Rilakkuma and Friends – a unique holiday gift

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It’s about that time of year, where we are all looking for the perfect gift.  Some people are easier to shop for then others.  Kids can be easy- or not so much.  Tweens and teens can be harder to shop for as well.  I recently discovered Rilakkuma, a Japanese brand that is now here in America as well.  With so many cartoons and toys made popular in Japan that have become hits here in the USA, Rilakkuma caught my eye.

japanese toysIf your kids are into anime, all things Japanese, or simply cute plush toys, you will want to hear about Rilakkuma.  Rilakkuma is very popular in Japan, and is now available in the USA as well.  The story of Rilakkuma is pretty simple- three friends who live in Tokyo with a hard working woman named Kaoru. They go on adventures together, and make mischief while Kaoru is working. Known as a “mysterious brand”, although I’m not sure why, honestly, Rilakkuma and friends have been “a staple in the Japanese market” for more then ten years, according to David Ringer, CEO/President of AQI.  Now that they are here in the USA, you can find out what they are all about with your kids- and honestly, tweens and teens should be interested in this as well, anime and Japanese crossovers are popular with many kids in that age group.

The friends Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori (two bears and a chick) love going on adventures, and encourage your child to be imaginative and creative in thinking up new ones as often as they would like. (They are also fun to cuddle with, and Rilakkuma has a zipper in it’s back for hiding or toting small treasures).

Rilakkuma and friends are currently available at FAO Schwarz and Hot Topic from $8.99 to $199.99 in price.

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