6 Things to Consider in Your Next Shoe Purchase

Do you know what to look for when you are purchasing your next shoe? Many buyers tend to buy shoes since they fancy the design, brand, and color. Yet, there are more practical things that they need to consider as they buy their shoes. Plus, a good shoe should make you feel comfortable for as long as possible and also give you the right support for the activity you will use it for. Hence, some of the factors that you can consider are the quality of materials used, shoe size and width, the fitting, among other important factors. So if you need help with your next shoe purchase. Below are some of the things to consider as you shop.

The shape of the shoe and shape of your feet

As there are different types of shoes that you can buy. People’s feet are also different in many aspects from each other. Hence, one of the most important things to consider as you purchase your next shoes is how the shoe will match the shape of your feet. Plus, this cannot work vice versa if you want a proper shoe. In terms of length and width of your foot, your shoe should fit perfectly. Besides, the shoe should have adequate space that will allow your toes to fit well to help with the roll through movement when walking. However, this consideration is important when buying Nike dunk sneakers and other closed types of shoes. Unlike when buying heels that need firm support for the toes. 

A flexible shoe sole 

Checking the sole of the shoe as you go for your next purchase is important. After you get the size and width of the shoe right. Before purchasing the shoe, you should check the flexibility of the shoe sole. Through checking how well it bends, you will be in a position to know if that is the quality of the shoe you need or not. Importantly, do not confuse the flexibility of the sole, by checking the softness of the inner padding. The bending test is specifically for the sole. If you have never done it before. It is simply bending the toe and heel area towards each other to see if they take the V form. Through this, you will know the shoe you are about to purchase has exemplary flexibility.

The fitting of the shoe 

Buying a shoe that does not fit properly is quite common with a lot of people. This is because people have different ways to fit their shoes, but it is the wrong way to fit a shoe. In fact, according to various research by shoe experts. The percentage of people buying the wrong fitting for a shoe is unbelievably high. Plus, women tend to buy shoes that are too small for their feet. While men buy shoes that are too big for them. As a result, the shoes will show with time as you will feel uncomfortable, experience pain, and even they may cause you to get injuries as they are not the right fit for you. 

Check the lining ends 

Every time you head to purchase your next shoe. You must take your time. Ensure that you check the inside of the shoe that you want to buy. Look for any seams that are uncomfortable, hardened, or bulgy areas. This is important, as many manufacturers do not fully line their shoes as the manufacture them to reduce costs. For this reason, bulges, seams, and edges are exposed. However, not all shoe companies have this issue as good brands ensure it is part of their standard to fully line their shoes. In this way, they prevent any unnecessary edges and seams popping out that will restrict the comfort level. So check through the linings to make sure that the shoes you purchase are worth every penny you pay for them.

Check height, width, and length

When you are buying shoes, keep your expectation high in terms of the shoes you seek to find. Not only should the shoe be made with quality material but one that provides your feet with sufficient material in all the three dimensions of width, length, and height. Therefore, as you try the shoes, as soon as they start to rub it is a sign that the shoe is not the right one for you. Importantly, do not listen to people who tell you “the shoes will wear in” or wait until the shoes widen over time. To know the ideal shoe for you, once you fit the shoe it should straight away fit perfectly. If not, avoid buying them as they will not be ideal for your feet’s comfort.  

Always try on both shoes 

Another thing to consider when buying your next shoe is how both shoes fit. This is important as everyone’s feet are rarely the same length and width. For instance, when you consider right-handed people, they in most instances, have a dominant right foot. This right foot is also the bigger of the two. While for the left-handed people the issue is the opposite. For this reason, ensure that you try both shoes and not just one to ensure both fit right and are comfortable. Additionally, with age, shoes become wider and longer. So the shoe size that you choose with time, it will change. Hence you should be unbiased when buying shoes. Also, when a shoe fits, it does not matter if it is wider or larger than the pair you had last as long as it fits. What’s more, different manufacturers have shoes that fit differently from other manufacturers, so check how best it fits your foot.

