Healthy Hair As You Travel- Top Tips

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Travelling is a time to explore new horizons either alone or with your friends and family, but for many caring for your hair whilst spending days on end in the sun can be a challenge. With people experiencing hair loss as a by-product of overexposure to the sun and sea water it can lead to other issues such as breakages or in severe cases hair loss. When experiencing hair loss many people will often opt for natural alternatives, to help the hair heal naturally but with some hair loss being rather drastic the cost of a hair transplant procedure is worth paying to have the hairline fully restored. This is the perfect solution for those that are experiencing this level of hair loss however, there are a number of other options that you can use to care for your hair if your hair has not been experiencing this level of fall out and we have the answers here.

When travel you are exposed to a number of elements such as humidity and heat but most importantly the chlorine that is present in swimming pools. When you have been swimming for a long amount of time it is vital that you use plenty of conditioner on your hair to nourish the ends and keep the hair from becoming brittle. This will be a godsend particularly if you are spending long amounts of time travelling as your hair can become difficult to maintain the longer that you travel for. By keeping a single conditioner and shampoo on hand you can ensure that your hair is kept in check throughout your travel time.

Invest In One Shampoo For The Whole Trip

Another reason to invest in a shampoo throughout the course of your trip is that your hair will be used to this formula and using the free samples can lead to your hair becoming brittle or cause an allergic reaction. By using the travel sizes of your favourite shampoo, you can ensure that there are no changes to your hair and you can stick to a normal hair care regime. If you have a specialist brand for your hair that is not in a travel size simply transfer some of the product into a 100ml clear plastic bottle. This will allow you to get the product on the flight without breaking any restrictions.  

Remember A Hair Tie

When travelling a hair tie is the one thing that you should never leave without. By having this kept around your wrist or in your bag you can tie your hair up when in the heat. This will also protect your hair from becoming matted when swimming in the ocean as your hair will be tied up in one place. This can also be used for other elements such as opening jars or fixing a broken zipper on jeans making this a very successful accessory in more ways than one.

Make The Most Of Your Natural Hair

Travelling is a time to be enjoying the location you are in, not worrying about your hair. So by learning a few simple hairstyles to keep your hair healthy whilst looking nice, you can enjoy your action-packed day without needing to adjust your hair every five minutes. By using styling tools such as sea salt spray you can achieve that all natural beachy wave with minimal effort allowing you more time to explore.


So whether you opt for the simple addition of a hair tie to your packing list or you opt to arm yourself with some simple to achieve hairstyles there are a number of ways that you can maintain healthy hair whilst travelling the world. Which will you choose first?

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