French Toast For All Your School Uniform Needs

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My son is growing like a weed, which is both awesome and sickening.  His shoe size is almost the same as mine, and he is only 7.  Gross….but at the same time, it’s amazing.  Mommies….can’t stand for their babies to grow up, ha.  He attends a school that requires uniforms, which honestly makes getting dressed in the morning all that much easier.

french toast uniformsHe looks like such a big boy! Everything  he is wearing is from French Toast, the clothing and school uniform company. We did shop around, and I can say without a doubt that this is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get his uniforms. I think it is also the best, and though this year his school is not registered with French Toast, I hope to encourage them to to so by next year. I was not thrilled having to go to a store 25 minutes away, stand in line, make my order, then wait 30 minutes more to have it filled just for a few things that needed to be embroidered. VERY annoying. French Toast does it all- plus faster, less costly, and delivers to my door with the same school uniform quality you would get in the pricey store. BLAH.  I told them about French Toast and gave them a catalog- so lets hope they come around.

PLUS, they give participating schools 5% cash back on all orders. Why would any school that requires uniforms not want to be registered with French Toast? Easy on parents, easy on kids, no waiting, no driving, and money for your school- just for something that had to be bought anyway. I think it’s a no brainer. Besides the obvious benefit for me and other parents, it is easy money for the school. I really hope they choose to take part next year! Otherwise, I will still do 90% of his shopping at French Toast (all but the required embroidery and his gym outfit) and the school will get no benefits, and I will still have to drive. And Wait. And order. And wait again….Oy.

The above pants, shirt, and sweater were all for under $50. Easy breasy. I loved how easy it was, that all the colors were available, and that it will not break my budget ordering the rest of his wardrobe- which I already did. He is good to go- thanks to French toast. I got him 2 more pants, 3 shorts, 3 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve, and 2 more sweaters. Done.


  1. what a handsome little guy.
    french toast makes some great uniforms

  2. I need to try their uniforms! He looks so cute!!

  3. Gingermommy (@Gingermommy) says

    This is a great price! I always thought uniforms would be so much more money. Super cute too

  4. Tiffany (A Mom's Take) says

    I’m not sure if uniforms will ever be required at my daughter’s private school, but I’m thinking eventually it will be. Glad to know there is a place to easily shop for school uniforms.

  5. Jennifer Williams says

    My oldest son went to a school when he was younger that required uniforms. It definitely made it easier to get dressed in the morning! I loved finding good deals on the shorts – the shirts were only carried at one store which made it impossible to find deals. Your little one is a cutie!

  6. Jennifer Williams says

    My oldest son attended a school that required uniforms and it does make it easier because you do not fight over what is going to be worn. They do grow quick so finding good deals is a must! Your little one is a cutie!

  7. I dread shopping for school clothes with my kids. Uniforms would make it easier! Your little guy looks quite spiffy!

  8. he looks like a big boy

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