In summary, as you shop for your next shoe, you must consider the above factors. Just as you consider how your feet change in shape and size. Also, you should know what is in a shoe and how to get a shoe that is comfortable and ideal for you.

What Time Is It: Watch Rules Every Guy Should Know

We are going to talk about our favorite accessories for men, something that every guy should have, talking about, of course, a watch. Watches complete outfits; they can also be considered the finishing touch of your style. Whether you’re walking a suit and when you have a nice watch on, it looks amazing.

Pretty much you have a watch on yourself whatever your outfit is because it definitely add that detail and completes the outfit, but before you decide which watch you’re going to be wearing or buying, let’s go over the rules that we all need to follow to make sure that we’re looking our best.

Not too many guys follow these rules, I see a lot of guys making some mistakes here and there, so let’s go over them to make sure you’re not one of them.

Rule 1: Small Watch Faces

Please don’t wear a watch with a face that is way too big, a few years ago these big watches were trendy, they were popular, but that time is long gone. Big face watches don’t look good, small faces rule the world now, and they’ll be in style forever. 

They are more classy, they’ve been around forever, and you don’t want this humongous thing on your wrist anyway. It doesn’t look right, it’s just too clunky, but how do you figure out whether or not a watch is too big? 

There’s no specific size for a watch to be considered too big. I can’t tell, but it really depends on the size of your wrist. Your watch is an addition to your outfit, and it’s a detail. 

Rule 2: Find The Right Strap

A lot of people prefer going with stainless steel for an everyday watch because it’s just easy. Others like the rubberized strap or a nice leather strap, it all depends on what’s comfortable for you. You should choose the best automatic watches for you, whether it is stainless, rubber, or leather. 

It also depends on your personal style, if you’re usually walking more formal outfits then the rubber strap is just not going to work for you, the leather strap is probably way better, and if you’re into more casual clothing, then stainless steel or rubber would fit in really well. Buy a strap that is going to be easy to mix and match with the majority of your favorite outfits.

Rule 3: Which Wrist To Wear The Watch

Rule number three, finding out which wrist to wear your watch. Most people are going to wear their watches on their non-dominant hand or wrist, so if you’re right-handed, you are going to wear it on your left wrist. 

That is actually why most people wear their watches on their left hands because over eighty percent of the population is right-handed. The reason for wearing on your non-dominant side is because we are more active with our dominant hands. We carry anything with it. We pick our phones with it, we write with it, so you don’t want to risk damaging the watch you are wearing. 

You also don’t want your watch to get in your way because you’re trying to grab something, and it gets in the way when you are using your hand. But the truth is there is no correct side, just choose the wrist that is most comfortable to you. 

Rule 4: Watch Placement 

Another rule that most guys overlook is where your watch should be placed on your wrist. This is a big one because I see a lot of guys making this mistake. Your watch should be strapped before your wrist bone. It goes above that. 

That way, you are not losing mobility when it’s too close to your hands, it’s going to annoy you because it is going to get in the way when you do things and it is not very comfortable.

Rule 5: No Loose Straps

Please make sure that the strap fits your wrist. I can’t say this enough like I’ve seen so many guys having an expensive watch, but it’s like dancing up and down. That is so annoying to see, and it’s like how is that comfortable, it just slides up and down your wrist. It’s hitting the top of your hand, coming on a loose watch is the opposite of what you want, it’s not classy, and it gives you a sloppy look. 


Today watches right now have two main purposes, it tells you what time it is and watches are great accessories. People wear watches nowadays as an accessory to enhance their style and appearance. Again and again, I say that style keeps us going with our everyday lives and boosts our confidence every time you look good or stylish, so always have that positive attitude when it comes to style. 

How to buy the right school shoes for your child?

One rule that you should always remember, and adhere to, especially when purchasing school shoes for your child, is never to buy shoes online.

This is a bold statement but, once you understand the process of buying shoes for a child you’ll realize why you have to be in a reputable school shoe wholesaler to feel the shoes and try them on. Of course, it’s also important that your child is with you!

Check The Code First

If you’re buying school shoes then it’s important to check the dress code before you do anything else. There’s a big difference between schools regarding what they deem as acceptable school shoes.

