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canon 11 09 14 011With the plethora of phone options out there everyone’s phone is different these days aren’t they?  In various shades of black, white, and gray, most phone call into the category of cassette tape sized and drab.  Why not make yours stand out by personalizing it a bit more then a colored case?

canon 11 09 14 012Neato is here to help.  Now your cell phone case can be as unique as you are.  Neato provides all the tools necessary to bring your phone to life with their Neato Skins Start Kit which includes: 5 blank skins, paper test sheet, complete instructions, online design software access code, and a clear device case to keep your new creation safe and sound (and your phone too, of course).  What is super nice is the ease of use of the software, as well as the ability to swap out skins on a whim.  Feel like princess and dragons instead of your kids football team logo?  Just take off the clear case and swap in a new skin.  In 5 minutes a new skin is in place, and you are ready to rock and roll at the Renaissance Festival, just don’ t let them see the text messages.  Since there are 5 skins to play with, it is easy to have a few skins for various reasons, IE include special pictures or illustrations, personal photos, or your child’s artwork.

My son drew me Rocket Raccoon for my phone.

My son drew me Rocket Raccoon for my phone.

My son and husband decided to make a few skins, one of which was designed by the little guy himself, the other which featured the little guy on it (with me, too- which was a nice surprise).  Both came out great and fit the phone well.  Neato cases are available for most current phones including  Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Apple iPhone 4/4S, 5c, and 5/5s.  Each kit retails for $19.95 and replacement skins run 10 for $14.95.  The skins are available at

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  1. that’s really cool!
    I love that you can swap out the ‘skin’ on it.

  2. so cute, those are both adorable

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