How To Make Exercise More Enjoyable

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Let’s face it, it’s not easy to find the motivation to get up off the sofa and work out when you don’t have much energy, but it’s fair to say that the countless health benefits make it more than worth your while. It’s vital that you can learn to love exercise if you want to feel your best both physically and mentally, so there’s truly no time like the present to learn more about how you can make exercise more enjoyable than ever before. Thankfully this guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to improve your relationship with exercise today, so read on for some of the best tips and tricks that you can utilize today.

Find A Team Sport 

One of the best ways that you make exercise more enjoyable is by finding a team sport. A team sport is a great way to keep yourself motivated and inspired, as you have the added commitment of having to represent and support your team in the sport that you are playing together. A sports team can also be such a fun and enjoyable opportunity for you to make some brilliant friendships, and your exercise regime will start to feel more like a social outing rather than a full on workout. There are countless different team sports that you can experiment with, from soccer to basketball and more, so it’s a good idea to take a look online so that you can identify which options are on offer in your local area. You might be able to sign up for a team sport free of charge, but generally you pay a very small fee simply that tends to go towards the coach or team leader who is sacrificing their time to bring your sports team together. The added competition factor of a team sport can also be of benefit when it comes to motivation and inspiration, as playing as part of a tournament or match will certainly encourage you to give it your all and work up a real sweat for the sake of your teammates and the glory of winning.

Locate Outdoor Adventure Activities 

Who said working out has to be exclusive to sports and dedicated exercise? There are so many outdoor adventure activities that you can get involved with to strengthen your muscles and burn off excess pounds, and such interesting exercise opportunities can take your attention away from the fact that you are actually working out. When you decide to find an obstacle course near you that boasts a range of outdoor equipment and options amongst Mother Nature, you’ll feel as though you’re actually having a day of entertainment rather than a day of exercise. You can choose to go on a hike through rolling hills or even climb up a mountain, or you can choose to go rafting down some choppy rapids or even hire a canoe for a long relaxing paddle. When you take the decision to exercise outside you gain many more benefits than you would when working out indoors, as you won’t be able to experience the fresh air and glorious sunshine when you’re trapped inside the 4 walls of your local gym. To add to this, outdoor adventure activities are always going to provide you with a totally new experience, as surroundings constantly change and new challenges can occur without warning. The great outdoors is a treacherously beautiful place that is riddled with risks that can be so rewarding to overcome, so you can test both your body and mind when you take your workout routine outside.  

Buy Some Great Exercise Clothes

You might be surprised to realize this, but the clothes that you wear while exercising can actually have an enormous impact on your work out as a whole. If your exercise clothes are too tight, cause you to chafe or do not give you the confidence you need to feel your best, then it’s no wonder you are growing to dislike exercise. Instead, you need to take the chance to find some attractive work out clothing that can help you to feel like a million bucks, especially if you’re headed to a gym where there are likely to be so many mirrors wherever you look. One of the best options when it comes to sourcing comfy exercise clothing is seam free cotton, as this is totally breathable and the lack of seams can help your clothing to feel softer and smoother against your skin when you are moving a lot. Make sure that you can move freely in your new work out clothing, as you need to have the capacity to stretch out and put your body in a number of positions (especially if you are taking part in an exercise such as yoga or Pilates). As long as you feel comfortable both physically and in terms aid your confidence, then you have chosen the right exercise gear. 

Eat High Energy Foods 

Last but by no means least, it’s vital that you can eat high energy foods if you want to take your exercise regime to a whole new level, as you need to provide your body with the fuel it needs to thrive. Eating nothing but fast food and junk won’t give you sustainable energy that you can use to exercise for hours, as you’ll soon crash and experience symptoms like the shakes and extreme fatigue when the sugar rush stops. Instead you need to consume healthy, balanced wholefoods that can provide you with a slow release of lots of energy, as this way you will feel raring to go whenever you are due to work out. Always include a portion of complex carbohydrates in your pre workout meal around 1-2 hours before you exercise, as something like brown rice or rolled oats can offer you boundless energy that you can expect slowly rather than all at once. 