Alongside determining the correct color, you may also find that your child needs more than one pair of shoes!


Once you know what the school expects you can look at the various styles that fit into that category. Although a chunky shoe that looks like a school shoe is going to fit the description provided by the school, it’s not going to be the best shoe for your child. Heavy shoes are likely to hinder the normal development of your child’s foot.

In fact, foot development is essential to ensure balance and strength later in life, the best option for a child is actually to go barefoot, but that’s not usually an option. Instead, you should choose a style that’s as light as possible and as flexible as possible. This gives the foot freedom to move and grow naturally. 


The next step is to get the size right. This means measuring your child’s foot which is easy n the store using a foot measurer. Be sure to measure both feet as it is normal for them to be slightly different sizes. Don’t forget that a shoe that is slightly too large gives growing room, but a shoe that is larger than needed will also hamper growth and increase the risk of tripping.

It’s best to have approximately half an inch between the top of the big toe and the inside edge of the shoe. That allows your child to wiggle their toes but not the rest of their foot.

Arch Support

Most children have normal arches and will benefit from arch support in their shoes. This is a slightly raised bit in the shoe that corresponds to the arch on their foot. Support prevents strain on the foot and helps to ensure balance and posture are maintained.


The best shoes are actually stitched together not glued. While glue can create a better feel inside the shoe, stitches will hold for longer, making the shoe more durable.

It’s also important to consider the materials the shoe is made from, natural is best and some breathability is essential if your child has their foot in the shoe all day. 

Buy At The Right Time

You can’t buy shoes in advance as feet grow at different rates. You must wait until your child needs shoes and purchase them then, it’s best done a week or two before the new school term starts, allowing the feet time to wear the shoes in.

Castaway Bay for Fun Holiday Clothing (and seasonal specialties)

Do you love to wear festive clothing? If you follow me on any social media channel at all, then you know I do. I really, really do. It’s madness, according to my teenagers- but I love it. We recently discovered Castaway Nantucket, which has not only fun holiday items (think Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, etc) but also great year round items. Summer or shore dreaming with lobster prints, margaritas or wine- so many things to choose from. And super cute- tiny little embroidered prints, nothing too big or flashy.

holiday prints

A recent study showed that more than 52% of Americans put off their holiday shopping to the last minute. So whether you’re still shopping for those on your list, or you’re trying to level-up your fashion as we head into the new year, look no further than Castaway Nantucket.
Castaway Nantucket features hundreds of styles for men and women, and even has matching styles for families. From seersucker to madras, to gingham and plaid, Castaway Nantucket offers beautifully crafted, elevated styles for every member of the family.
holiday clothing
Fashion is a personal choice, but there are some outfit staples that we can all agree look good on everyone- and make great gifts. For a classic, fresh look for men, women and kids, look no further than Castaway Nantucket for you and every fashion lover on your list. (And how cute would a Holiday card be this year in these? Everyone in matching gear that they actually liked!)
cute pants
About Castaway Nantucket 
For four generations, the Bridier family has run the Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket. Brothers Matt and Andrew worked countless summers, vacations, and weekends at Murray’s honing their skills and learning the haberdasher trade, going on to start Castaway Nantucket in 2005. Castaway Nantucket features truly-preserved American style for men and women buoyed by tradition, quality, and the ideals of life by the sea. Castaway Nantucket features hundreds of men’s and ladies fashion staples and accessories to complete a refined look for any style.


Whenever we go out with family or hang out with friends, what is the first thing that us girls comment on? ‘’OMG, I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE WEARING!’’, ‘’WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS FROM GIRLLL?’’. From our hair to our shoes, everything is seen, focused on and complemented by our girlfriends. Even our Instagram comments consist of remarks related to our attire by people. Thus, you should always dress well and have a variety of outfits in your wardrobe; be it from cocktail dresses online to nearby shops.

