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There are tons of toys out there that have international appeal but none with quite the same depth and broad range of toys as Playmobile. With each toy set that is released, the universe gets bigger and bigger and some of the most recent sets includes motors or stow away in an easy way. Today we are looking at the new RC Pirate Ship with Underwater motor and the My Secret Dragon’s Lair Play Box. Both of which are great fun for kids of all ages.


First up we will take a look at the huge RC pirate ship. This pirate ship has tons of details and tons of accessories to make play time as a pirate a blast. There is even a cannon! The pirate ship itself is about 4 feet long and about as high once put together. The process ot put it together doesn’t take too long the most difficult part being tying off the ropes in the proper way to make the sails look real and complete the pirate ship feel of the toy. But even that is easy to follow so don’t panic.

pic4Once put together the boat looks like it would be at home docked in and olde tyme dock ready to plunder with its cannons, treasure chest, swords, guns and of course pirate sails. The part which really sets this craft apart from the rest is the underwater engine. With it attached you can play with your boat in any body of water deep enough for it. The controller are accurate and easy to use. Not only can the boat sail around on its own but you can also pack it with Playmobile figures so the conquering can really begin.

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Next up we will take a look at My Secret Dragon’s Lair. This play box includes a dragon, a knight, some plunder able treasure and weapons of course. All of this is included inside of a play box which doubles as scenery to play in of a dragon’s lair. The lair has a cage to capture your knight too. Between this and the pirate ship there are hours of play and cross play available. All figures are to the same scale and can share accessories so your knight or dragon can fight the pirates along with spies from another play set.

My Secret Dragon’s Lair is available now for $29.99 retail.  The Pirates Ship with RC Underwater Motor retails for $99.99.


  1. i have always been a fan of playmobil so much fun packed in a small package.
    i also love how you can bring your characters into new play set and everything still fits!

  2. what fun toys! love the ship

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