Peppa Pig – Fun New Toys


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My son loves Peppa Pig.  The TV show is one of his favorites, and he can tune in on Nick Jr. daily.  When the first Peppa Pig toys came out, he was psyched.  Nothing is better then playing with your favorite characters and acting out the mischief they get into (and making up some of your own).  Truth be told, as much as he likes Peppa, he likes Daddy Pig more- he snorts WAY louder.  He also likes her baby brother George, because he throws toys, spaghetti, and hides from Peppa (which really peeves her).  So, the boys have it, according to my son.

peppa pig toy

Peppa is snarky, which amuses me.  She has quite an attitude for a little piglet, which I guess is fitting.  The toys looks just like the characters on the show, and many of them have moving parts or talk as well.   This new line of toys revolve around bedtime and bathtime, two of my son’s least favorite times of the day.  However, the former being my very most favorite  🙂
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New Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi Toys

umi zoomiWith warmer weather, comes more time playing outside. More time outside means dirtier kids, and what does that mean? Yep- bathtime. Some kids are not thrilled with that part of their daily routine, but some fun new bath buddies can change that tune quickly.

umi zoomi toysCheck out the new Team Umizoomi bath squirters. These squirters are perfect for little hands, aged 2-5. They are easy to fill up and just squeeze them for a small jet of water. Each pack comes in a set of three character squirter. One set includes three of your child’s best buds from Umi Zoomi.

bubble gupp guitar

Next up are some Bubble Guppies toys. First of which is the Fin-tastic Guitar. With over 20 songs, phrases and sound effects [Read more…]