A big misconception that comes with dressing up and being clad in trendy, chic clothes is that is it very expensive. This is partially the truth and not an exaggerated fact. However, this is not always the case. If you have the correct sense of style, a good eye, the ability to mix and match, you can create a wonderful outfit. What helps more is knowing a series of about 5 dresses that are perfect for any occasion. This way, you can use one outfit in a lot of ways, and it won’t be very expensive. Like you wear the same pair of skinny jeans for a number of different occasions, you can go with dresses too. Just have the essential types of dresses. Here are the types that are perfect for any occasion.


Every girl has a princess inside of her, be it very out there or consumed in a hidden corner of you. We all have wanted to wear elaborate princes gowns embellished with sequins, a big flair, beads and pearls. All of us have imagined ourselves twirling around in those especially after watching ‘’Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses’’. 

To fulfill your dreams, you must have a floor-length gown in your wardrobe. They might not be the exact replica of your childhood princess gown, but it is its adult version. Floor-length gowns are a must-have for formal events in your wardrobe. They will help you a lot if you need to attend an elaborate ball, a party with a masquerade theme, a wedding and so on. Floor-length gowns come in a range of varieties. They don’t always have to be over the top. You can find them in plain chiffon that gives your dress a very smooth fall. You can also have one in sequins from head to toe that make your gown one of its kind. You can also find them in silk. Floor-length gowns are perfect for your long lost princess dreams.


Trust me when I say that you are not a woman of the 21st century if you don’t own a cocktail dress. You cannot survive without one. It is the most commonly sold type of dress for women out there. What defines a cocktail dress is that of a typical dress that is much shorter and finishes up the knees. It is made to be worn at evening events and functions; be it be a party at the bar or someone’s house. Cocktail dresses give you a very chic, trendy and elegant look. 

They, too, come in many different sizes and types. You can find the typical kind with a short dress in black. Then you can also find a slightly embellished one studded with lace or sequin. Your dress can have full sleeves, off shoulder or sleeveless. It may be of a figure-hugging fitting or may have a slight flair to it. the point is, you can never go wrong with cocktail dresses.


The chic-est of them all (yes, that is not a word, but nothing explains sheath dresses more perfectly). You see those magazine ladies with their hair wrapped in a bun, wearing a pair of shades and strutting around in stilettos wearing a beautiful figure-hugging dress? Yes, that is a sheath dress!

Sheath dresses are a class apart. They are fitted and a straight cut dress that hugs your waist and gives it a very slim and slender look. Sheath dresses are perfect for any and every formal function. Be it a business event or a mere social event like a tea party with your ladies, and sheath dresses are perfect for every event and occasion. Their seamless waist is perfect for every body type. It can be paired with accessories beautifully and can be worn in both; summers and winters.


Cocktail dresses, sheath dresses and floor-length gowns are towards a formal and much more serious side. To look towards a much more relaxed outfit is where summer dresses come in. In summers, most of us opt for a much more relaxed and casual look. The days are too hot and sweaty to be wearing a figure-hugging sheath dress or a floor-length gown that covers 80% of your body. You need a light and breezy dress for the scorching summer heat, but you also want it to be equally trendy and stylish. So, the best solution is to have summer dresses.

Summer dresses are  light and flowy. They are loose-fitting and made of cotton. Cotton is a breathable material that doesn’t cling to your body. It lets air through so that you can feel relaxed. Summer dresses come in a lot of different cuts and styles. They may be floor-length or knee-length. They might also have a thigh slit situation going on. Summer dresses can be equally trendy too. They might have a halter neck or be off-shoulder. Summer dresses usually come in very light colors like blue, white, yellow, light green and different prints like floral, abstract patterns, polka dots, stripes, and so on. They are perfect for pretty much every summer event. Pair it with a relaxed ponytail, bracelets, necklaces and a satchel bag. Wear wedges or sandals underneath. You can also wear gladiator sandals to give it a posh look. Wear light makeup and let your outfit shine.


All of these ideas might cost you a little bit but know that it would be a one-time investment. These outfits are very easy to find and can be worn in a lot of different styles. Change your hairstyles, your jewelry, your shoes. Switch between heels, sneakers, loafers, boots. Your makeup looks. Go out with a bold lip one day, and a light lip balm look the other: mix and match. Accessorize with belts, coats, mufflers, bags. Create a masterpiece. Make your outfit one of its kind and carry it well. Let it shine for you. All the best of luck to you.


