Kirby Planet Robobot

planet robobot

Kirby and his pals have been in a plethora of games for many different Nintendo system, each time a new adventure with the same fun Kirby flavor. In his newest adventure, Kirby sports some kick butt robot armor to save his world from a resource-eating robot-based enemy.

The game Kirby Planet Robobot is a side scrolling platforming game where you control the cute pink fan-favorite Kirby. In this game, he has the ability to suck up and eat his enemies and absorb their powers or shoot them out as stars at others.

The game play is simple to master and makes for some fun puzzles and level designs which change Kirby into a fire wielding robot, a blade and saw slicing robot, and even a car or rocket ship.

Each level introduces a new play dynamic while keeping the player in a light hearted, fun adventure.  The game itself is easy to play, but there are tons of collectibles to grab along the way. These include stickers to customize your robot and digital cubes which open up secret levels in each land.  Each land has a general theme like water or desert, and take Kirby on a whirl-wind adventure culminating in a boss battle.  The boss battles can be difficult, but of course once the boss’s pattern is figured out they become easier.

Personally, Kirby has always been a favorite in our house, and with this game is no different. It is fun for the little guy and a challenge to collect all the perks for dad.  Included in the game are 5 game modes including the main story, Meta Knightmare Returns, The Arena, Team Kirby Clash, and Kirby 3D Rumble.  Each a separate and different game, the main story is a blast to play through.  Meta Knightmare lets you take on the role of one of Kirby nemesis Mata Knight, The Arena is a rush game where scores can be shared via street pass, Team Kirby is a light RPG game which is unsurprisingly a blast, while Kirby 3D Rumble brings Kirby game play into a 3D arena.

Kirby Planet Robobot also supports amiibo power ups which are activated when the amiibo is tapped on the 3DS. According to Nintendo, “Four new amiibo figures will be available in stores at a suggested retail price of $12.99 each. These include fun new models for Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight, as well as the lovable Waddle Dee, who makes his amiibo debut. While playing, tapping these new amiibo figures gives Kirby new looks and/or abilities. In fact, players can tap any amiibo figure to trigger something in the game. When using the Kirby, King Dedede or Meta Knight amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series, Kirby will receive the Smash Bros., Hammer and Sword abilities, respectively, as well as a special body color. When tapping any nonKirby character amiibo like Mario, Kirby will receive a random Copy Ability that is already in the game. Some of these abilities even relate to the amiibo itself, such as earning the Sword ability when tapping Link or the Poison ability when tapping Ganondorf.”

Kirby Planet Robobot is available now on both the eShop, retail stores nationwide, and at at a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information about the game, visit


Nintendo’s Box Boy and Affordable Space Adventure

There are a plethora of downloadable titles available for the 3DS and Wii U, most of which are good games, but to sift out the gems can be difficult and costly. I’m really liking the new and less expensive Affordable Space Adventure for the Wii U and BoxBoy! for the 3DS.
Affordable Space Adventure takes the player on a (surprise) space adventure aboard a space ship navigating an alien world. The ship is controlled with lots of switches and buttons which would be confusing for one player with a normal controller, but the Wii U’s Gamepad makes controls a breeze. Where this game really shines is in two player mode. Both players control one ship, each delegated certain responsibilities, from navigation, to engines, mass control and signal flares. This may sound confusing and convoluted, but actually it works quite well. Navigating to the next area is often a puzzle where players must work together and communicate well in order to proceed. This is great for my son and his daddy-  this game gets the two of them to work together and talk out what they need in a reasonable way or the puzzle will be unsolved. This game is great fun and was developed by Swedish Indie developer Nifflas. The graphics are eye catching and colorful, yet dark and foreboding. Not only is the game fun to play but as a by stander not playing it is interesting to see the player dynamic between two players working together constantly.
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Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter

Disclosure- We received the below in order to complete this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.


There are many Nintendo characters out there who, after a major to minor introduction in a Mario game, received their own spin off game. Some of this elite crew are Yoshi, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Of these classic characters the newest addition is Captain Toad. Captain Toad started out life as a series of mini games in Super Mario 3D world. The mini games were puzzles where the player manipulated the point of view using the Wii U game pad to navigate carious 3D worlds based on the current levels Mario is working on.


Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter builds upon this premise of puzzle solving through point of view manipulation and changing camera angles. The interesting bit about Captain Toad is he has no powers, no jumping at all, just running and walking. Of his unique talents, he can puck plants which reveal themselves to be gold coins or turnips which can be used to defeat enemies. Also Captain Toad can collect a pickaxe which can destroy enemies and blockades.
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New amiibo From Nintendo

Disclosure- we received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are out own and honest.  My son is a Nintendo Kid Reviewer.

