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Most of you know this chick is trying to lose a few, and get back into her fighting weight (and body!)  While I love my time at the gym, I’m no stranger to home workouts, so Gorilla Gym’s claim that it’s the “the world’s most versatile home gym,” raised a few eyebrows around here. But after living with it for a few weeks, we have to agree.

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The basic gym weighs just 8 pounds and takes about a minute to install into any standard-size doorway, where it’s certified to hold up to 300 pounds—without holes or sheetrock-cracking pressure mounts. What makes the Gorilla Gym so unique are all the plug-and-play attachments, like air straps, indoor swing, rings, and ladders. As the weather gets colder, having a Gorilla Gym means you’ll no longer have any excuse for not exercising—or not having fun. $59.95 for the core unit.

The Gorilla Gym is a great workout system for those of us with limited space and the inability or dedicate a piece of valuable floor space to  workout equipment.  There are many uses for the gym, from fitness, to yoga, boxing, you can even use it as a children’s playground, swing, ladder, hanging rope, etc.  Some specific uses include but are not limited to: pull-ups, aerial yoga, heavy bag punching, even a speed punching bag and an indoor swing to keep the kids active and busy during those long winter months.  In order to get the fullest extent of the Gorilla Gym, there are various packages available for users, including Core, General Fitness, Children’s, and Boxing/ Martial Arts.  This little machine is a modern marvel and perfect for anyone who would like to have a gym, in a creative fun way.   Also very nice is the Gorilla Gym will NOT force you to put holes in any of your walls or ceiling.  Once it is taken down there is little to no evidence of it being there in first place.
For a better explanation, in a more visual manor see the YouTube video below:


  1. Nice review and perfect for home workout.

  2. I gotta have me one of those!

  3. vickie couturier says

    yeah,I need this too,but im afraid id pull the wall down trying


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