If you are a curious person, you might have asked yourself or someone else why astronauts wear white. You might have thought the same about brides and if you are too curious, about Tom Wolfe. Is there anything in common? We don’t think so, but the matter that we wanted to bring to the front using this example is this: light-colored clothes or a suit allow you to stay cool by fighting the heat and the light. The lighter the clothes are the cooler you will be and the darker the clothes the hotter you will be. That is the age-old myth that is rampant in society even today. Whether you shop at a brick and mortar store or an online fashion store, you have these things at the back of your mind. There might have been a dress that you liked a lot but didn’t buy it because of this assumption.

Is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

The Assumption

This is what we assume about our clothes. If we wear dark fabrics, they will absorb a great amount of heat and this will cause you to feel all hot and bothered. But if you wear white or light-colored clothes, then the heat will bounce right off of them and you will be extremely comfortable even on a hot day. Some people even believe that brides wear white on their wedding day due to this reason. 

Well, we are here to tell you that everything is not as it seems in this theory. There are other major factors that greatly affect the working of heat on your clothes. The story is not as simple as it seems. Some scientists who were really curious about this phenomenon thought about actually doing some research about it. The results that they got, stated that the color of the clothes that you wear doesn’t matter. In 1980, a group of scientists tried to find out why Bedouins who live in the desert wear black robes? Now the desert is where it is the hottest and according to our heat absorption and reflection theory, they should have been wearing white, pink or lilac, or some other light shade.

The Findings

What the researchers’ findings had them as bewildered as we are when they found that the Bedouins of the Sinai desert always wear black instead of light-colored fabrics in the oppressive heat of the desert. They set out to find the truth and even recruited a volunteer who they asked to stand in the heat in the middle of the desert so that they can record the temperature. They asked him to stand in four different types of dressings and found that the effects of heat on the body were the same in all types of clothing. They found that black clothes absorb more heat but it didn’t go any farther than the fabric. In simple terms, it can be said that although black fabric absorbs more heat, it is lost before it gets a chance to transfer into the body. A factor that they found kept the guy cool was that he wore robes that were loose and billowing. This allowed air to pass through the clothes and keep the body cool.

Another thing that plays an important role in the whole “light clothes reflects heat” theory is the person who is actually wearing the clothes. It stands to reason that if light colored clothes reflect the heat of the sun back into the atmosphere, they will also reflect the heat being radiated from the body back towards the body. This is a key factor that no one discusses. Although it is still a theory, there has been some research done on birds and their white plumage


So, at the end of the day, whether you wear black or white in hot weather or cold, it doesn’t matter a lot. What matters is that in hot weather you should wear loose and billowing clothes to keep you cool.

Wear Colors According to Your Skin Tone 

Now that we know we can wear any color that we want, how do we choose which color to wear and how? We should not be choosing the colors to wear according to the seasons, we should be doing so according to our skin tones. When you wear the right colors, it helps you attract others and people see you in a more flattering way. Wearing the right colors can either enhance your looks and brighten you up or it can go against your natural color and make you look flawed and tired. What determines whether you should wear dark colors or light are your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. This is how you can easily decide what colors and shades to wear.

Skin Tone and Shades of Color

Whether you want to rock dark colors or light colors, always choose the color based on your hair and eyes. And choose the shade of the color based on your skin tone. If you are a redhead, don’t go for red, instead, go for blue. The shade of blue that you want to wear will depend on your skin tone. Similarly, if you are a brunette who has medium skin, you know you would look amazing in red. But depending on your skin tone you should choose the shade of red carefully.

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

When we talk about skin tone, we are not just talking about the topmost layer. We are also talking about undertone. Some women have beige undertones, while others might have a pink or bluish undertone. Others still, might have a peach or warm yellow or golden undertone. If you are from the rare group of people who have a neutral undertone then you should let your hair and eye color decide the shades that you can wear. If you want to find out the undertone of your skin, look at the part of your skin that doesn’t expose to sun. 