12-21-14 cannon product 015

Brand new and just in time for the holiday season are Nintendo’s new amiibo (Wii U compatible). The best part about these video game figurines is that you don’t need to buy a portal or system upgrade to use them- just the figurines.  This cuts the cost and makes them more accessible to everyone. Buy only the ones you want, customize them in the games, and interact the way you want to.  This is new experience for Nintendo fans in the game play and toys coming to life area, joining the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity.  These amiibo characters are ONLY Nintendo, and they interact with Wii U games and across multiple games (like the relatively new Super Smash Brothers).  The figures retail for about $15 each, and you can collect many of your favorite characters now.
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Super Smash Brothers for 3DS #VideoGames

There are many types of video games available for purchase some are ok, some are good some are stunning gems. We are going to look at one of the stunning gems for the 3DS, Super Smash Brothers. Smash Brothers is a fighting game which has a plethora of Nintendo and non-Nintendo characters who face off in multi-person fights in last man standing type battles. Each character has different special attacks; different weapons, different speeds, and different heights and weights all of which will help you decide who your favorite is and who your personal enemy is. Personally I love Link and Little Mac. Each character can be broken down into three basic fighting categories, gunner, swordsman, or hand to hand. Mega Man is a good example of a gunner, his gun arm fires bullets and charged blasts at your opponents. Link is a swordsman who caries not only his legendary sword but also a shield and other items from his game. The sword has a longer reach then hand to hand but it take longer to swing the sword leaving the player open to attacks. Hand to hand is fast and furious with fists flying at a blinding pace but a limited reach Little Mac is an excellent hand to hand fighter.
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Skylanders Trap Team

With the recent craze of toys meet video games, Skylanders has been one top producer. With an ever expanding army of toys as well as innovative new ways to play, Skylanders are in it for the long haul. Their most recent release is no different. Instead of swapping or modifying figures, now you can trap villain characters and use them in game as your own. This might sound confusing or difficult, but in true Skylanders fashion, it is easy and fun to play. Also for the first time, you will be able to play as Kaos, who is the main villain and has never been playable previously.

10 13 14 161Skylanders started with Spyro’s Adventure and the collecting began which was the originator of bring toys into the video game through a portal. This was a smashing success and led to Skylanders Giants which brought us big figures and characters who were more powerful as well as larger in game. Also brought into the game are light-core figures who have glowing light core parts and updates of previous figures. Swap Force came next allowing players to swap out character traits to put together their favorites into a new character. Now we have Trap Team which uses special crystals to capture enemies which can be summoned then controlled by the player to further expand the Skylanders universe.
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Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart is back and in a huge way.  With HD graphics, anti-gravity driving, and 30 characters, the game is packed to the brim with fun.  Mario Kart has always been one of the “go to” games in the Nintendo franchise, mixing fast moving racing and action style fighting while racing, the games have consistently improved and built more onto the previous iteration.  This is particularly true of Mario Kart 8.  The first thing you will notice is the graphics, sharp and bright and loud its like having and arcade game in your living room- except you and your friends don’t need fist fulls of quarters in order to wipe the floor with each other.  Another advantage of having Mario Kart for the Wii U is the controller, it is perfect for racing games and in my opinion more fun then using the Wii controller.  But both are available for usage with the game.  Also usable is the Wii U Pro controller which is another welcome addition to the party.  Up to 4 players can play at the same time with easy Grand Prix, Challenge more or Balloon popping.  Grand Prix being a set of 4 races and a grand champion is crowned, Challenge is player controlled opponents only to keep the race pure and no one complaining about that Red Shell Luigi keeps throwing at them at the finish line.  Balloon popping is more of a battle royale with lots of action and tons of fun.
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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

toys and nintendo 050Donkey Kong has been around since the early 1980’s in the arcade game Donkey Kong.  Since then Donkey Kong has hopped from good to bad many times.  Then 1994 happened and Donkey Kong Country would solidify Donkey Kong as a Nintendo legend.  This Rare made game brought Donkey Kong to the lime light with a CGI look, new music and Mario-type platforming with his side kick Diddy Kong.  Country is back and on the Wii U with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.  This game is a fun romp through Donkey Kong and makes for a great game to play with kids.


Tropical Freeze starts with a  birthday party which is interrupted by the evil Snowmad armada.  Once it arrives they proceed to freeze over the tropical landscape.  Out heroes Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Kranky Kong.  When Donkey Kong is teamed up with on of his cohorts the team has new powers.  Diddy Kong has a rocket pack, Dixie has helicopter hair and Kranky has a bounce staff.  These powers open up areas of each level which were previously unreachable.  The player has the option to either do your best to finish or do your best to collect everything.  This may seem difficult but with some thinking and some luck all are reachable.
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