Is it possible to create a mobile application if you don’t know how to code?

The number of downloads of mobile applications is constantly growing. For example, according to a report made by App Annie, more than 204 billion apps were downloaded globally in the past 2020, with mobile app industry revenue reaching $581.9 billion.

If you are still wondering if it is profitable to enter the mobile app niche, stop doubting. But what if you really want to make an application, but you don’t know how to code? There is a solution. In this article, we will tell you what tools can be handy.

What types of mobile applications are there?

Developers identify three main methods for creating mobile applications:

  • Traditional. The most common development approach with the use of programming languages, which also includes layout, optimization, and other steps.
  • Zero-code. Development doesn’t require knowledge of Java, Kotlin, or C++. You just place blocks of content, set up animation, and the app is ready.
  • Low-code. You still need to write some code, but just a little.

Zero-coding applications can be assembled alone – the entire infrastructure is provided by the platforms and there is no need to spend extra money on hosting, server administration, etc. And if you have at least a couple of free weeks, then it will be easy for you to make a full-fledged application.

What software should you use?

The most popular tools for mobile development without code are Glide, Adalo, and Bubble. They help you create a mobile version of a website, a progressive web app, or even a full-fledged native product that works with a camera, microphone, push notifications, and other smartphone features.

cell phone apps

Let’s take a closer look at the software.

#1. Glide

Glide apps cannot be downloaded to the store, but they can be published on the Internet as a PWA. The platform is great for creating simple applications and MVPs – there are many ready-made templates, easy user-friendly settings. There is a free plan (with a limitation on the amount of data, 10% commission on all payments and the company logo) and paid ones (the price starts from $32 per month).

It should be understood that with the help of Glide it will be possible to create something primitive, for example, a style guide or housing rental service. If you aim to create something global, such as a financial application, a mobile wallet, or, say, an application related to transport infrastructure, it’s better to turn to real pros, for example, So you will save your nerves, and get something really worthwhile, which will definitely come to the market.

If you have more than enough enthusiasm to create your own application, we will continue to get acquainted with the software.

#2. Adalo

Adalo allows you to create applications using the drag and drop method from ready-made or custom design templates. This platform is more powerful than Glide and can be used to build more complex applications. Ready-made apps can be published in the App Store, Google Play, or on the Internet as a PWA.

There are no restrictions on the number of applications on the free plan, but the amount of data is fixed. Paid plans start from $50 per month.

#3. Bubble

Bubble is one of the most powerful programming environments for building web applications. It can be used to build desktop or responsive web apps for any screen size.

Even the most complex business logic can be deployed here – Bubble will stand it. However, applications cannot be uploaded directly to the store, but you can wrap them in a special container and then publish them in Apple and Google marketplaces.

As in the previous options, there is a free plan with restrictions, and the paid one starts at $25 per month.

Wrapping up 

Yes, mobile zero-code applications still have some limitations: for example, to create a mass service with huge traffic, when speed and design are important, it is better to outsource your idea to cool programmers, for example,

But the first versions of such a product, especially MVP or simple applications can be built without code, saving time and money. The choice is yours!

Great Accessory for your Phone #selfiebetter #monetallday

Monet is beauty and function for your phone. The ultimate fashion accessory for the on-the-go minimalist.  It’s a an extension of your hand with its easy slip on grip that provides a secure hold on your phone while taking better selfies. That same grip becomes your kickstand and Monet is a sleek wallet to hold money and cards. It’s currently available in 30 color variations with more colors currently in production.Monet is your 3-in-1 phone grip and the only accessory you need for a busy lifestyle:

  • The Gym
  • Pilates
  • Coffee dates
  • Meeting for brunch
  • Quick shopping trips and more….

Celebrity Influencer Jake Paul introduced Monet at the Consumer Electronics Show in January with much fanfare. Additionally, many other celebrities including Scott Disick, Stephanie Shepherd and The Selfie Kid are putting Monets on their phones to help them #selfiebetter.