Simple Test for Finding out Your Skin Tone

One way to find out your skin tone is to use a simple white piece of paper. Hold the paper against your face and compare how your skin looks against the paper. People who have warm skin tones will have skin that looks yellowish or light brown against the paper. If your skin compares against the paper and looks blue, rosy, or even pink then you have what is called a cool skin tone. Similarly, people with skin that looks ashen or gray against a white piece of paper have neutral skin tones. This simple test can actually help to choose the right color of clothes as per your skin tones. 


Depending on your skin tone and undertone, you can choose any color that you want to wear in the cold or in the heat. Just make sure that if it is hot, then you should probably choose dresses that are billowing and loose so that the heat doesn’t get trapped inside.

6 Major Dress Trends in the Indian Fashion Industry

Nowadays, there are many Indian designers from upcoming ones to the celebrated ones. All of them aim to design new and fresh models of Indian dresses for each season. The style is based on the ethnic pieces that are available that are enhanced in to new styles, patterns and designs to form a new fusion look. Also, embroidery and embellishments are experimented in new ways. That create the most current and beautiful Indian dresses that trend for different seasons. This intricate and exquisite attires are popular not only in India but also around other parts of the world. This trending pieces are not limited to a certain age group but are ideal for the Indian girls and women. Below are some of the major dress trend that you can find in the Indian fashion industry.


Patchwork high-low Anarkali 


This is a designer Anarkali that is fit for the bride and also for a guest at the wedding. It is a stunning piece that has large flowers stitched on the bodice part of the dress. Plus, they can go all the way to the shoulder straps as you prefer them. The patchwork sets it apart and you can go further and wear a high low Anarkali with it. This is an elegant piece but ensure that you do not overdo the flower patches on the dress. To show off both the Anarkali design and the flowers as well for both of them to set the dress apart. Pair with a matching pant style salwar. The right color for this Anarkali piece is a dark shade to showcase the flowers that are in a bright color like beige and off white.


Printed Lehenga style saree 


The ever-changing fashion in the Indian industry has brought about the fusion mix that is evident in the current Indian dresses. For instance, the saree and the Lehenga are converted to be one piece and you can wear it in print, embroidered or other designs and patterns that you love. It is a modern outfit where you get a complete garment of a saree from a Lehenga that is accentuated with the dupatta. Choose a Lehenga choli set in print with a colored dupatta to drape it into a saree. The transformation is a beautiful Lehenga style saree that is trending currently. As for the prints, large bold prints are best either floral or abstract.

The kurta style trend 

The kurta is a versatile piece that is trending among girls and women. For instance, a popular piece is the straight cut kurta that is a simple design among most salwar suits. This kurta look can easily be achieved with any kind of material and is suitable for any event. Either as an office wear Kurtis or even for traditional events. It has some intricate work in most pieces and its style is ever-present whether it is in silk or cotton. Another kurta style trend that is a favorite among the women in the long woven net kurta. The woven net is what adds to its charm and it’s the reason why women love this kurta piece. It is a stunning piece for a night party or evening functions. There are other kurta style pieces and designers are working to get more of them in different designer pieces.

The trendy suits 

There are many types of Indian suits from georgette suits, crepe suits and others that have different types of embellishments. The georgette suits are made of great fabric that is commonly used in a lot of Indian garments. A suit in this material is a long Indian dress that comes out as a dazzling piece. It has embroidery that gives it that stunning finish. It is best adorned for special occasions like festivals and weddings. Another popular suit is the cool crepe designer suit. When worn with a bold contrasting jacket it stands out elegantly among other outfits. Other traditional suits like a long Indian dress accessorized with bells is an interesting look that is catching on. When worn as simple kurta it changes the dress into a beautiful ensemble.

