5 Kid-Friendly Destinations Around the World

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It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season brings around a familiar setting and a yearning for togetherness. For some, family holiday vacations are a yearly tradition. Not only do parents and kids get to travel to new places, but they also learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays.

Of course, travel during the holiday season requires a lot of forethought. Not only do you have to purchase tickets (bus, plane, train) tickets ahead of time, but you have to agree with your family on your destination way beforehand in order to dodge the holiday season rush and price hikes. So, now’s the time to choose your destination, make it a good one.  If you’re running low on ideas, why not consider the following family-friendly destinations?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the most popular U.S. territories and vacation destinations, San Juan, Puerto Rico, is definitely recommended for beach goers. If you and your family are looking to find a good place to have some fun in the sun, this island may just be what you’re looking for. Many cheap airlines are now adding this destination to their itineraries, and tickets are being offered at a bargain value, especially for those traveling with kids. San Juan is also rich with historical sites and is easy to get lost in it’s archaic beauty. It may even give you and your family the photo opp you’ve been looking for to use as the family Christmas card.

cancun with kids

Cancun, Mexico

Much like San Juan, Cancun has beaches for days. Popular for it’s buzzing tourist industry complemented by stretches of golden sands, Cancun has been gaining fame for being one of the best family-friendly tourist destinations in the world. Cancun is abundant in kid-friendly, beach themed attractions while still providing an attractive nightlife for parents; not to mention both airfare and accommodations fit well within budget.

Los Angeles, Ca

It’s not called the City of Angels for nothing. Los Angeles has been featured as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S., but, what exactly makes it kid-friendly? Los Angeles, like Cancun and San Juan, also has miles of pristine, coastline, but that’s not all! LA is known for it’s entertainment and tourist industry, offering studio tours of your favorite shows and the option of visiting Hollywood’s historical landmarks. Los Angeles is also in close proximity to kid-favorite amusement parks, like Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farms, Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventures.

Paris, France

If you’ve never spent Christmas in France, it’s highly suggested you do. France is famous for its city-wide light displays, adorning both historic and tourist attractions. France not only becomes a winter wonderland during the holidays, but also provides tourists with a new, western European cultural experience. It’s ideal for families that love to explore new cities, attractions and history on walking tours, whether you’re visiting the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower or Disneyland Paris (Yes, they have one too). Not only will it make a memorable trip for you as an adult, but for your kids as well.

Beijing, China

For the ultimate holiday vacation and cultural experience, why not travel to Beijing, China? With anticipation, Chinese airfare is affordable, accommodations and food even more so. Beijing is perfect for families that love city exploration. Here, parents and kids alike can visit some of the world’s oldest structures around the city, including the Forbidden City. Stay until Christmas Eve and see the lantern light show around the city, it’s worth the trip. Make sure to bring your own lanterns (some of which can be bought at PartyLights.com) and join in on the celebration.

If vacationing is your holiday tradition, make the most of it; so consider these five, amazing, family-friendly destinations and start making lifelong memories.

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