Polarn O Pyret Raingear

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There are tons of clothing lines out their for kids.  The trick is to find a favorite couple of lines and brands and stick with them.  Make sure they are reasonably priced, long lasting, wear well,  and available easily.With these simple outlines you are well on your way to a happy and fashionable childhood.  One such line of clothing which is one of our favorites is Polarn O Pyret.

kids rain gear

kids rain gear

Polanrn O Pyret started with the simple mentality of “We make the best children’s clothes in the world.”  They have backed this mentality for years and hopefully many more.

WE were given the opportunity to try out of os their rain ware including a rain coat, pants and boots.  All of which performed quite well in our stress test or as some may know it a rainy day at school.  The rainy days at school are usually attended by a plethora of children in rain garb but the real trick is to remember to bring home the coats and umbrellas once the sun pokes out.  This is easy for Little Man in his new Polarn O Pyret rain outfit because he loves the bright colors and basic pattern.  He is actually looking forward to the next down pour just to stomp around in the puddles.


just the rainpants

He especially likes the boots which fit his feet perfect and keep them warm and dry in the most saturating of rain storms.  When included in the rain outfit with the rain pants and coat your little ones will stay dry through the longest rain storm.  What i especially like is the elastic around the wrists and ankles of the coat and pants this keeps rain out in a comfortable way instead of being overly bulky.  Jackets come in choices of threes colors, red, dark blue and light blue, boots are available in black or red and the rain pants are available in dark blue, red and light blue.  All the rain gear is available here at Polarn O Pyret.

Check him out on instagram  🙂 http://instagram.com/p/ojD7ykp6u5/?modal=true



  1. This is a great outfit. I love how it has the reflection strip on both the jacket and the pants. This would be perfect for my kids since we live in the PNW. We fet plenty of rain.

  2. vickie couturier says

    really cute,,nice rain gear for a wet day and yucky wet heavy rains that ppl have been getting lately

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