Chomp and Stomp Grimlock

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Transformers have been around for a while, actually they celebrated their 30th birthday in 2014. Originally, they were  released in 1984 as a toy line. In this time period, the “robots in disguise” have changed quite a bit.   Starting out as vehicles, mostly cars, then expanding into dinosaurs and animals that transform. The newest generation includes a simple transforming set of figures which go from robot to dinosaur/vehicle in one step. The biggest, literately, of these is Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp and Stomp Grimlock who with a simple push or pull is able to swap forms. Grimlock also sports lights, sounds, and weapons that pop out. Grimlock is actually big enough where a Power Battler figure can ride on Grimlock and unlock a different set of lights and sounds, depending on weather the figure is one of the evil Decepticons or an Autobot. Included with Grimlock is an Optimus Prime figure- although he doesn’t transform, he is still fun to ride around on Grimlock with.

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My son loves this figure, he has been on a kick with “super-size” toys recently and Grimlock definitely fits into that category easily. What he really likes about it is that he can easily transform him without asking for help, but it still looks cool when it transforms. He loves the light up features and can’t wait to see what its like for a Decepticon to ride Grimlock. He does wish Optimus transformed, but including another figure at all is a great touch.  (You can’t have it all, kiddo!)

10 13 14 023Grmilock is available now in fine stores everywhere as well as online and retails for $79.99. Grimlock runs on 2 AAA batteries. There are batteries included with the toy, but they will not last as long as a fresh pair so be sure to pick some up when you grab Grimlock to keep the fun going.


  1. my little ones love transformers this is definately going on the must buy list

  2. that is an awesome looking toy

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