Making exercise more enjoyable has never been such a simple task when you can utilize these brilliant tips and tricks.

Tips To Get More Out Of Exercise

When you hear people talking about exercise, how do you feel? Some of us love to be active, but for others, even the thought of going for a jog can fill us with dread. Being active doesn’t have to be a chore. If you can muster up the enthusiasm to exercise regularly you’ll notice incredible changes in your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you get more out of exercise. 

Have fun

Many people avoid exercise because they assume that it’s boring, monotonous and repetitive. We tend to automatically think about running on a treadmill or doing endless squats or lunges when the word exercise is mentioned. In truth, working out doesn’t have to involve going to the gym or running for miles. There are so many ways to get fit, and exercise can be really fun. You can get fit in the great outdoors, join teams or exercise classes and meet new people, or vary your workouts to include activities as diverse as dance, tennis, trampolining, yoga, swimming, military fitness, cycling, kayaking and climbing. When you work out, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do, you can exercise to music and get friends and family involved and you can try a range of different sports and activities. If you’re having fun, you won’t even notice that you’re working up a sweat. 

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Set targets

Setting targets is an excellent way to get more out of training sessions and workouts. When you identify goals, try to be ambitious, but make sure your targets are realistic. If you have an end goal in mind, break down this target and try to reach milestones along the way. Take the example of a marathon. It would be virtually impossible to complete a marathon with no experience in running or previous training. Instead of aiming for this goal right from the start, set yourself a goal of completing a 5km run, then a 10km run followed by a half marathon. Celebrate every achievement along the way and keep working towards the final goal. 

Boost your confidence with new activewear

When you work out, it’s beneficial to feel confident and comfortable. Investing in new activewear is a fabulous way to increase motivation and make sure you look and feel the part. If you have long hair, it’s a good idea to think about wearing a headband. You’ll also need to consider what kinds of clothing you need for the activity in which you’re participating. Comfortable, light clothing, which enables you to move freely and stretch is ideal for activities, such as yoga and Pilates, while clothing that provides more support is great for high-intensity activities such as sprinting and jumping. You may need layers for outdoor pursuits, such as hiking, climbing and mountain biking. Opt for gym wear and clothing that catches your eye and try on different items to make sure that the fit and quality meet your expectations. 

Understand the benefits of exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, but do you know why having an active lifestyle is so beneficial? Increasing activity levels helps to improve circulation, flexibility, strength and fitness, but crucially, it can also reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening illnesses and boost mental health. Exercise is proven to aid sleep and lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer, and it also makes you feel good. You may find that you feel exhausted after a workout, but regular exercise increases energy levels and produces a natural high. This happens because when you move, your body releases endorphins and the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain increase. 

Push yourself

Pushing yourself during an exercise class or a training session will make you feel amazing. As long as you know your limits, and you’re not putting yourself at risk of an injury, you should find that you feel incredible when you finish and you know you’ve tried your best. Always ensure that you take the time to warm up and cool down, make sure your technique is good and give yourself time to rest and recover between workouts. If you feel tired, or your muscles hurt, take a break. Seek medical advice if you have pain. 

Exercise is hugely beneficial for mental and physical health. If you’re thinking about starting a new fitness regime, or you’re keen to increase your activity levels, take these tips on board to get more out of every session. Whether you’re going for a gentle jog, you’re doing classes with friends or you’re training in preparation to take on a challenge, there are ways to maximize enjoyment, boost your health and get results.

Valentine Gift Ideas for the Fitness Fanatic

If you are like us, you may have put on a few pounds during the past year and a half. Covid did a lot of damage to many people’s health, waistlines included. Now that we are starting to move toward normalcy, it might be a good time to start to get your body back. After all, the better you look, the better you feel- and the better you feel, the better you will look. It’s a win-win. You know how active we are here, and we are looking forward to getting back to ourselves as much as anyone.

Here are some items that can help you get back on track!


