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How do you bring the fun of a camp out, when you are stuck inside?  It’s going to be a long, cold winter.  Want a big bright sky full of stars into your bed room, living room, playroom?  Or how about just bringing the fun of sleeping outside inside?  With the new 2-in-1 LED Starlight lantern.  This fun lantern combines two great ideas into one fun product.  Authentic-feel-camping, here you come.

pic5First of all, the Starlight Lantern is a Star Projector.  This means it projects stars on ceilings and walls to give you a feeling of laying under a star filled sky at night.  This is, of course, minus the bugs and sleeping on the ground.  To add to it’s usefulness, the lantern doubles as a lantern with the flip of a switch.  Now it is a 4 LED lantern that will easily illuminate your way, be it on the way to the bathroom in the woods or just to your sleeping bag in the living room.

Although the box mostly talks about indoor play, there is no reason why it can’t be brought on an actual camping trip as well.  It really does work as a lantern, and gives off decent light.  When our little guy was first excited about camping we had to ease him into the idea of sleeping outside and on the ground.  Of course, we had sleeping bags and tents, but it can be a bit odd the first time you sleep outside.  The smells and noises are all unique to camping.  This Starlight Lantern is a great way to bring some of those new experiences inside before the big night out.  This theory served us well in our outdoors adventure.  We prepped the little guy as much as possible.  Sleeping out in the living room, a night without TV and full of smores, glowing lights and camp stories.  The next night was in the backyard. Once we actually got to “real” camping, it wasn’t such a big deal and more of an exciting new thing to do.


  1. Nice! I would love to purchase a starlight projector for myself. That is very relaxing since it vizualize real night sky. The only one thing left – find some night effects sound and you get into summer time completely!

  2. Hi. DId you allow this lantern to stay on all night? I can’t find any info. regarding that. Thanks!

  3. My kids would love one of these for our camping trips.

  4. That was a great idea to acclimate your son into outdoor living and sleeping! I however would need an inflatable apartment building with bathroom!! I would enjoy watching stars on my bedroom ceiling!

  5. My daughter is very into astronomy – she would love this!

  6. Stephen Martin says

    I love camping, miss it so much since hubbie had his operation. I love this I would use it myself great way to get you off to sleep aswell x

  7. easing into a real camping experience is a great idea.
    and i love stars so this i sperfect.
    just dont tell the kids…

  8. my kids would love that

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