SoCozy Kids Hair Products Now at Target

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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

20150311_151633Trips to the salon for kids can be a bit unnerving. With boredom a constant nag, and hair dressers who are better with adults then kids, it is easy to see why this could be stressful for little ones. With this in mind, Cozy Friedman started salons catered toward the younger clientele, children. More recently, Cozy has branched out into a salon quality hair product line geared toward kids. The line is now available at Target stores. These hair products use the finest ingredients that are also gentle for kids and strong enough to address their hair care needs.


We really like the fact that SoCozy is versatile and can grow along with your kids, “Red hair, short hair, pink, curly hair. Being you is SoCozy’s idea of cool. Be you!” SoCozy is So Smart, So Safe, So Easy, So Cool.

So Smart by serving as a resource for moms kids salon owners and stylists to help them give their children the best possible hair. There are hundreds of videos showcasing styles, products, uses and tips from experts around the globe as well as the Today Show. So Safe are SoCozy products, safe effective and non-toxic.

cannon 3 23 15 032So Easy because So Cozy products are meant to make bath time more fun and easy so there are more multifunctional products as well as the specific hair concern products.

So Cool by building confidence and inspiring originality in children.

My son likes SoCozy because it smells good and can be used all over, Mom loves it because he does, and Dad loves it because its to use one product for everything. Whichever the reason, is it is nice to know SoCozy is now available at Target in the hair products aisle.

From 3/23 until 4/30,  you can enter the SoCozy contest – win prizes,  gift cards, and more by entering.


  1. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    This is the first I’ve heard of them. I remember tangles well! I think it’s great that this product doesn’t seem like it’s just for babies, which can make slightly older children feel bad.

  2. Nancy Lustri says

    What a little ham! So cute!
    I have never heard of this hair care product for children. I like that it is gentle and I will definitely check it out – I’m always shopping at Target! 🙂

  3. I keep hearing great things about this product. I love Target. I will look for this next time I am there. Thanks!

  4. Aimee Fauci says

    I would love to try this product on my curly headed daughter, especially the detangler. I am just a little leary of the cost.

  5. We use this brand for my son. We are really happy with it, especially based on the ingredients.

  6. his bath mohawk is cute haha

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