Whirly Board – Balance Board
Whirly Board is the most versatile gift to give your favorite fitness lover (or get one for yourself). Use it at home or while working out, it’s perfect for board sports training or yoga. Keep moving for better overall health! It has 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, so a lot of people are having fun with this one. My husband in particular likes it.  Add a little fitness, agility, and fun to your routine with Whirly Board. The Whirly Board allows you to spin 360˚ and engage all your body’s core muscles, so it is an excellent training tool for any skill level (even kids). It’s a fun addition for your home or gym. Whirly Board is a great option for core training and home fitness without the need for bulky gym equipment that takes up tons of space. An indoor training tool, it improves strength, balance, and agility. Practice spin and tricks and take your twirl to a whole new level.
hot cold bottle
Price: $29.95
This is one heavy bottle, let me tell you! Use it as a weapon if you’re ever backed into a corner, haha. Keep your fitness enthusiast hydrated through whatever they do with The BOULDER. The BOULDER vacuum insulated water bottle is the flagship bottle of EcoVessel that will keep your drinks hot or cold all day long. Made from premium 18/8 stainless steel, it features the signature TriMax® triple insulation and keeps drinks cold up to 60 hours and hot up to 12 hours. The BOULDER stainless steel water bottle also includes a removable strainer for tea, fruit, and ice cubes, which is pretty handy for tea drinkers (or those of us with sensitive teeth- no more ice cube smacking you in the mouth). Available on Amazon
phone charger
Also sold on BestBuy
My husband has loves this, and it was great to have around during the recent storm. We lost power for 20 hours, and it held a charge super well. We’ve also taken it out hiking, and John goes long distance running on weekends- it’s never had an issue with the rain or snow or any other weather, and he’s definitely dropped it more than once. No problems as of writing this.
For the past five years, Poseidon has built a reputation for being the best portable charger on the market. Introducing the new Poseidon Pro by Dark Energy, an upgraded portable charging system that is fully waterproof (IP68), drop-proof, and crushproof, and is certified to military standard MIL-STD 810G. Recently upgraded to add more advanced tech enhancements, you can’t go wrong with this handy device by your side and never be stranded without power again (even in the extreme cold).
ice pack
Price: $34.95
I’ve got to say, this was hard to wear on your wrist. It was bulky and made it hard to move your hands, as well as didn’t keep the ice/gel pack on the wrist well. Not on my hand, nor on my husband’s. However, when you take the gel pack and put it in your bra- it’s the perfect size, and was instantly cooling. I’m not joking, it was great, and it fit great on the pressure point between your breasts. Guys….well, can’t help you on that one, not sure how you’d keep it there. It also worked if you put the gel pack on your wraparound headband if you have one, right at the back at the point where your neck meets your head. Temples, too. The ice gel packs were the perfect size for so many spots that cooled your down- However, this is off topic.
As for the cuff, here is the info via the company- it is available on Amazon, and a Veteran-Owned Business, made in the USA.
The Cooling Cuff is solely focused on helping your body cool down properly. Wear it on your wrist for the optimal place to cool down during or after a workout. Cooling the body at the wrist can alter thermoregulation, rapidly lower core body temperature and quickly restore temperature homeostasis. That means athletes can train longer, run faster and recover quicker without their bodies using all their energy to cool down.
Price: $21.95
Sold on Target ($19.99)
These are super useful. Easy to clean, store, and durable, you will find a million reasons to use them. As with a traditional bento box, these divided to-go containers from U-Konserve are easy to separate food and great for portion control. Perfect waste-free solution for daily lunches, takeout, picnics, travel, outdoor adventures, bulk shopping and salad bars. Pack snacks, lunches and main meals while reducing single-use packaging. These square containers are also ideal for kitchen organization, pantry makeovers, meal prep and family leftovers. I also use them for my friend’s daughter when she comes over to eat, who doesn’t like her food to touch. The barrier in the middle keeps them separate, and that keeps us all sane, LOL.
packable luggage
Super useful, and the price is right at $23. Ever been on a trip, and you accidentally buy too many souvenirs? or when you try to repack your bag with the dirty laundry, it just doesn’t fit properly? This will be a lifesaver, I literally do not travel without one anymore- you just never know when you will need it! This bag (an in my past, bags like it) take up no room really in your luggage, but are big on value when you find yourself up a creek, LOL.
Of course, you can just use it as a normal duffle bag in the meantime.
Whether it be a trip to the gym or an outdoor adventure, the 22 L Nomad Packable Duffel allows you to take what you need and more- it’s very roomy. Constructed from durable reinforced nylon, it stuffs into its own pocket so you can travel with it easily. When it’s time to stash it, turn the interior pocket inside out. Then stuff the entire duffel into the pocket, and zip it closed. (It’s as shockingly easy as it sounds, really.)

