Nintendo’s Box Boy and Affordable Space Adventure

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There are a plethora of downloadable titles available for the 3DS and Wii U, most of which are good games, but to sift out the gems can be difficult and costly. I’m really liking the new and less expensive Affordable Space Adventure for the Wii U and BoxBoy! for the 3DS.
Affordable Space Adventure takes the player on a (surprise) space adventure aboard a space ship navigating an alien world. The ship is controlled with lots of switches and buttons which would be confusing for one player with a normal controller, but the Wii U’s Gamepad makes controls a breeze. Where this game really shines is in two player mode. Both players control one ship, each delegated certain responsibilities, from navigation, to engines, mass control and signal flares. This may sound confusing and convoluted, but actually it works quite well. Navigating to the next area is often a puzzle where players must work together and communicate well in order to proceed. This is great for my son and his daddy-  this game gets the two of them to work together and talk out what they need in a reasonable way or the puzzle will be unsolved. This game is great fun and was developed by Swedish Indie developer Nifflas. The graphics are eye catching and colorful, yet dark and foreboding. Not only is the game fun to play but as a by stander not playing it is interesting to see the player dynamic between two players working together constantly.


Affordable Space Adventure is now available exclusively on the Wii U eShop.

BoxBoy! Is a completely different animal on the other spectrum of puzzle gaming. The graphics are simple and stark, boxes and furniture. The premise is you are BoxBoy. BoxBoy can sprout new boxes from himself so solve various puzzles using different techniques and abilities to get to the end switch. Each level is easily digestible, and fast. The puzzles are prefect for fast gaming on the go, either waiting in line for something, or just to finish up this one last level that you just figured out. Each level builds on what you learned previously, so if you get stuck try taking a step back. My son loves this game. It is simple and intuitive to play, also he likes short levels with easily attainable goals. The puzzles can be difficult but not overly taxing for the little guy. This is a nice change of pace design wise and makes for a wonderful little handheld game. BoxBoy! Is out now on the Nintendo 3DS on the eShop.



  1. Jennifer H says

    Wow – that’s definitely a different style than other games you typically see. It sounds like something fun for you lil one to play!

  2. My husband LOVES video games especially now that he can spend time doing it with our 7 year old daughter. Will have to check this out…..especially the space one!

  3. Robin Gagnon says

    This gives me flashbacks to the really early video games my brother and I would play as kids.

  4. Wow those graphics are pretty awesome! I love that kids have to think of how to salve puzzles and stuff. That is a great way to keep them thinking.

  5. Aimee Fauci says

    I love video games that have amazing graphics and those that are simple. Simple is key for me.

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