Where to buy,,  Walmart -coming this Fall and other retailers

Retail Cost


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Smarter home with a smarter phone service Ooma #HelloOomaSavings #ooma

Smart homes are all the rage right now.  Having your lights connected to your thermostat, microwave and coffee maker can make you house run a little smoother and futuristic.  With a few knobs and pulleys, breakfast can be made using a skateboard a chicken some eggs and a rubber glove.  Kidding!

But in all seriousness smart houses are getting more and more complex and more interesting.  Today we looked at the home phone plan known as Ooma.  Ooma works in a unique way, you but the unit itself, $99.99.  Then after words all you have to pay is a one time phone number port fee and monthly taxes and fess and such adding up to less then $10 in most areas, even less then $5 in others.

pic 11

In our house we use a Voice over IP phone line which is similar to Ooma but ends up costing quite a bit more then it, $40-$45 per month compared to Oooma’s $7.

This ends up saving us ,pre then $400 per year.  This adds up quickly and is a nice to actually have some money tucked away.

Ooma can also interface with your smart home devices including Amazon Echo, Nest, Phillip Hue and LIFX smart light bulbs, and others, making your home safer and more convenient than before. Some exampled of what Ooma can do with your smart home are:
Receive a call when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected with the option to connect to local emergency services.
Initiate a call or check messages with Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice assistant.
Automatically turn on call forwarding when you leave home.
Get incoming calls and voicemail notifications on an Apple Watch or Android Wear Watch.
Get alerted of incoming phone call or voicemails visually with lights and know if it’s someone you know (Green) vs. someone you don’t (Red).


What most surprised us is the quality of the phone calls and the service provided to a bare minimum of charges.  For simply taxes and fees you can receive:

Free U.S. Calling: Only pay taxes and fees, no long-term contract required.
#1 rated home phone service for five years in a row by leading consumer research publication
Superior voice quality and reliability
Caller ID and call-waiting
Free Ooma-to-Ooma calling anywhere in world
30-day money-back guarantee and extendable 1-year warranty with live customer support
911 Calling and Text Alerts
Free Mobile App
15 minute, easy set-up
One-time $39.99 transfer fee to keep home phone number or choose your own number in most any available area code for free
My Ooma online portal: Play messages, check call logs and control preferences online, from anywhere

There is also a Premiere service which better help with smart home integration as well as some more nifty bells and whistles, costing $9.99/month.
Block telemarketers and other unwanted calls with personal, community and expanded blacklists
Free calling to Canada
Instant Second Line
Voicemail-to-email forwarding
Ring your home and mobile simultaneously
Call forwarding
Anonymous call blocking
Enhanced caller ID
Smart Home integrations (except Amazon Echo, which is part of Basic service)

Nokia Lumia 830 SmartPhone

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.

In the wide world of cell phones there are lots of options.  One way to break them down in a broad sense is by operating system.  The main ones are: iOS , Android, Windows, and other.  Today we are looking at a phone from the realm of Windows, the new windows 8.1 Nokia Lumia 830.  This phone packs a big punch in a small, colorful package.

nokia cell phone

The Lumia 830 runs the new Windows 8.1 operating system, which lets it run a ton of apps from the Windows app store.  This phone was built for the 4G LTE network and sports some killer features like a 5 inch display, a 10 MP camera, 16 GB of storage, and built in wireless charging.  All this in a small package- it is a light 150 grams, and is less then the size of most smart phones, 70.7mm by 139.4mm.  The processor is fast,  Quad core 1200 Mhz Span dragon 400.  This rocks with most apps in the Microsoft store and zips through them.  Some do give it some trouble, and unfourtunatly they are the ones I use most, like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare/Swarm.  It also is not compatible with many apps I want to download, as they are not made for Windows- this is a problem I have sometimes with Andriod phones (all apps are for iPhones, not always for Andriod) but it’s pretty prevalent with Windows.
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Neato Phone Skins – Personalize Your Phone