Use These Tricks To Enhance Your Workout Routine

Are you struggling to see the results that you hoped for with your workout routine? If so, then it’s important to understand that everyone is different. This means that you might not see the same results with your workout as someone who is taking similar steps. It largely depends on various factors including your metabolism. That’s why it could be worth exploring some tricks to boost your workout performance. Here are the key choices that we recommend.

working out with weights


First, you could think about using supplements as a way to ensure that you can achieve more with your workout routine. There are lots of supplements on the market and they aren’t all equal. So, you do need to make sure that you look at the reviews of the products first. But they can be very helpful. For instance, some people find that CBD products provide the energy that they need to ensure that they can go a lot further with their exercise routine. If you are interested in this possibility, then it’s worth exploring what products like this are available on the market. 


Next, you should consider using music. This could be useful if you are struggling to find the motivation you need to get fit. A lot of people find that the most difficult aspect of working out is always taking those first few steps towards the gym. With the right music, you can give yourself a thumping playlist and ensure that you feel driven to perform. This is why a lot of gyms typically have upbeat music pumping through speakers. It encourages individuals to reach their maximum potential and go further than they did before. 

Fitness Class 

You could also think about joining a fitness class. The big benefit of a fitness class is that it means you can work out with people who are pushing towards similar goals to you which is always going to be great news. It’s going to ensure that you feel more empowered because there will be someone next to you, willing you to move forward. This is exactly what a lot of people need to reach their limit in terms of physical fitness. You might be uncomfortable with working out in public and that’s understandable. A lot of people feel this way. Instead of attending a gym, you could join a remote fitness class and still get the motivation you need. 

Tracking Tech 

Finally, you might want to consider using tracking tech as a way to boost your workout performance. The benefit of using tracking tech is that you will be able to know exactly how much work you are completing and whether you are putting in enough effort. It’s possible that to achieve the right level of progress, you need to be ready to up the pace. Tracking tech will make it far easier to do this. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the ways that you can enhance your workout and ensure that it’s easier for you to achieve your goals. By taking the right steps, you can lose weight and get your body into the right shape without too much pain or stress. 

How to increase Plant-Based foods in your eating plan #huel

Plant-based eating not only provides health benefits, it’s good for the environment too. Having a diet rich in plant-based sources is becoming increasingly common, especially with younger generations driving the conversation around sustainability.

Relying on plant-based foods as a primary food source can have a massive effect, and if we all choose plant-based options even a few times a week, we can change the world. The greatest journey starts with the smallest step.

What is a plant-based diet?
A plant-based diet is a diet that consists mainly of foods from plants. Such foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. Meat intake is minimal if any.

There are many reasons why people eat a plant-based diet including environmental, ethical and health concerns. I am not suggesting to eliminate meat from a person’s diet completely, however, reducing meat and animal food consumption is one of the quickest and simple ways an individual can reduce their carbon footprint.

What foods should we eat to achieve daily recommended nutrients, vitamins, minerals on a plant-based diet?
There are some easy ways to ensure, with a plant-based diet, you can get the recommended amounts of all nutrients:
–       Eat the rainbow.
As different color foods usually contain different levels of nutrients, it’s important to eat a variety. For example, the phytonutrient, lycopene which is an antioxidant that protects against cell damage and gives tomatoes its red color. While carotenoids, another group of antioxidants, give fruits and vegetables orange and yellow colors, such as carrots.