Anarkali with a twist

The traditional Anarkali has not been left out among other major trends. There is the layered Anarkali suit whereby it is an Indian dress but the bottom half is not the same piece. The bottom can be a matching skirt or a three-layered piece with a beautiful border of gold or silver. This layered Anarkali is best for the special occasion due to its rich look. The petal cut Anarkali is a perfect head-turner of the Anarkali with a twist. The petal cuts on the upper part of the suit make the outfit look stylish. Wear this Anarkali piece with no dupatta for it is a style statement the way it is.


The salwar suit

There are many types of salwar suits that are common among Indian women. However, the pant style salwar set and the floor-length salwar suit are always trending. The pant style salwar suit is a favorite piece for the youth since it is a modern design. Choose one in georgette material with delicate embroidery to give it that dazzling finish. Another one with great options is the floor-length salwar suit. This fashionable piece has the length of the kameez at floor-length as the lehengas. Hence you can style with many options for the salwar to wear to your latest occasion.

To sum up, there are many dress trends in the Indian fashion industry. Plus, more are being created by designers. These outfits are the best for girls and women as well for they are the most current models. The varieties are from all the different attires of Indian outfits and a mix of some contemporary pieces. Try some of them in different colors and designs to see the ones that suit you best to attend different ceremonies and festivals. As the Indian dresses are taking a more modern trend it is vital to have one or two of these pieces in your trending collection.

Fall-Winter Style Guide: Pants Every Woman Must Own

Have you recently been crushing over those trending black leather pants and want to include it in your wardrobe? But then, you’re even eyeing on the checked straight trousers that you saw online the other day.

It’s okay, don’t feel guilty because you can never have too many pants and to be honest, there is no such thing as that.

Now that you’re obsessing over upgrading your wardrobe with smarter pieces, we suggest that you include all or at least a few of these pant styles. You can trust them for a great look anytime and they will definitely help you rock the day. So, stop by, have a look, and shop these cozy yet amazing styles.

Get work-ready with your warm wool trousers 

So, it’s that time of the season again. Trade your chinos, coloured cotton trousers, and flared pants for warm wool trousers. Wide-leg or loose-fit, checkered or striped, choose any of these for your work and pair them with your regular blazers, blouses, and work boots/shoes. Not only can you pull off this look while at work, but it works amazingly well when the weekend hits. Slip into them and you are ready for an essential meetup. 

Leather pants, perfect for your date night

Well, holiday dressing was never this easy.

Skip that repeated dress blunder and instead invest in good quality leather pants which you can team up different blouses on different occasions. They are just perfect as they add a lot of glam and fab to any simple outfit. Besides, add ankle-length boots to your look and you are ready to rock any day or party. Besides, you surely will make a lot of heads turn on your date night.

Velvet trousers to slay at night

Why not put your chic face on with velvet trousers this winter? These are perfect for the night owls who love to party and can’t get enough of the fabric. Make sure you choose a bit relaxed fit and avoid skinny styles as it is more about embracing the laid back ensemble. Pair it with a chic sweater or blouse and you are all set to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. You can add an additional layer of a statement coat or jacket to keep yourself warm. 

Track pants for a ‘not-so-sporty’ vibe

Do you ever wonder how you can flaunt your style with a pair of athleisure posh trackies? 

Choose your navy or black track pants and club them with a shirt, chic sweater and heels. And, you are already smartened up for your office. However, for other informal engagements, simply add trainers and you’re done.

A pair of jeggings to the rescue

Ditch your skinny denim for the comfy jeggings when you want to just chill or are on the move. Bank upon them anytime and you will never be dissatisfied. They look a lot more attractive than those baggy sweatpants and are extremely comfortable. So, make your errands effortlessly chic with a pair of trendy jeggings. Pair them with your best sneakers and add an additional layer which can be a suitable option for your holiday mornings. 

Final Word

Now that you’re aware of the winter pants which are doing the rounds this season, make sure to add these to your wardrobe. These will not only keep you warm and cozy throughout but also are the perfect way to slay any outfit. 

Meanwhile, all security providers and law enforcement professionals can be rest assured as you can easily carry or conceal (if you wish to) your Safariland holsters on all of the aforementioned styles. After all, what’s better than ‘work and slay’. Happy shopping!