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Need to get your gear on this season?  Protect your phone, your ears, your photos, and keep it all together as you move along with the latest must have gadgets.

07 26 14 lumix 020Wires, wires, everywhere, and no one knows where they go.  Or how to untangle them.  Why not go wireless?  The Kinivo BTH240 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $35 on will keep you in tune with the music but without the wires- not only great for teens, but for younger kids who (like my 6 year old) want to chew the wires.  Not a problem if there are no wires to gnaw on.  They work with almost any device, and make it easy to wander about the car, plane, hotel room (wherever) without crossing mom and dad’s wires. Once you try these, you will wonder what you did before you had them.

07 26 14 lumix 025I love my new Samsung Galaxy S5. I want to protect it from all the abuse I dole out to my travel gear as best I can.  The new PureGear: DualTek ExtremeCase for Samsung Galaxy S5 is amazing, it fits like a glove, doesn’t inhibit photos or phone use, and takes quite a beating. It doesn’t add much in the way of bulk, and comes in 3 colors (yellow, white, and black).  The shock case keeps it safe from drops, scratches, and has padded rubber corners to absorb impact and isolate vibration. The material is tough yet flexible, and very durable while not compromising your photos or ease of use. Starting at $35 at

06 30 14 panasonic 011

Pair it with the PureGear: PureTek Roll on Screen Shield Kit to keep your screen clean and clear, as well as scratch free. Easy to apply without those annoying bubbles, it’s also anti-fungal, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint. You apply it to your phone (available for the iPhone 5S/5/5C and Samsung Galaxy S5) with the patented application tray and roller, which takes all of 30 seconds.$25 at

07 26 14 lumix 015Take amazing photos that you can time lapse with Blynk.  This tiny, hands free and wearable camera is easy to use and so light you will forget you are wearing it.  You can also get a stand (separate, $25) if you would prefer to set it up and leave it and see what happens while you are away.  You can set up the Blynk camera to take photos one frame every second, hour, day, and much in between.  You can then watch the photos of your experience stream in minutes, no matter how long you were recording. View your photos as a time-lapse movie, view images frame-by-frame, or  save individual shots as JPEGS and share with friends and relatives. It comes in three colors (pink, blue, and black).  Available for $129 on

pic4Going a little further off the beaten path? Going camping, hitting the beach- going someplace where you can’t plug in to recharge?  Check out the Secur Sun Power 6000 Charger, which lets you get your energy fix from the sun.  The fold up solar panel charges your phone, tablet, and more no matter where you are. Not only is it super handy and easy to use, but it’s water resistant, making it the summer’s best friend, and the resort goer’s must have.  It’s solar panels are up to four times stronger then traditionally, and can recharge your cell up to 6 times without needing to be charged itself.  It also has dual USB ports if you need to charge two phones or devices at once, which all family members will appreciate.  Any camper knows it’s hard to recharge- your phone, anyway.  Keep in touch in case of emergency with this innovative device.  $129 at



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