–       Get enough Vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12, which plays a vital role in helping the body produce red blood cells can usually be perceived as tricky to get enough of with a plant-based diet. The good news is, it’s really not. As a start, try incorporating plant-based milks that are that are fortified with B12, and calcium and vitamin D. Cereals, meat alternatives and some soy products are often fortified with B12 too. Taking a B12 supplement also rids any concerns.

–       Ensure adequate omega-3 consumption.
If oily fish is not part of your eating plan, then foods such as walnuts, soy and flaxseed are ways to ensure adequate omega 3 consumption. Flaxseed is one of Huel’s six main ingredients and contains the omega-3 essential fatty acid ALA. Omega-3 fats are generally low in a Western diet and adequate omega-3 consumption is important to support cardiovascular health.

–       Keep your iron up
Iron is not just found in meat food sources. Dark leafy greens, nuts and dried fruits are great sources of iron. Iron is crucial for oxygen transport, cognitive function and the immune system. Iron from plant sources can be harder to absorb, but again, there’s no need to worry. Iron absorption can also be increased by the presence of vitamin C which is found in lots of fruits and vegetables such as oranges and peppers. It’s where the idea of having orange juice with breakfast comes from – to increase the iron that is added to cereals.

Huel contains 280% of the nutrient reference value using only plant sources. Although this looks high, it’s to account for the bioavailability of iron and it’s interaction with other nutrients, which can also affect its absorption.

How do you transition to plant-based eating?
Whether your motivation to increase plant-based foods to your eating plan is to improve your health or environmental footprint, incorporating higher amounts of plant-based foods can be achievable.
–       Make small changes over time.
Start by eating one plant-based meal a day. This will be easier to stick with rather than making large, unsustainable changes overnight. If preparing a nutritious meal in the middle of the day is not easily achievable, and your nearby lunchtime corner shop leaves you limited with health plant-based or vegan options, then Huel is a good convenient and nutritious meal option. It’s a nutritionally complete meal providing all 27 essential vitamins and minerals with an ideal macronutrient split, with good quality carbohydrates, fats and protein.

–       Make some easy fridge swaps.
A good place to start is by swapping dairy milk with almond or oat milk such as Oatly.  The rapidly growing plant-based meat industry lead by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods is also providing shoppers with plenty of options.

–       Change your mindset.
Instead of thinking, “I can’t eat meat,” think about all the wonderful things you can eat and how beneficial these are for your health (and the planet). Stop focussing on meat as the hero on your plate and rather, build your plate with new and nutritious food choices.

Huel was co-founded by James Collier, Registered Nutritionist with 20 years experience with the national health service in the UK. James is a renowned nutrition expert with over 25 years working in nutrition and dietetics. His experience also includes working in the NHS (UK) as a clinical dietitian covering an array of clinical areas.

Huel’s mission is to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimum impact on animals and the environment. With this in mind, Huel’s products are 100% vegan.

2020 Life Hacks: Some Genuinely Helpful New Year’s Resolutions

Society is turning against the idea of the New Year’s resolution. What did you hear when you went back into the office after the holidays? Probably a lot of people claiming they either didn’t make resolutions or expected to break them soon.

There is still a benefit to resolutions though — they just need to be actually achievable and manageable. If you’re struggling to make a little change that improves your productivity, happiness and fulfillment take a look at our 2020 life hack new year’s resolutions. 

Be more sociable 

In the early months of the year, everyone is usually a bit sick of socializing. Winter can be a lonely season though, so it’s good to keep your relationships strong and try to build new friendships. Lots of people give up drinking or plunge themselves into their work as part of their resolutions, which can end up being isolating. 

Make a concerted effort to be more sociable in 2020. Join clubs for your hobbies so you can meet likeminded people. Start attending events on your own and force yourself to talk to new people who look friendly. It can be a daunting experience, but one that will genuinely help your confidence and social life in the long run. 

You don’t even need to be super-social so achieve this resolution. Rekindle relationships by inviting old friends over for dinner parties and Friday night get-togethers. There’s no need to do anything extravagant, you just keep yourselves entertained with a friendly game. Classic card games are incredibly easy to learn in their simplest form and don’t require much attention, so no arguing over the rules if things do get a bit heated!

