Lunsdale II Quilted Jacket

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Unfortunately all seasons have to come to an end, and with those ends clothing options change as well. From summer to fall, then fall to winter- jacket and layers are necessities in many parts of the country. In mine it is absolutely necessary. Today we will be looking at a new jacket which is water proof and insulated for the perfect fall into winter jacket, the Lunsdale II Quilted Jacket.

products and ian snoring video 10 2 14 007The Lunsdale is built with some interesting technology involved, like the AquaDry Membrane mesh lining. This lining will not only keep you dry but also warm in all kinds of nasty weather. Along with the quilted construction of the jacket you will be comfortable and stylish in this jacket. The jacket also sports 9 pockets including 2 zipped hand warming pockets, 2 studded chest pockets, 1 mobile phone pocket, which can also be used as an mp3 player pocket, 1 Velcro credit card pocket for easy access during bitter cold days and 1 zipped inner pocket for those items you want to keep most safe. The storm flap and narrow inner zip guard help keep unwanted drafts out of the Lunsdale, keeping the jacket where you put it and most importantly wrapped around you.

pic6A nice aspect of this jacket is also one of its most prevalent features, the belt. With the belt a shapeless winter coat becomes a womanly, shaping jacket which helps accentuate your curves without defining them in a bad way. Also the belt helps when maybe the day isn’t as cold as expected but the wind picks up every so often. On a windy day, the belt will hold you jacket where you want it without having to worry about the wind grabbing it and whipping it about.

I would suggest getting your winter clothing soon before your options whither or blow away.

The jacket is available at Craghoppers for $170.00.


  1. HotMamaTravel says

    I like the form-fitting look. Usually quilted coats are so bulky.

  2. Travel Blogger says

    I purchased a quilted jacket a couple of winters ago and loved it. Very warm and cozy!

  3. that look like a great coat. WI gets really cold in the winter, i could so use this.

  4. Mistee Dawn says

    It looks so comfy and like it will definitely keep you warm. I need one of these for winter.

  5. I like the style of that. I wonder if they have a men’s version?

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