

Travelling is a time to explore new horizons either alone or with your friends and family, but for many caring for your hair whilst spending days on end in the sun can be a challenge. With people experiencing hair loss as a by-product of overexposure to the sun and sea water it can lead to other issues such as breakages or in severe cases hair loss. When experiencing hair loss many people will often opt for natural alternatives, to help the hair heal naturally but with some hair loss being rather drastic the cost of a hair transplant procedure is worth paying to have the hairline fully restored. This is the perfect solution for those that are experiencing this level of hair loss however, there are a number of other options that you can use to care for your hair if your hair has not been experiencing this level of fall out and we have the answers here.

When travel you are exposed to a number of elements such as humidity and heat but most importantly the chlorine that is present in swimming pools. When you have been swimming for a long amount of time it is vital that you use plenty of conditioner on your hair to nourish the ends and keep the hair from becoming brittle. This will be a godsend particularly if you are spending long amounts of time travelling as your hair can become difficult to maintain the longer that you travel for. By keeping a single conditioner and shampoo on hand you can ensure that your hair is kept in check throughout your travel time.

Invest In One Shampoo For The Whole Trip

Another reason to invest in a shampoo throughout the course of your trip is that your hair will be used to this formula and using the free samples can lead to your hair becoming brittle or cause an allergic reaction. By using the travel sizes of your favourite shampoo, you can ensure that there are no changes to your hair and you can stick to a normal hair care regime. If you have a specialist brand for your hair that is not in a travel size simply transfer some of the product into a 100ml clear plastic bottle. This will allow you to get the product on the flight without breaking any restrictions.  

Remember A Hair Tie

When travelling a hair tie is the one thing that you should never leave without. By having this kept around your wrist or in your bag you can tie your hair up when in the heat. This will also protect your hair from becoming matted when swimming in the ocean as your hair will be tied up in one place. This can also be used for other elements such as opening jars or fixing a broken zipper on jeans making this a very successful accessory in more ways than one.

Make The Most Of Your Natural Hair

Travelling is a time to be enjoying the location you are in, not worrying about your hair. So by learning a few simple hairstyles to keep your hair healthy whilst looking nice, you can enjoy your action-packed day without needing to adjust your hair every five minutes. By using styling tools such as sea salt spray you can achieve that all natural beachy wave with minimal effort allowing you more time to explore.


So whether you opt for the simple addition of a hair tie to your packing list or you opt to arm yourself with some simple to achieve hairstyles there are a number of ways that you can maintain healthy hair whilst travelling the world. Which will you choose first?

The Flex Brush – Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Anyone with Hair #GiftGuide

If you have tangles in your hair, if you think your hair is impossible, hard to manage, or just makes you crazy, you will want to know about the Flex Brush. It sounds too good to be true, but it really works. I used it on my partner’s wild and curly hair, and it not only sailed right on through his tangles and knots, but didn’t hurt him in the process.

If you have a child who HATES hair brushing time, this will save both of you. Your sanity, their tears, and a whole lot of time. The detangling spray is also fantastic. For that extra added “easy glide”, it really makes things that much easier.  For one of the first times, I was able to run my fingers through his hair.

detangling brush

World-renowned celebrity hair stylist Angelo David Pisacreta, owner of the elite Angelo David Salon in New York City, and hair-tool veteran Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools, introduce The Flex Brush—an all-purpose tool that safely detangles hair, massages the scalp and promotes health and hair growth. The brush’s versatility, combined with its flex technology, make it the most forgiving hair brush on the market.

 flex brush

The Flex Brush, designed for both wet and dry hair, bends to follow the contours of your head, massaging your scalp and stimulating the production of natural oils. The brush has vents that allow heat to pass through it, so blow drying won’t damage the brush. For ultimate detangling, pair it with FlexDetangle Spraya revolutionary leave-in conditioner that increases flexibility to minimize damage during styling and detangling. Here is what sets The FlexBrush apart from other brushes on the market:


  • It is the most versatile brush on the market, so whether your hair is curly, fine, delicate or thick—or if you have extensions or a sensitive scalp—The Flex Brush is your go-to hair tool.
  • The Flex Brush is made from all-natural rubber, and the coating has a soft-touch finish that’s comfortable and easy to grip.
  • The Flex Brush is vented and super lightweight, so it can be used while blow drying. Air can pass freely through the integrated vents, resulting in much faster drying times.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, The Flex Brush gives your scalp a soothing massage that increases the blood supply to your hair’s follicles. Increased circulation helps increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients that are essential for growing strong, healthy hair.
  • The Flex Brush is especially great for detangling children’s hair. Unlike traditional brushes, it flexes to avoid snagging on tough knots, so there’s no pain. Plus, you get damage-free detangling on all hair types, whether hair is wet or dry.

 best brush for kids

About The Flex Brush

The Flex Brush is the creation of two of the most innovative minds in beauty: Angelo David, owner and creative director of the elite Angelo David Salon in New York City, and Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools. While on the beach in Aruba, Angelo was disturbed watching people destroy their hair, as they yanked rigidbrushes through knots, tearing ends and destroying roots. He contacted Jacob and together they designed The Flex Brush—an all-purpose tool that detangles safely, massages the scalp and promotes hair health and growth. It is designed for both wet and dry hair.