Walk more

One of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to implement into your routine. Walking more requires minimal effort and thought, and best of all it’s free! You just need to get out of the house and start walking. Even the subtlest change in walking habits can improve your mindset and wellbeing massively. 

Rather than driving or getting the bus to work, wake up a little early and walk there. If you find yourself feeling down every morning on public transport, rid yourself of those routine blues with a walk every now and again. Feel like you don’t know anything about your town or city? Walking is a great way to get out there and find new places you wouldn’t have found otherwise, whether you’re new to the area or have lived there all your life. 

Walking can change you so much, from mindset to posture. Make this easily-implementable change and you’ll feel like you’ve found the cheat to life.

Shop second hand 

Sustainability is the hot new fashion trend. Buying online is yesterday’s style and a commitment to stop using fast fashion and only shopping second hand is one of the best resolutions you can make for yourself and the planet. 

Charity shops are a huge fashion life hack. So many people choose to give away their old clothes rather than throw them out that it’s easy to find gems out there. You’ll also feel a lot better for not shopping online.

Not only is there no guilt about the packaging or delivery, but nothing ever looks quite the same as it does online. You’re only going to end up being disappointed and returning it.

Wake up 15 minutes early

You can do a lot in 15 minutes. The idea of waking up early doesn’t sound like an exciting life change, but those extra minutes can change your whole day. Do those extra 15 minutes snoozing in bed actually make you feel better? Chances are, they don’t, they just break up your sleep pattern and make you more resentful when you drag yourself into the shower. 

An extra 15 minutes every morning gives you over an hour more of your week, and you can use that time however you want. No more rushing around after half an hour of smashing the snooze button. You can be productive, you can get creative, you can test your brain with puzzles or you can sit back and relax with a coffee. As long as you’re out of bed that’s the important thing. 

An easy state of mind change with practical results for your routine. Combine this with going to bed early for maximum results. 

You shouldn’t feel like your resolution is breathing down your neck, pressuring you to avoid the things you love to do. It should be a little background change with big results. Find the life hacks for your routine and build a better person off of them.

5 Tips for Family Physical Fitness You Have to Try


Getting into physical fitness is hard work, but it is also excellent for your health and will lead to a better quality of life. You might be surprised by how well you feel after you try these 5 things – and if you involve the family, you can have fun together. 

1). Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

If you like fitness, fun, and a chance to experience nature out on the open water, stand up paddle boarding is probably the perfect water sport for you and for your family. It’s easy enough to describe, at least in terms of the basic concept: you stand on a board, a paddle board that is longer than your typical surfboard, and use an oar to paddle.

Stand up paddle boarding is more beginner-friendly than surfing, because the idea is to paddle on calm waters rather than catch a wave in rough waters. There’s no reason this sport can’t be fun for the whole family: even surfing can be kid-friendly, and stand up paddle boarding is easier to get kids into than surfing.

Of course, working the oar is also very fitness-promoting. You burn calories and build muscle in your arms and in your core. 

While you might not think of fall and winter as the ideal time to get into a water sport, it’s the perfect time to grab a paddle board by taking advantage of Paddle Board Direct’s black Friday deals.

2). Try Yoga

Ah, yoga: what other fitness-promoting activity is so relaxing? Yoga is wonderful for increased flexibility, better muscle strength and tone, better breathing, more balanced metabolism, cardiovascular and circulatory health, and yes, weight reduction. 

Yoga also has mental health benefits. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, stress, and/or other mental health issues, yoga may be exactly what you need to clear your mind and help you experience inner peace, balance, and stability. 

Of course, yoga is also the perfect thing to try with your family. You may find it helps rambunctious youngsters to calm down, and older children will likely appreciate the greater flexibility and the feelings of well-being that you get after stretching. 

There are also many options for learning yoga. We’ve talked before about how you can promote your fitness with online yoga, and that may well be one of the best ways to learn. 

3). Try Basic Bodyweight & Cardio Exercises 

Sometimes the adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” is apropos, and one could argue that in fitness it is especially applicable to basic bodyweight and cardio exercises. 

