5 Kid-Friendly Destinations Around the World

It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season brings around a familiar setting and a yearning for togetherness. For some, family holiday vacations are a yearly tradition. Not only do parents and kids get to travel to new places, but they also learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays.

Of course, travel during the holiday season requires a lot of forethought. Not only do you have to purchase tickets (bus, plane, train) tickets ahead of time, but you have to agree with your family on your destination way beforehand in order to dodge the holiday season rush and price hikes. So, now’s the time to choose your destination, make it a good one.  If you’re running low on ideas, why not consider the following family-friendly destinations?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the most popular U.S. territories and vacation destinations, San Juan, Puerto Rico, is definitely recommended for beach goers. If you and your family are looking to find a good place to have some fun in the sun, this island may just be what you’re looking for. Many cheap airlines are now adding this destination to their itineraries, and tickets are being offered at a bargain value, especially for those traveling with kids. San Juan is also rich with historical sites and is easy to get lost in it’s archaic beauty. It may even give you and your family the photo opp you’ve been looking for to use as the family Christmas card.

cancun with kids

Cancun, Mexico

Much like San Juan, Cancun has beaches for days. Popular for it’s buzzing tourist industry complemented by stretches of golden sands, Cancun has been gaining fame for being one of the best family-friendly tourist destinations in the world. Cancun is abundant in kid-friendly, beach themed attractions while still providing an attractive nightlife for parents; not to mention both airfare and accommodations fit well within budget.
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Looking for a Truly All Inclusive Experience? Book a Trip to the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun

Disclosure: I was invited to the Hard Rock Hotel resort and expenses were paid, but as always, all opinions are my own and honest. I was not required nor paid to write this review.

cancunA few weeks ago, I visited the beautiful Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. The beaches in Cancun are some of the best around, and it’s only a short flight for most Americans. Travel to Mexico is easy, flights are short, the food is good, and your dollar goes far. The Hard Rock Cancun was completely amazing- and truly all inclusive.

cancun mexicoAs I walked into the hotel, I was greeted with a most welcome frozen drink- it was quite warm outside, and after a very early flight from a very cold NY, and landing in a tropical paradise, the temperature change was something. Checking in with a cold drink in my hand was definitely a nice touch, and very thoughtful. The room I stayed in had two beds, a jacuzzi, and a double sink to make getting ready with a family easier and faster. The bathroom and shower were also in a separate room, so that one person could be showering while everyone else gets ready for dinner, the beach, or wherever you desire to go.

cancun-timetoplay As soon as I checked in, there were water bottles waiting for me in the room (as we all know not to drink the water in Mexico, our systems can’t handle it) and some fresh fruit was delivered- again, just little thoughtful touches. Also in the room was a small refrigerator that was full of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, juice boxes, and more- all part of the all inclusive price of the room. This is also useful if you have a baby on formula or for storing breast milk. It’s super convenient not to have to run out of the room every time you or your little one is thirsty.

cancun-timetoplay 152Also- if you are traveling by yourself, with friends, as a couple and left the kids at home (or perhaps left the family pet with a sitter) you know you will be nervous and want to check in from time to time. Your phone may or may not work in Mexico- but one more perk of the Hard Rock Hotel is that phone calls and internet are both included- make as many phone calls as you like, you won’t be charged extra fees. There are many hotels that claim to be all inclusive- this is the first where I truly wasn’t asked to spend money for extras like phone calls, internet, and even cans of soda or a mini bar in the room. Want room service at 2 am? Go ahead- call and order. It’s part of the package.

cancun-timetoplay 042Super thoughtful extras, like sunblock and even aloe, are available by the pool just in case some traveler forgot to bring theirs. Which from what I saw, many did, and made use of this basket. It was located by the towels, which you get fresh and clean as often as you need to.

cancun-timetoplay 100The resort is directly on the beach, which any parent will tell you is a huge plus. No need to lug all your gear and toys all up and down, just a few steps to the sand. If you like, there are lounge chairs and umbrellas right on the beach, set up and waiting for you. You can also rent cabanas for the day. If you prefer to lounge by the pool, this one won’t leave you wanting. There are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas situated all about the pools, as well as two swim up bars that have both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. There are several buffets with food all day and night long poolside, with tables and chairs to eat at as well if you prefer to just grab a quick poolside bite for lunch rather then go to one of the resort’s restaurants.

cancun-timetoplay 049When you are at the pool, there is always music playing, but often there is live music playing. Live bands, including former American Idol contestant Casey James, play regularly at the Hard Rock Hotel. There is a real party atmosphere to the place, while not being anywhere near out of control or frenzied. It’s just a laid back, fun, party place to be. The [Read more…]

Have Sippy- I’m Traveling! In #Mexico @KidZania

KidzaniaMe and my Little are traveling in Mexico City this week, visiting KidZania and checking out the sights of the area. KidZania is a fun theme park where kids can be adults for the day- work at “jobs”, earn money for working, spend it playing and on items they would like to buy (not real money, no worries mom- KidZania [Read more…]