2020 Life Hacks: Some Genuinely Helpful New Year’s Resolutions

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Society is turning against the idea of the New Year’s resolution. What did you hear when you went back into the office after the holidays? Probably a lot of people claiming they either didn’t make resolutions or expected to break them soon.

There is still a benefit to resolutions though — they just need to be actually achievable and manageable. If you’re struggling to make a little change that improves your productivity, happiness and fulfillment take a look at our 2020 life hack new year’s resolutions. 

Be more sociable 

In the early months of the year, everyone is usually a bit sick of socializing. Winter can be a lonely season though, so it’s good to keep your relationships strong and try to build new friendships. Lots of people give up drinking or plunge themselves into their work as part of their resolutions, which can end up being isolating. 

Make a concerted effort to be more sociable in 2020. Join clubs for your hobbies so you can meet likeminded people. Start attending events on your own and force yourself to talk to new people who look friendly. It can be a daunting experience, but one that will genuinely help your confidence and social life in the long run. 

You don’t even need to be super-social so achieve this resolution. Rekindle relationships by inviting old friends over for dinner parties and Friday night get-togethers. There’s no need to do anything extravagant, you just keep yourselves entertained with a friendly game. Classic card games are incredibly easy to learn in their simplest form and don’t require much attention, so no arguing over the rules if things do get a bit heated!

Walk more

One of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to implement into your routine. Walking more requires minimal effort and thought, and best of all it’s free! You just need to get out of the house and start walking. Even the subtlest change in walking habits can improve your mindset and wellbeing massively. 

Rather than driving or getting the bus to work, wake up a little early and walk there. If you find yourself feeling down every morning on public transport, rid yourself of those routine blues with a walk every now and again. Feel like you don’t know anything about your town or city? Walking is a great way to get out there and find new places you wouldn’t have found otherwise, whether you’re new to the area or have lived there all your life. 

Walking can change you so much, from mindset to posture. Make this easily-implementable change and you’ll feel like you’ve found the cheat to life.

Shop second hand 

Sustainability is the hot new fashion trend. Buying online is yesterday’s style and a commitment to stop using fast fashion and only shopping second hand is one of the best resolutions you can make for yourself and the planet. 

Charity shops are a huge fashion life hack. So many people choose to give away their old clothes rather than throw them out that it’s easy to find gems out there. You’ll also feel a lot better for not shopping online.

Not only is there no guilt about the packaging or delivery, but nothing ever looks quite the same as it does online. You’re only going to end up being disappointed and returning it.

Wake up 15 minutes early

You can do a lot in 15 minutes. The idea of waking up early doesn’t sound like an exciting life change, but those extra minutes can change your whole day. Do those extra 15 minutes snoozing in bed actually make you feel better? Chances are, they don’t, they just break up your sleep pattern and make you more resentful when you drag yourself into the shower. 

An extra 15 minutes every morning gives you over an hour more of your week, and you can use that time however you want. No more rushing around after half an hour of smashing the snooze button. You can be productive, you can get creative, you can test your brain with puzzles or you can sit back and relax with a coffee. As long as you’re out of bed that’s the important thing. 

An easy state of mind change with practical results for your routine. Combine this with going to bed early for maximum results. 

You shouldn’t feel like your resolution is breathing down your neck, pressuring you to avoid the things you love to do. It should be a little background change with big results. Find the life hacks for your routine and build a better person off of them.

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