If you think about it, it doesn’t get much better than lunges, pushups, and squats. Lunges promote functional movement and leg and glute strength. Pushups promote strength and stamina in numerous muscle groups. 

Squats are excellent for promoting lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in the lower back and hips – and because of the way they engage some of the body’s largest muscles, they are particularly good at burning calories. 

The whole family can benefit from these kinds of workouts, particularly because they aren’t that difficult to learn, but can be improved upon over time. 

4). Try Hiking

It’s hard to beat a simple hike for value: all you need is a good pair of shoes and a place to go that will be reasonably interesting and worthwhile to walk in. This may sometimes mean driving away from the home if you don’t live somewhere that is close enough to a good hiking trail.

Even many neighborhoods may have good places to take a hike, in the form of sidewalks and parks. If you’re doing a family hike, this may be a good place to start, especially with smaller children, but don’t stop there.

Over time and as you are able, you can take the family on hikes that are more challenging. You might try trails out in nature, in state or national parks. 

5). Backpacking

If you’re into hiking, backpacking is the next logical thing to try. In essence, backpacking is simply hiking with the addition of sufficient supplies to allow you to extend your hike and turn it into a camping trip.

Common backpacking gear includes sleeping bags, probably a tent, sufficient clothing – you will want to dress for the weather, night and day – and utensils and a camp stove, provisions – think dehydrated food, and water as well as a water filtration device with purification tablets. 

As the above non-exhaustive list indicates, backpacking does take some gear and some careful preparation, but if you don’t mind the investment of time and care it can be an incredible experience for the whole family.


Whether you’re doing yoga in your living room or stand up paddle boarding on a lake or river near you, promoting physical fitness can be a tremendous amount of fun as well as something that you can involve the whole family with. Hopefully these 5 tips have given you plenty of ideas about where to start.  


Jumpstart your Fitness with Online Yoga

We live in a world that is obsessed with working out and diet culture. Everywhere you turn, you are bombarded by images of diet pills, workout gear, weight loss shakes, and more. If you are not already totally consumed by the diet and exercise craze, it can be an intimidating thing to fall into. This is particularly true when it comes to working out. Going to the gym, and especially to fitness classes, can be scary and intimidating and can leave you feeling embarrassed about your body and fitness. Cut out the fear associated with public fitness by getting back into shape with Glo yoga online. 


What is Glo?

Glo is basically the answer to your fitness prayers. It is a great way to get back into the shape in the comfort your own home, or really anywhere you want to access it. Glo is an online yoga website that has thousands of workouts at the tip of your fingertips. These workout programs focus on holistic wellness and can help you to look and feel your best without having to brave a sweaty gym or a communal workout mat. 


How does Glo work?

Glo starts with an honest fitness assessment where you analyze your skill level for yoga. Are you a brand new beginner? Are you an absolute yoga God or Goddess? The lucky part is that Glo has classes for both of these skill levels, as well as everything in between. With Glo, you will find a workout that is perfect for you, that pushes you to your next level, and that leaves you feeling more confident in your skin than ever before. 


Your Glo journey will start with a 15-day free trial. This trial will give you access to the website so that you can see just how easy it is to pick an instructor and workout that is right for you. After the trial, when you become a member, you will be able to teach thousands of workout with different difficulties and objectives. No matter what you’re looking for, Glo has something for you. 


How can online yoga benefit me?

Glo is great for your heart, your spirit, and your mind. With constant distractions that come with living in the technical age that we are in, it can be hard to unwind and find your peace. With Glo, you will be able to take a step back, to center, and to focus on what really matters. Stress management is one of the absolute musts when it comes to self-care and success. With Glo, you will be able to manage your stress and keeps your thoughts filtered and streamlined. Not only will you see physical results, but you will also feel and perform better when you incorporate online yoga into your every-day routine. 


What if I don’t like Glo?

If you start the program and then decide that Glo isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or obligations. We want to find the workout that is right for you, and you will not be punished from changing your mind or taking a break. 

Online yoga is a great way to get the body and mind you’ve always wanted, without facing the intimidation and scrutiny of the gym. To learn more about Glo yoga and to start your journey, visit our website today.