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My son loves Peppa Pig.  The TV show is one of his favorites, and he can tune in on Nick Jr. daily.  When the first Peppa Pig toys came out, he was psyched.  Nothing is better then playing with your favorite characters and acting out the mischief they get into (and making up some of your own).  Truth be told, as much as he likes Peppa, he likes Daddy Pig more- he snorts WAY louder.  He also likes her baby brother George, because he throws toys, spaghetti, and hides from Peppa (which really peeves her).  So, the boys have it, according to my son.

peppa pig toy

Peppa is snarky, which amuses me.  She has quite an attitude for a little piglet, which I guess is fitting.  The toys looks just like the characters on the show, and many of them have moving parts or talk as well.   This new line of toys revolve around bedtime and bathtime, two of my son’s least favorite times of the day.  However, the former being my very most favorite  🙂

peppa pig
Bedtime Peppa Pig has cheeks that light up red, as well as she will sing lullaby songs, snort, and talk to you when you press her tummy.  She even has her own blankie (which is sewn to her so it can’t be lost, thus avoiding bedtime tantrums).   My son has a “thing” for singing bedtime toys- he has way too many, and they ALL go into his bed- and Peppa is his newest addition.  She even took a trip to Mexico with us last week.

peppa pig bedtime toy

If your child is familiar with Peppa, you know the “Muddy Puddles” theme.  There are plenty of shows about jumping in them, making muddy messes, and the toys, books, DVDs, and now new bath toys run the same gamut.  Kids like mud? Who would have thought.   The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig toys are cute- Peppa and George are covered in mud, and need a bath.  When you put them in warm water, the mud “disappears”.  The bathtub has suction cups on the side to stick to the bathtub wall, and a hole in the bottom to drain the water out.


  1. Debbie McClure says

    My daughter turns 13 tomorrow. She loves listening to Peppa (she is totally blind). She snorts to tell us she wants to watch it. Thank God for our DVR.

  2. my daughter loved Peppa! she is so cute. and the sets are so cool/

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Ha! I didn’t know much about Peppa pig, but I kinda like that she’s a little pip with attitude. That’s cute!

  4. Super cute stuff, my kids would love them!

  5. wow look at all that great Peppa Pig stuff. I love the Bath time Peppa

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