The Flex Brush comes in three variations:

The Flex Brush Petite Mixed Bristle for SRP $19.95

The Flex Brush XL Nylon Bristle for SRP $19.95

The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle for SRP $25.95

The Flex Detangle Spray is available in two sizes:

the 2 oz bottle for SRP $6.95

the 8 oz bottle for SRP $17.95

Most important steps of taking care of your Brazilian hair extensions

Brazilian hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions, especially in South America. It is usually collected from donors with strong, healthy, unprocessed hair, from small places in Brazil.

It´s of very high quality and therefore silky soft, pretty thick, low maintenance and very durable. It can last up to a year, if properly cared for.

Since this type of hair is of very high quality, it is also more expensive than other types of hair, so you would probably want to learn how to properly take care of it.

Here are some things you should be doing to make your Brazilian hair extensions last as long as you can, while maintaining its softness and brilliance.

  1. Proper installation

The first, and maybe the most important step, to making your hair extensions look amazing is to properly install them.

This will probably be done by your highly experienced stylist, but here are some things you should look out for:

  • your hair should be washed first, in order to clean any leftover product or oil residue and buildup, so the extensions would not stick to your hair. It would be best to let it dry naturally and comb it out with a wide-tooth
  • do not pierce or put needles through the wefts
  • do not split the wefts
  • avoid cutting the wefts, if necessary, each cut weft end should be sealed with glue.
  1. Washing

The second, equally important step, is to properly treat your new beautiful extensions with appropriate products.

The best choice would be mild sulfate and silicone free shampoos (once a month), conditioners (twice a month) and other hair products (e.g. water-based silicone serums). They would help maintain the hair´s natural softness, while keeping it tangle free.

Be aware – over-shampooing your hair can strip it of much needed nutrients and oils, and make it look damaged and lifeless.

  1. Drying

In order to not dry out your hair too soon, it would be best if you would let it dry naturally. First, pat your hair dry (do not rub) with a clean towel and then let it dry naturally.

Do not use hair dryers, but if for some reason you really have to, minimize the heat exposure.

Avoid going to bed with damp hair, since it could make your hair frizzy and tangled.

  1. Brushing

You should brush your hair twice a day, and before each wash.

Use a paddle or natural hair brush (preferably boar hair) but avoid fine tooth combs (they can lead to breakage in the weave).

Don´t forget to hold your hair at the roots, so you don´t loosen the extensions.

  1. Sleeping

Before going to bed at night, you should brush your hair and tie it down, or even braid it, then cover it with a silk or satin cap.

Never use cotton materials, because they could absorb oils or elastic bands, since they can cause stress to your hair.

We’re all set!

Now you know 5 great ways to take a good care of your Brazilian hair.

In case this type of hair is not to your liking, I recommend you to read this great guide about another great type of human hair – Peruvian hair: Important Facts You Should Know.

Why don’t you give it a try next?

SoCozy Kids Hair Products Now at Target

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

20150311_151633Trips to the salon for kids can be a bit unnerving. With boredom a constant nag, and hair dressers who are better with adults then kids, it is easy to see why this could be stressful for little ones. With this in mind, Cozy Friedman started salons catered toward the younger clientele, children. More recently, Cozy has branched out into a salon quality hair product line geared toward kids. The line is now available at Target stores. These hair products use the finest ingredients that are also gentle for kids and strong enough to address their hair care needs.


We really like the fact that SoCozy is versatile and can grow along with your kids, “Red hair, short hair, pink, curly hair. Being you is SoCozy’s idea of cool. Be you!” SoCozy is So Smart, So Safe, So Easy, So Cool.
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Aveda Naturally Straight Hair Supplies

Disclosure- I received complimentary product from SheSpeaks/Aveda but all opinions are my own.

Hair can be a bit of a shot in the dark this time of year. With rainy days, followed by cold days, then humid hot days, your hair is at a loss, mostly due to frizz out. Normally reaching out far the stars is a good thing, but with hair not so much. Ideally we want hair that stays where we put it. One such way to do this is with hair straighteners. Hair straighteners take frizzy, curly, or wavy hair and make it straight. This is particularly helpful for people with these kinds of hair but also helps ease the frizz due to weather and other odd occurrences.

Other hair straightening processes are just that a processes, which takes time, energy and money. One of the great aspects of Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, is its ease of use.
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