This post was brought to you by and Neato.

canon 11 09 14 011With the plethora of phone options out there everyone’s phone is different these days aren’t they?  In various shades of black, white, and gray, most phone call into the category of cassette tape sized and drab.  Why not make yours stand out by personalizing it a bit more then a colored case?

canon 11 09 14 012Neato is here to help.  Now your cell phone case can be as unique as you are.  Neato provides all the tools necessary to bring your phone to life with their Neato Skins Start Kit which includes: 5 blank skins, paper test sheet, complete instructions, online design software access code, and a clear device case to keep your new creation safe and sound (and your phone too, of course).  What is super nice is the ease of use of the software, as well as the ability to swap out skins on a whim.  Feel like princess and dragons instead of your kids football team logo?  Just take off the clear case and swap in a new skin.  In 5 minutes a new skin is in place, and you are ready to rock and roll at the Renaissance Festival, just don’ t let them see the text messages.  Since there are 5 skins to play with, it is easy to have a few skins for various reasons, IE include special pictures or illustrations, personal photos, or your child’s artwork.
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Tech Gear You Didn’t Know You Always Wanted

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate my reviews. All opinions are my own and honest.

Need to get your gear on this season?  Protect your phone, your ears, your photos, and keep it all together as you move along with the latest must have gadgets.

07 26 14 lumix 020Wires, wires, everywhere, and no one knows where they go.  Or how to untangle them.  Why not go wireless?  The Kinivo BTH240 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $35 on will keep you in tune with the music but without the wires- not only great for teens, but for younger kids who (like my 6 year old) want to chew the wires.  Not a problem if there are no wires to gnaw on.  They work with almost any device, and make it easy to wander about the car, plane, hotel room (wherever) without crossing mom and dad’s wires. Once you try these, you will wonder what you did before you had them.

07 26 14 lumix 025I love my new Samsung Galaxy S5. I want to protect it from all the abuse I dole out to my travel gear as best I can.  The new PureGear: DualTek ExtremeCase for Samsung Galaxy S5 is amazing, it fits like a glove, doesn’t inhibit photos or phone use, and takes quite a beating. It doesn’t add much in the way of bulk, and comes in 3 colors (yellow, white, and black).  The shock case keeps it safe from drops, scratches, and has padded rubber corners to absorb impact and isolate vibration. The material is tough yet flexible, and very durable while not compromising your photos or ease of use. Starting at $35 at
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Sprint Kyocera Hydro Vibe

kyoI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

I am a Sprint Ambassador and you will be sharing my experiences testing various Sprint devices and services for the remainder of the year.

Summer is here, and so is the sweltering heat.  The best way to beat this heat is with water.  In all shapes and sizes, from the small wading or kiddie pools in the lawn to bigger pools to the biggest oceans and water parks, they all count.  All are great fun and can be a wonderful way to spend time with your family on a hot day while keeping cool.  However, there is one natural enemy to water- electronics.  Electronics and water are mortal foes and only the most elite (or lucky) items can survive a plunge or splash.  One such item is the new Kyocera Hydro Vibe waterproof 4G LTE smartphone with Sprint, which is made to deal with all your watery days.

The Vibe has the unique characteristic of being able to survive being submerged up to a meter below surface for up to 30 minutes.  This can be superbly helpful in the summer months with trips to the beach or pool seemingly 7 days a week.  Water is everywhere and phones end up in pockets of bathing suits of course moments before a friend pushes you into the pool.  Alternately,  sitting in a beach bag near the towels, when some little rat does a cannonball and soaks everything nearby.  The possibilities are scary to think of but highly possible.  Rotten friends and kids are nothing to worry about with the Vibe- not is the everyday spill across the table where your phone is hanging out or it slipping into the sink while you wash the dishes.  I’m glad they are thinking about making phones waterproof- as they become more a part of our daily lives, they need to be better able to stand up to things.
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